I have a good story on Destructoid coming up immediately following this short hit. I would have gotten to it last night, but I got caught up with some stuff. Before I get to the more important business of the day, I wanted to take a look at a funny moment from Twitter last night. Some new rando who has been taking up the anti-gamer cause recently actually thought Sarah “Butts” Nyberg was a member of GamerGate in the past. Why, you ask? As you know, the media has falsely portrayed us as doxers and harassers. Even though it’s not true, that’s how a lot of people know us. I guess that explains this screenshot, then:1

GamerGate is about ethics (among other things). Nyberg, on the other hand, is about being a creepy pedo who supports doxing and dog-fucking. How can these SJWs continue to turn a blind eye? As you can see, if it was a GG member, the story would be different. Anyway, enjoy the very short hit at Sarah’s expense. I gotta go write up something more substantive and then catch a nap before the LIVE show. Speaking of that, Jezography has never been on before. She’s a sex industry vet from Australia who has been speaking out on some GamerGate topics on Twitter. I thought it would be interesting to have her on, and so here we are. We go on at 6PM EST.