I haven’t gotten to write quite as many articles this past week as I would have liked. Longtime readers of this site will note that it’s not at all uncommon to see me say that. Part of being a person who writes daily is missing the opportunity to cover every single story you want to cover. But unlike many other times I’ve told you this, the lack of article output wasn’t due to poor time management by me or lack of time/sleep. It’s mostly due to the amount of time I spent making videos and promoting them on YouTube.

YouTube is someplace where I rarely feel 100% comfortable. For whatever reason, writing is where I feel at home. Plus, when I’m crafting an entry here I’m usually able to just get into the zone and do it by myself. Due to the nature of the video projects I post, I usually have to work with others. Maybe I’m just anti-social, but there’s also an aspect to communities over there that makes this task feel like some high school shit. There’s cliques, drama, backstabbing, etc. To be fair, those sorts of things occur wherever there are humans, but the scene seems especially bleak there.

So, when I see some goofy motherfucker prattling on and on about doxing it makes me raise my eyebrows. Is doxing bad? Sure, a lot of times it is. Maybe even most of the time. Would I ever consider it some kind of crime, as many lemmings are saying in the aftermath of the Naked Ape-led Great Doxing Scare of 2016? No. I wouldn’t. How can you criminalize the gathering and/or release of information? Think about the level of thought policing that needs to be done. This is not about co-signing doxing, even though I do think there are cases where it can be acceptable to dox someone (saying otherwise is stupid and naive). It’s about being a realist and not a feelz-first fucking idiot.

We haven’t even gotten into the guilt by association tactics or the moralistic mendaciousness yet. As it turns out, many of Ape’s charges against Devon Tracey appear to be overblown and/or taken out of context. Oh, and he fled the field of battle during the middle of a debate yesterday. Not only that, if you listen to what he’s actually saying, it’s pretty clear that he’s talking out of his ass. Yesterday he tried to talk about the difference between public and private figures. The results were embarrassingly bad. I have to say, when I see people parrot some of his flawed thinking it makes me cringe. But it gets even worse.

(For instance, if you are a YouTube personality with tens of thousands of followers, that makes you a public person. Does that mean it’s right if someone drop the dox of a YouTuber with a following? No. But they put themselves into the public sphere with their public commentaries. If you do that sort of thing and want to remain private you need to make sure you’re online life is in order. What if an anon commentator got so big he was influencing policy or elections? It would be the duty of media to try to find out who this person was. Think about what you’re saying.)  

Today, he falsely accused TheRalphRetort.com staff writer Feminist Period (a.k.a. Feminist Flow) of trying to dox him…




If you look at the photo, you will see that Flow was joking about pinging NakedApe.com and doxing Naked Ape through that method (which makes no sense, of course). Again, anyone with even a modicum of computer knowledge knows this was a joke, but this is the type of Red Scare results you get when thoughtless talkers with big audiences saber rattle about doxing all day long.

Look at this clown, for fuck’s sake…


Pasted image at 2016_08_07 06_56 AM

And guess what happened to Ape’s supposed concern for morality and honor? It went right out the fucking window when it suited him…


No answers for his false accusations. He just moves right on to the next opportunity to moralize. I hope this is obvious to more people than just me. Naked Ape is trying to gin up controversy so that he can get more attention and YouTube subscriptions. It could not be more transparent. Ordinarily, I wouldn’t care, but the way he’s using moral outrage to marshal small armies is repellent.


As this episode with Flow proves, Naked Ape isn’t about anything other than his own aggrandizement and enrichment. That’s his right and I certainly do not begrudge him his choices, but let’s stop acting like it’s anything more than that.