I remember a time when the internet was actually a fun place. Never did I imagine that a group of moral scolds would try to moderate something that—in my opinion—should be unrestricted. I’m talking about World Wide Web, and all its glory.

The new bullshit notion that we need to have the internet moderated is basically completely bogus! The sad thing is, Google Ideas, and even the United Nations are listening to these dumbass ideas from the same people who are promoting the SJW agenda. Okay you might be a little lost, so let’s recap for a second here.

Recently, Zoe Quinn, and Anita Sarkeesian descended on the UN like the Sith to the Jedi Temple, in order purge their halls of all remnants of “Male Privilege.” During the report, a lot of leftist feminists (pretty much everyone on the panel) stood and gave their thoughts on what must be done to combat VAWG (Violence against women and girls). Now obviously the internet is a resource tool that people access by the second, in all forms, but this doesn’t seem to sit well with them. They want in-house access their way, 24/7.

“In this report, we’re arguing that complacency and failure to address and solve cyber violence could significantly impede the uptake of broadband services by girls and women worldwide.”

-Houlin Zhao Co-Vice chair of Broadband Commission

It’s funny that Houlin Zhao says this, especially because he has a personal stake in whether or not this becomes a prevalent issue. See, according to another recent report, there are still over 4 billion people not accessing the internet in other countries—many of which these critics have argued—are the victims of cyber harassment. This probably isn’t true, since a lot of these countries are so poor they can’t even afford clean water, safe housing—or even the resources to have a proper education—let alone internet access. Zhao, being the Co-head of the Broadband Commission needs more people online to make his wallet fatter, and these “harassed women,” aren’t online due to cyber harassment. Still, imagine if they did go online. He’d look the part of a hero.

And now, I’d like to introduce Irina Bokova, the Director General of the UNESCO. Her big influence is the educational outcome of this report for internet use. That, and she’s using this opportunity to fuel her run for UN Secretary-General (the #1 spot) at the end of her term in 2016. By supporting these notions, her personal stake are the educational programs that could result from this becoming real.There’s always an agenda ladies and gentlemen, never forget that. During this ridiculous shit show, someone even was audacious enough to stand up and say:

“The net is an amazing resource for personal empowerment, and we need to ensure that as many girls and women benefit from the amazing possibilities it offers.”

Do you mean benefit by having the same people who claim to fight for equal rights and anti-harassment tell people to set themselves on fire, dox them because they don’t want to pay their bills, or even recently threaten to dump their meta-data if they send them a mean tweet? Because if so, you’ll love Randi Harper. She wasn’t at the UN meeting, and neither was Brianna Wu, but we’ll get to that in a bit.

Cyber VAWG wants to put a premium on emotional bandwidth, personal and workplace time and financial resources. What does that mean? Well if you feel harassed while you’re surfing the web and you’re a chick, you can hide at home under the covers reporting these things to a certain committee or board. During that time you can miss work, while claiming missed monies just like unemployment or sick leave.

This sounds ridiculous, but wait there’s more! Check out what they’d like to do concerning programs and policies about VAWG:

• Sensitization: Preventing VAWG through education and programs

• Safeguards: Implementing oversight committees and maintaining a responsible internet infrastructure through technical solutions and informed customer care

• Sanctions: Develop laws, and regulations to hold harassers accountable for their actions

If you need it translated, it means: They want to create programs to teach you how to access and use the internet their way, have the internet moderated and screened for harassment, or have algorithm’s created to flag key words. Lastly the sanctions part is pretty obvious they want real world consequences for us exercising our free speech rights any way they don’t deem fit—including speaking about women or girls in a negative way.

This takes us to the Google situation. Randi Harper, Zoe Quinn, and Anita Sarkeesian were a part of a large group of rad fems who were hosted by Google Ideas. Although it’s not a real part of Google (it’s a think tank), it still hosts the name—therefore it’s Google.

During the Google Summit, these witches spoke about online harassment, and ways to prevent it. Obviously, not a single one of the women in that group photo are shining examples of anit-harassment. The responses were just amazing, and show why true supporters of a cause will always prevail over Social Justice Warriors—always.

People immediately descended on Google for having Big Randi there, since she is a true to life cyber stalker herself. If you need any indication, refer to the Derek Smart incident. After this, and the fact that Harper said she’d record user’s meta-data, Izzie Zahorian of Google Ideas removed all of her RT’s for Zoe Quinn, and Randi Harper. Guess someone’s conscious is speaking to them huh?

Honestly, when it comes to these E-celebrities, and their bank accounts, Patreons whatever—they don’t understand that it’s not Burger King—they’ll never have it their way. Now as far as lying, playing false victims, and supplying a narrative that isn’t credible? They could be soap opera superstars. Randi Harper, Zoe Quinn, Anita Sarkeesian, and even Brianna Wu…I honestly feel sorry for you all. And not in the sense that you’re just misguided. You’re ruining your futures inside of the very industry you’re seeking to change. The fuckery you’re creating by trying to moderate something consumers control (their money), will cause more loss than gain.

Because of your behavior online, every big name company in gaming or media, from Google to Nintendo, can have you black listed instantly with no reprieve. So I recommend you tread carefully, because if Google decides to do so, they’ll cause an avalanche to descend on your “careers.” And no one will touch you outside of the indie games industry.