It’s been somewhat of a slow week here due to my illness, but I’m gonna be making that shit up tomorrow. We’ll have live reports all day from the #GGinDC meet-up. I should be getting into town around 6pm or so, but festivities will be ongoing. I’ll update the live thread with any cool stuff I see from Twitter before I get there. It’s gonna be a lot of fun. 

Also, my friend Paulo Munoz and I will record a podcast on the way to Washington D.C. I’ll try to upload that when we get into town. Either way, it’ll be up tomorrow evening sometime. We might even do another one on the way back, but it hasn’t been decided. If we do, then I might splice the two together and upload it that way (before & after effect).

Any ideas you have for coverage? If so, leave them down in the comments. I’m going to get up early and write a couple of normal pieces before we start ramping up, so be on the lookout for those. I just took my Note 4 back to stock, so I don’t have my KeePass file at the moment. As a result, this won’t be going out on Twitter until I wake up. Feel free to spread it among friends, and see what they want covered, asked, or whatever. I aim to serve the people.

No matter what, the event should be a whole lot of fun. I can’t wait to meet Milo and C.H. Sommers, as well as the many rank and file GamerGate supporters who I’ve come to know these past nine months. It’s been a rough couple weeks for me, but this extravaganza should put a smile on anyone’s face…unless you’re a radical SJW.