MTV "Internet Feud" Show That I Agreed to Be on Causes SJWs to Flip Out

MTV “Internet Feud” Show That I Agreed to Be on Causes SJWs to Flip Out

Around 10 days ago, I got an email about appearing on a Reality TV show from the producers of Catfish. Basically, the premise was described to me like this: Two people who have feuded over the internet meet each other in real life. It sounded fine to me, especially the part about possibly making a few grand. I ended up talking to one of the producers on the phone and the convo went well. Obviously, I have a personal issue that might interfere with the production, but I told him I was game. Sure, they’ll probably make me look bad.

But like I said, some extra cash would be great, especially in light of the aforementioned person issue.

The guy I talked to was Michael Golaszewski (you can see him below getting raked over the coals by Hamburger Harper). He seemed cool. I mean, well, he’s a producer wanting to make a show that generates money and revenue. That’s what television is about. I’m not an idiot. One thing I told him was that I seriously doubted he could secure the appearance of any of my “big name” feuding partners, such as Zoe Quinn, Brianna Wu, or Randi Harper. He told me, and I quote:

“You would be surprised.”

I laughed my ass off, because people will indeed change their minds when money and TV exposure are laid on the table. Look at me. I knew it was going to be a setup. Still, I’m down. 

One reason? As I’ve said many times, I don’t really hate most of these people. Writing about them makes me laugh and hopefully makes you laugh. Out of the entire list of possibilities to costar on my episode, which I sent him, there’s only two who I truly despise. The rest, well, it’s just business and public arena combat. They put themselves up as public figures, as I did, so they signed on to get (rhetorically) smacked across the face. Look at all the negative shit written about me. I don’t cry about it.  I come here and write up a response, or just take my lumps and move on.

It’s part of the game I signed up for.

The problem with SJWs, progressives, whatever you want to call them, is that they want an uneven playing field. It’s not enough that they can trash me and run my name through the mud. They want to be able to do that and also keep me from doing the same thing to them. They want to silence people while they enact their cultural transformation. Why? Because they know that on an even playing field, they cannot win. I’ve said it forever, all the way back to the very earliest posts on this site. SJWs have no sense of fair play, no sense of equal access to speech, and no code whatsoever.

As I suspected, they’re also ripping the shit out of this show and crying about “muh harassment.”

Yes, getting paid thousands of dollars to do a TV spot that’s most likely going to be a hit piece on your rival sure is terrible. CNET is whining about it, Destructoid is whining about it, some random feminist weirdo I never heard of is whining about it…same old shit, basically. Anyway, I thought the whole thing was funny. Lemme know what your views on it are, and suggest some feuds for me even though I doubt my show will ever actually happen.

Here was my list…

Brianna Wu

Zoe Quinn

Randi Harper

Leigh Alexander

Arthur Chu

Alison Rapp

Ian Miles Cheong

Ethan Ralph

Founder, Owner, & Editor-in-Chief of Political fiend, gamer, & anti-bullshit.

  • Tracker

    “Bullshit. You aren’t preventing anything. You’re capitalizing on people being abused by turning it into entertainment.” – The ethical way to capitalize on abuse is by turning it into Patreon bucks.

  • tz1

    SJWs must have a very hard time deciding between stupid virtue signalling and greedy capitalism providing filthy lucre. Sometimes Patreon fools aren’t enough

  • derram

    Every time, they equate people speaking with a threat to their safety in order to stop that person from speaking.

    • Celerity

      Granted, if your entire life is built on lies the truth is pretty unsafe.

  • GodBowser

    I’d be surprised if any of those hacks would be willing to leave the safety of their echo chambers to be on this show and you sure that they’ll make this an even battle field since I read on the Lolcow Wiki that Nut Job Wu has friends in certain places

  • MasterXavier

    Ian is both the most likely and the least likely to go to that thing, on one hand while he hates you he is by FAR the most reasonable in that list, is not even a contest, on the other hand he is the only one with a real job so the least likely to need the extra money that badly.

    Has Leigh done anything lately? Like, at all? She might actually be that desperate for cash.

    As for suggesting feuds… the only other people that I can think of that might even consider the remote possibility of appearing in that thing are Liana Kerzner or Matt Jarbo, and that’s a big might.

    • Someone else just suggested Jarbo. Liana K is an inspired choice as well, but I don’t think she’d do it. More likely than the ones above, though.

    • Grust

      Leigh is the most forgettable of SJWs.

  • Someone on Twitter suggested Mundane Matt lol. I’d be down for that as well.

    • Grust

      If I had to pick your opponent, I’d pick Zoe Quinn. That godforsaken piece of garbage she made has become the absolute worst game I have ever played in my life, so much so I did a blog on Crappy games comparing it to Plumbers Don’t Wear ties and another blog just making fun of the game, her and the journalists that praised it.

      I would have picked Sarkeesian but I think she’s just no longer worth it. I’m sure you saw her BotW tweets and they just reeked of desperation.

      • Quinn was an ace choice, that’s why I put her up at the top of the list.

    • Mr0303

      That would be a bit more boring to be honest. It would still make an OK show, but he’s not a batshit SJW, which will detract from the kek factor.

  • Mykeru

    It would make my year if this actually happened.

  • Mouth

    Of all of these I could see John Walker Flynt doing it…he’s desperate for attention.

    • The weirdo is running for office, after all…and has ludicrously made GamerGate a centerpiece of its campaign lol.

      • Grust

        Oh Ralph, this is off topic, but I’ve already heard that Yale students are slamming the final season of Samurai Jack for racism, sexism, and cultural appropriation.

  • GuitarAnthony

    Fuck this fat fucking bitch who plays the victim when she’s really the bully. Threats, acidic verbiage, attacking people & rallying her retard white knights who must have a plumper fetish of cunts with low self esteem issues & a penchant for animal abuse.

  • Grust

    BTW Ralph, just be careful, remember MTV is very pro-SJW.

    • If anything actually lines up, take a page from Cernovich’s playbook, and be ready to release full transcripts and unedited footage of your own.

  • axisfiver axisfiver

    that list lel

  • Celerity

    Given MTV’s rep why do I get the feeling this is bait? I mean my first thought was me vs Rekt Hook, that’s a longtime feud for ya. But ya know, being apologetically white means it’d just be a narrative tool for them. Chances are the same is true here even though none of em will do it even for easy money.

    After all these are the people that have PTSD over a single mean tweet but think they can force physical alterations by throwing bricks and have that end anywhere for them but in a hospital bed.


  • El Guesto

    What about Mundane Matt?

  • Maintenance Renegade

    Power to you man, frankly it’d be surreal to face time with any of these wackos at this point and personally I just couldn’t afford it myself even if I was a bigger name because I’ve got a career in the corporate/federal world to worry about. It is unreality tv though so whatever comes out the other end is going to be extremely processed material. If it actually happens I strongly suggest you film/record everything that happens behind the scenes so you can debunk any potential bullshit later.

  • Lost Question

    so ralph are the soc just loonies fighting to not show or to be on the show?

  • Not a bad show idea. There’s some haters of mine who I’d like to meet in real life. One I privately doxed (didn’t publish anything), so I suppose I could make that happen.

  • Danlantic

    Since no one had used the term here, let me introduce it. Freeze peach. If you speak up for free speech someone can mock it by claiming you are asking for “freeze peach”. It’s sometimes defined as treating free speech as a cultural value rather than in the narrowest definition of the First Amendment.

    I remember in my youth that I was trying to explain something and I used a reference to a TV fiction not as evidence but as illustration and some guys started interrupting and mocking and then one of their cohort said,

    “Let the man speak.”

    And I finished my explanation.

    It’s more than the legalism of the First Amendment, it’s the American way.

  • Mr0303

    That’s amazing. Seeing Ralph on TV vs one of those wackos would be great. The only one from the list I can see accepting is Ian Miles Cheong. All the rest have only things to lose from appearing the on the show, because Ralph will look like the normal reasonable person and that will ruin parts of their victim narrative.

    I suppose that MTV inviting Ralph means that he’s truly infamous. Good job.

  • MLGBob26

    Why waste your time MTV sucks and SJW infested it’s going to be a hit piece on you not them I guarantee you.

    • fnd

      But the sweet mteevee bucks bro…

  • Dave The Sandman

    Can I be the moderator?

    Listen on! Listen on! This is the truth of it. Fighting leads to
    killing, and killing gets to warring, and that was damn near the death
    of us all. Look at us now, busted up and everyone talking about hard
    rain! But we’ve learned! By the dust of them all, free Kekistanis learned.
    Now, when men get to fighting, it happens here, and it finishes here!
    Two men enter; one man leaves.

    And now, I’ve got two men — two men with a gut full of fear.

    Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, dying time’s here!

  • calbeck

    Ian would probably do it.

  • Typical

    Just goes to show at the end of the day, all of these “strong independent women” are the weak stupid bitches they’re trying to pretend all women aren’t. And that’s not to say all women are, it just strikes me as interesting that those who are strong, just keep quiet and soldier on, but it seems teh weakest are the loudest.

  • I honestly think this is a trap at first especially since we know leftists can’t debate on an even field, but all these spaghetti from the SJWs makes me reconsider this.

  • Nezumi

    This sounds hilarious! Too bad they won’t go for it!:( Also, who is Hamburger hiding from? Now that #GG has cooled down, who even gives a crap about her???