As most of you know, I was on the #BIGMILO stream last night. I was honored to be asked in the first place, and spent most of the day getting anxious about it. I don’t usually get that way for my streams, but this was a little bit different. I’m always nervous around “Master” Milo. I coined that name for few different reasons. One of them was that I like to have catchy nicknames for almost everyone I write about. Milo’s name goes deeper than that, though. I truly do see the man as a mentor of sorts, even though we don’t consult daily or anything like that. I not on his level, and no one would expect me to be only a year in. It’s just that I see his work and path as something that’s worthy of emulation.

I also know that he’s always been there for GamerGate and for me personally. When I do good work, he’s always spotlighted it. Mike Cernovich talked about that this morning. As brash as Milo is, he’s always very keen on bringing people up with him. When he sees good work from a friend or associate, he spreads that shit. I know that if I had an issue or needed his help, he would do what he could to provide assistance. Now, I very rarely call upon that help, because I don’t want to bother him with a lot of my stuff. Regardless, I know it’s there.

The stream was going great yesterday, and outside of an hour or so during the middle, I watched it all. Well, right up until LeoPirate came on. Then I eventually turned the sound down and decided to listen to music while I relaxed until I got the link to come on. Keep in mind, the show was running about two hours behind. Me being the genius that I am, drank several adult beverages beforehand. Basically, to make a long story short, I ended up falling asleep for 30-45 minutes. Milo called my number during that time, as he had a big plan to end the beef between myself and Leo. Of course he did lol…

I can’t tell you what all Leo said before I eventually showed up (I’m glad I woke up, since people would have said I ducked him), because I haven’t went back and listened to it yet. I was told that he went into his explanation of events, so I’ll just link you to this post if you want to read mine. Anyway, by the time I showed up, he was gone. But at the end of the show, he made his way back on, and we killed the dispute between us. It’s safe to say that only Milo could have pulled this off in such short order. I know some people on Twitter were expecting fireworks. Hell, I got direct messages from quite a few friends telling me to be chill. There was never any chance of a fight, though.

Believe it or not, I’m not a raging egomaniac. I don’t think I’m indispensable to the cause. When I’m on a stream with people like Milo, Mister Metokur, Sargon, etc., I usually keep to myself, rarely interjecting. I’m just happy to be involved and so stealing the spotlight is the last thing on my mind. People see me talk about things I’ve done, and think it’s me being a glory hound, but it’s almost always in response to critics who have accused me of never doing anything at all. It’s me defending myself against attacks. It’s not me trying to take credit for everything and minimize the contributions of others. That’s not something I’ve ever been about. I just wish others could say the same.

Anyway, I very much enjoyed the appearance. Thanks go out to Master Milo and the entire Breitbart Team, including the stellar Allum Bokhari and “Furby.” I’m glad things are resolved with LeoPirate, and I hope we can move on from that. I’ve even reached out to CultOfVivian and offered her the chance to have a public stream in order to air out our issues and settle things. I know she wigged out on Twitter early this morning over a joke someone made about her on the show, so maybe she’s not amenable to squashing the hostilities. Regardless, the offer is there. I’m going to move on to giving my thoughts about the Fusion profile of Milo, as well as Arthur Chu’s sperg out over it. I was originally going to include that here, but I went on longer than I thought I would. Enjoy my appearance on the show, if you missed it last night (autoplays at my entrance). I’ll be back shortly with the next post.