I have a good story on Destructoid coming up immediately following this short hit. I would have gotten to it last night, but I got caught up with some stuff. Before I get to the more important business of the day, I wanted to take a look at a funny moment from Twitter last night. Some new rando who has been taking up the anti-gamer cause recently actually thought Sarah “Butts” Nyberg was a member of GamerGate in the past. Why, you ask? As you know, the media has falsely portrayed us as doxers and harassers. Even though it’s not true, that’s how a lot of people know us. I guess that explains this screenshot, then:1

GamerGate is about ethics (among other things). Nyberg, on the other hand, is about being a creepy pedo who supports doxing and dog-fucking. How can these SJWs continue to turn a blind eye? As you can see, if it was a GG member, the story would be different. Anyway, enjoy the very short hit at Sarah’s expense. I gotta go write up something more substantive and then catch a nap before the LIVE show. Speaking of that, Jezography has never been on before. She’s a sex industry vet from Australia who has been speaking out on some GamerGate topics on Twitter. I thought it would be interesting to have her on, and so here we are. We go on at 6PM EST.



  1. I’m not sure whether to correct her on this, or roll with it to eventually get butts blacklisted by the SJWs

  2. They project onto us what they themselves are, so small wonder that their more toxic members engender [pun intended] confusion…

  3. I continue to think it extremely ironic (and hypocritical) that the SJW crowd tolerates/supports a self-admitted pedophile.

    Does the SJW community practice a twisted version of rock/paper/scissors where being trans beats being a pedo?

    1. Basically SJW are hypocrites in the extreme. Of course in the case of butts I imagine that they conform to the typical SJW mantra that only white cis hetronormative guys can be paedophiles, rapists and oppressors et al. Unless a non white cis hetronormative guy disagrees with them in which case they label it internalised misogyny or racism or transphobia or whatever other buzzword they think is cool because they saw it on their Twitter feed or some Tumblr blog. Then they can simple dismiss you because in the world of SJW there are really only two types of people those that agree with them and those that don’t. The former get a free pass for all their transgressions, because fuck personal responsibility and agency its all the patriarchy’s fault or some other made up bullshit. The later well they are wrong and oppressive shitlords so its okay to hate on them and dox and digpile and try and get them fired and anything else they can think of. Such a charming bunch I think you will agree.

  4. Eeugh! now i’ll have to wash to disinfect the hashtag. Don’t throw these kinds of butts on it again. Ever!

  5. I ended up getting into a YouTube argument with an SJW about the Bechdel test. I commented on how I think the test is a load of crap and not meant to be taken seriously (because it did start out as a joke). Well some idiot thought I meant I didn’t want more women’s represented. I told her even by the “test’s” standards films with great female characters don’t even pass the test. She mention Carrie (which the more I think about doesn’t that fail as well) and listed 30 examples. She said I had a massive straw man. Why because I provided examples and blew your ass out of the water?

      1. Anyone who read that comic and came away with the idea that it was about a test they should be applying to media missed the point. The comic ends with the two women just not going to the movie that doesn’t interest them, it does not end with them starting angry hashtags demanding the movie be removed or changed or insisting that the filmmaker needs to make what they want him to make.

  6. Herzog looks like yet another SJW nobody looking to use GamerGate for money and e-fame. She’s been putting up posts asking for money to start up something called “White Hats”. I won’t even put up links because it’ll be seen as “doxxing” or “trying to start a hate mob against her”. *rolls eyes*

    1. I was going to post my “who in the blue hell?” question about Herzog but you answered my question. Thanks.

    1. Because they don’t even know what GG is beyond what they read on Tumblr. I think it’s kind of bad you are judging the SJW on the idea that they have even a basic child like level of intelligence when time and time again they have proved they do not. Or are just batshit crazy. Yep most are just crazy come to think about it.

  7. Jesus fuck. Some of these anti-GamerGate dorks are dense.

    How the fuck does one mistake Sarah Butts, an individual who has spent LITERALLY EVERY DAY OF THE LAST YEAR, MULTIPLE TIMES A DAY, saying things along the lines of “GamerGate hates transwomen” or “GamerGate is plotting to mass murder feminists”, as a member of GamerGate?

    It takes an astounding lack of observational capability or an impressive amount of ideological blindness to misconstrue one of GamerGate’s loudest, most stubborn, and most stupid opponents as a member of the movement.

    1. Come on now it’s not like SJW are noted for their intelligence after all dumb folks who don’t realise how dumb they are are far easier marks for the Patreon scammers like Sarkesian.

  8. H-hey C-Chrisella, there’s this blue haired meth head Named Randi Harper, aka @freebsdgirl, on Twitter that likes to dox and create industry blacklists on people she doesn’t like. If you wanna call out people who support doxxing then I suggest you start there. You”ll be a true hero to Anti-GG should you do so. 😉

    EDIT: I just realized that Tweet was made back in Jan. 3, 2015. LOL XD

  9. It kills me that she’s “Editor in Chief” of White Hat magazine. Isn’t an EIC held to higher standards than a common journalist???

    1. Welcome to the internet age where any one and everyone is a journalist and standards have never been lower as a result.

  10. Okay, I am getting a little bit sick of The Ralph Retort practically have this pedo portrait slandering on automation with Sarah “Butts” Nyberg just because it makes for juicy tabloid orgasms. It’s vile, excessive & frankly below any standard.

    I like your site, I understand the incentives but for fuck sake you fat lazy slob Ralph (and I mean that in the nicest way possible) could you consider that this makes you very similar as to what for instance Gawker is doing? It is also rather dangerous.

    So you assimilated #Gamergate, use its influx to gather traffic, reap its benefits by feedback looping and exposing feminist and other aGG / SJW travesties but then you constantly smear those that you claim are worse still. I understand that you probably really don’t give a shit anyway but one day that heinous shit is gonna bite you in the ass, Ralph.

  11. Sorry Chrisella, you dolt. The pedos are on the aGGro side.We’re perverts but we’re perverts with other adults.

  12. That tweet is also 7 months old.
    That is to say that this is something that was believed yet unrectified for 7 months.

    Any correction this Herzog lady got granted you a free blocking.

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