Well, we have one more target to add to the list. This time, it’s the Mozilla Foundation. On their official Twitter account, they have promoted some baseless anti-GamerGate propaganda. They’ve made their allegiance known, and it’s not with us. Instead, they’ve chosen to stand with the corrupt corporate media structure that threatens gaming, and the free expression rights of enthusiasts and developers.

Here’s their tweet from earlier:

I won’t even take the time to quote from that piece of fucking garbage.¬†The main purpose of¬†it, though, is tying GamerGate to some of the worst harassment we’ve seen from the trolls. We’ve repeatedly documented that this isn’t us, yet they STILL try to say it is. They have no evidence, only their feels. Well, I have some feels, too.

My number one feeling right now?¬†Fuck Mozilla, and their products. There are too many alternatives to sit back and accept such disrespect. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. After all, this is the place where you get fired for making the wrong kind of political donation. We wouldn’t want to upset our SJW overlords, now, would we?

So, I would advise everyone to dump Mozilla, and switch to companies/foundations who respect the consumer. Reject the ones who shit on our valid concerns. Refuse to do business with everybody who disrespects our mandate. This is how capitalistic protest works.

It’s a beautiful thing.


UPDATE: I like to use SR Iron, for those looking for an alternative.