Around 10 days ago, I got an email about appearing on a Reality TV show from the producers of Catfish. Basically, the premise was described to me like this: Two people who have feuded over the internet meet each other in real life. It sounded fine to me, especially the part about possibly making a few grand. I ended up talking to one of the producers on the phone and the convo went well. Obviously, I have a personal issue that might interfere with the production, but I told him I was game. Sure, they’ll probably make me look bad.

But like I said, some extra cash would be great, especially in light of the aforementioned person issue.

The guy I talked to was Michael Golaszewski (you can see him below getting raked over the coals by Hamburger Harper). He seemed cool. I mean, well, he’s a producer wanting to make a show that generates money and revenue. That’s what television is about. I’m not an idiot. One thing I told him was that I seriously doubted he could secure the appearance of any of my “big name” feuding partners, such as Zoe Quinn, Brianna Wu, or Randi Harper. He told me, and I quote:

“You would be surprised.”

I laughed my ass off, because people will indeed change their minds when money and TV exposure are laid on the table. Look at me. I knew it was going to be a setup. Still, I’m down. 

One reason? As I’ve said many times, I don’t really hate most of these people. Writing about them makes me laugh and hopefully makes you laugh. Out of the entire list of possibilities to costar on my episode, which I sent him, there’s only two who I truly despise. The rest, well, it’s just business and public arena combat. They put themselves up as public figures, as I did, so they signed on to get (rhetorically) smacked across the face. Look at all the negative shit written about me. I don’t cry about it.  I come here and write up a response, or just take my lumps and move on.

It’s part of the game I signed up for.

The problem with SJWs, progressives, whatever you want to call them, is that they want an uneven playing field. It’s not enough that they can trash me and run my name through the mud. They want to be able to do that and also keep me from doing the same thing to them. They want to silence people while they enact their cultural transformation. Why? Because they know that on an even playing field, they cannot win. I’ve said it forever, all the way back to the very earliest posts on this site. SJWs have no sense of fair play, no sense of equal access to speech, and no code whatsoever.

As I suspected, they’re also ripping the shit out of this show and crying about “muh harassment.”

Yes, getting paid thousands of dollars to do a TV spot that’s most likely going to be a hit piece on your rival sure is terrible. CNET is whining about it, Destructoid is whining about it, some random feminist weirdo I never heard of is whining about it…same old shit, basically. Anyway, I thought the whole thing was funny. Lemme know what your views on it are, and suggest some feuds for me even though I doubt my show will ever actually happen.

Here was my list…

Brianna Wu

Zoe Quinn

Randi Harper

Leigh Alexander

Arthur Chu

Alison Rapp

Ian Miles Cheong