Nintendo finally fired SJW Alison Rapp yesterday, weeks after the scandal regarding her defense of pedophiles and support for child porn possession decriminalization erupted. Nintendo denies this was the reason she was fired, instead citing a second job of hers that conflicted with their corporate image (seems she was doing lewd and sometimes nude photos on the side, some even included Nintendo hardware). Still, it’s hard to believe that the PR Nightmare her pedophilia-related comments represented for the company didn’t make them actively look for an excuse to fire her.

And here’s the issue: Alison Rapp’s pro-pedophile advocacy obviously hurt Nintendo, as no company, let alone controversy-averse family company Nintendo, wants their brand associated with child porn and pedophilia in newspapers with huge readerships. Many people on social media were outright saying they would boycott Nintendo if they didn’t fire Alison Rapp. At the same time, now that Nintendo HAS fired her, the SJWs and all their media allies are mobilizing, attacking Nintendo for “caving to a harassment campaign” (aka people spreading archived tweets she herself wrote), threatening them with boycotts, and some SJW indie devs even cancelling Wii U projects. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

My point isn’t that Nintendo made the wrong call – they absolutely made the right call firing Alison Rapp, who even before the pedophilia scandal did little more than antagonize long-time Nintendo fans with her SJW bullshit. The problem is that by being a prominent SJW (especially a prominent FEMALE SJW), Alison Rapp ensured that getting rid of her, for any reason (even over pedophilia apologism!) would be an extremely painful process, as all the SJW outlets would cry misogyny and patriarchy, smearing Nintendo based on complete fabrications, just like they did to #GamerGate.

Nintendo’s big mistake was hiring Alison Rapp in the first place. No, this is a bit too obvious – after all, she did nothing positive for them, and ended up embroiling them in a huge, ugly scandal that may have hurt them with gamers of all stripes. No, the mistake is for Nintendo, or any gaming company really, to hire SJWs in the first place. SJWs, even the ones who seem well qualified at first glance, will inevitably turn out to be horrible employees due to their inability to refrain from pushing their fringe far-left views on others. And as Alison Rapp has shown, they’ll happily use their work accounts, directly associated with their employer, to do it! Even worse, they’re the kind of people that are quick to sue over “hostile work environments”, or even about refusals to use nonsense pronouns.

Alison Rapp’s pro-pedophile advocacy shouldn’t have come as a total shock to Nintendo given her SJW views – just look at how many SJWs rushed to defend admitted sicko “Sarah” Nyberg after they were exposed as an actual predator, openly confessing to perving on an 8-year-old cousin. Not all SJWs are pedophiles or even have pedophile tendencies, but they’re certainly disproportionately inclined to view pedophiles as the next oppressed minority to defend. As the Alison Rapp scandal showed, that can be more than enough to cause major headache for a company. And of course, that’s only going into the SJW pedophilia apologism – the average SJW hides all sorts of craziness in his closet!

SJWs make for horrible employees, many are PR nightmares waiting to happen, and when you finally decide to fire them, they call all their media buddies in (the people companies were maybe hoping to placate by hiring a few SJWs) to do hit pieces on their former employers. Fortunately, SJWs are easy enough to spot: If you see someone with “Intersectional Feminist” in her social media profile, you’re probably dealing with a future lawsuit. If a guy supports #BlackLivesMatter, expect him to at some point publicly accuse you and your company of Racism. And if you see someone of indeterminable sex ranting on social media about the importance of letting biological males pee next to little girls – well, get ready for the Pronoun Police to terrorize your company (one of the ironies of SJW employees is that they, more than anyone, help create a hostile work environment with all their thought and speech policing).

Of course, we’re not talking about an actual Blacklist here – just employers (especially within the gaming industry, where we know SJWs have no consumer power) coming to a common understanding that hiring SJWs is a Bad Idea, same way Jewish Cultural Centers don’t hire Neo-Nazis, and how family companies don’t hire pedophile advocates. I’d barely trust a SJW to bag my groceries, let alone trust him/her/*insert crazy pronoun here to mess with my video games.

One final note: While Nintendo messed up big time by hiring Alison Rapp in the first place, her firing is a rare case of a major gaming company defying the united SJW community, which is why the SJWs have all been reacting so strongly to it. Be sure to help counter the SJW lies on social media, and don’t hesitate to tell Nintendo that you appreciate them doing the right thing.

It matters more than you’d think.