OK, I showed you one hate hoax already today. But as I promised you, it’s not the only one for today! Things are unraveling so quickly for the media and their “progressive” allies that now their “hate crime” lies are being disproved so fast that I have to do multiple posts per day on the subject. I just showed you a white supremacist named Jasskirat Saini (hint: he was faking). Now, let’s talked about a University of Michigan woman who claimed that someone threatened to burn her hijab in the wake of Donald Trump’s presidential triumph.

Ann Arbor police say a report of ethnic intimidation involving a woman wearing a hijab did not actually happen.

According to police, a University of Michigan student told police on she was approached by a man who threatened to set her hijab on fire if she didn’t remove it. It happened on Nov. 11.

She then said the suspect pulled out a lighter, so she removed her hijab before he ran away on foot.

Police say detectives have been working with the U of M Police Department and the FBI. They have conducted multiple interviews and reviewed multiple surveillance videos.

“During the investigation, numerous inconsistencies in the statements provided by the alleged victim were identified,” police said in a release.

Detectives then determined the incident did not happen.

No news yet on possible criminal charges for this hoax, but hopefully they are coming. I don’t think jail time is necessarily appropriate in this particular case, but sending a message certainly is. Posting fake bullshit on the internet is one thing, and it’s bad enough. But once you tie up police and their limited resources, you should be prosecuted.

  1. Haven’t these psychos ever read the Boy Who Cried Wolf? Or did they pass it up because it had the word “boy” in it and decided, “toxic masculinity.”

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  2. “She then said the suspect pulled out a lighter, so she removed her hijab before he ran away on foot.” – so she did as her imagined guy requested and then ran away? Why would he? Can’t these hoaxers at least come up with internally consistent stories?

  3. She should be charged with a hate crime against white people – for making crap up in order to instill hatred towards white people.

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