Ads run the operation of this site. I wish there was another way for me to make a halfway decent living, but there really isn’t. I do have the PayPal and the Patreon, and some of you have generously decided to give to either/or. Even with that sum added to the ads, I still just kinda get by. I love what I do, though, which is the true reward. I wouldn’t want to change course for anything under the sun and I plan to write and create content for the rest of my days, if my life situation allows for that. I am hopeful and confident that it will.

As you can see, I’m trying out some “native advertising.” It’s not really that intrusive, but a couple entries on the front page are ads in the style of TRR post. They’re still clearly labeled as ads, though. Below the first paragraph, there’s also an ad from these guys. I’m not sure if I will keep things like this or not, but I always experiment with different setups. As always, I thank you for bearing with me and I encourage you to offer any feedback on ads or on the site in general.

Things will probably slow down slightly during my upcoming state-sponsored vacation (starting June 26th), but there will still be people writing for the site, including myself. If you would like to try your hand at guest posting during this period (or before), be sure to contact me. Also, since this is a “meta” post, just drop me any old line you want down in the comments, be it story tip, criticism, or what have you.