You know, I don’t get the time to play games as much as I would like. There were times in the past where it would not be abnormal to see my playing for hours on end, but now I simply just do not have that much time in my day. However, one game I’ve bought every year since 2001 is NBA2K. I realize some of you might not care for sports games, but in my opinion, NBA2K is one of the best all-around games year in and year out. 2016’s version is no exception. NBA2K17 is the best version of the game I’ve ever played.

Still, I can’t let my love for the franchise cloud my judgement. It’s been out a full week and many fans are upset. Why, you ask? Well, it’s because thousands of paying customers having got what they paid for. The Dream Team, arguably the best team ever assembled, is missing from the game for many people. I don’t know whether this is because of bad codes, or what. But I’m one of those people. Despite spending $79.99 on the Legend Edition of the game, I still don’t have access to the team.

I’m not alone, either.

Believe me when I tell you that this is just a small sampling of tweets concerning this issue. And this is only on Twitter. You probably are already aware that not everyone has an account there. So take hundreds of tweets and multiply that number by at least 2, possibly 10. It’s been a week and we still haven’t gotten any answers on this beyond the standard bullshit form letter from customer support. This is simply unacceptable and fans need to be compensated beyond just receiving what they paid for, at this point. 2K Sports is acting like EA Sports. Maybe that’s because they haven’t had any real basketball competition in years.

Whatever the case may be, this needs to be fixed. Yesterday.