NeoGAF Breaks Out in Another Pedo Pity Party, Threatens to Ban Abuse Survivor

NeoGAF Breaks Out in Another Pedo Pity Party, Threatens to Ban Abuse Survivor

NeoGAF sucks. If you’ve been reading my site for any decent length of time, you already know that. But not only do they suck, they’re also dangerous. You know that I go balls to the wall around here, and that I’m not exactly known for pulling punches…even when it would be easier to do so. Instead, I always throw the punch no one else is willing to take. Like here. I didn’t pioneer the anti-GAF beat, but I was one of the first to compile their transgressions in the press. For example, here I am writing about stolen user content last September (2014):

Earlier this evening, I tweeted a screencap of NeoGaf userNanashrew, who had high hopes that journalist Milo Yiannopoulos would be jailed for his efforts in uncovering corruption among the video game press. On one hand, it was funny, like Milo himself told me on Twitter. But, on the other, it sends chills down the spine. It confirms what I, and many others on our side of this battle have said. These people want to censor dissenting voices at all costs, and the evidence proves it. It’s not just Leigh Alexander. This is how they all think.

After I tweeted it out, I was sent some very sensitive information by a source with intimate knowledge of NeoGaf operations. If true, this goes directly to the character of Tyler Malka and Kotaku. We can say one thing for certain: they stole user content and let Kotaku use it without paying the author of it anything. Whether or not Tyler Malka was paid, he and Kotaku still screwed this user.

What about the time the owner of NeoGAF allegedly leaked porn pics in an act of revenge?:

I just received a copy of the thread where Tyler Malka was alleged to have shared nude photos of a rival’s love interest. In the thread, he denies being the one to leak the photos. But his buddies on the board crack jokes about the woman’s breasts, and her looks. And at least one user doesn’t believe Malka, and accuses him of lying.

They also say that because she allegedly posed for the photos, that she should expect this sort of thing. This is precisely the opposite of what was said about Zoe Quinn’s porn picture when they were recently shared. Sounds like another possible case of SJW “do one thing, say another” syndrome.

Or the time they let pedos run wild on a board filled with kids of all ages?:

How can Tyler Malka and his hand-picked admins explain allowing a thread on NeoGAF that sympathizes with pedophiles? If they can explain it, perhaps they would also like to explain exchanging private messages with pedophiles in order to get their perspective on things, then posting that PM for the board to see? All this is happening on message board populated with kids ages 13-17, by the way. And if I know kids, there are surely many more younger than that, unofficially.

This is only the tip of the iceberg, people. There’s way more on the mopes over at GAF in the archives, but that’s not why I came to you today. Instead, I wanted to talk to you about the latest controversy surrounding that shithole of a site. Now, not only are they letting pedos have free reign, they’ve also taken to belittling real victims of their heinous crimes. Why, you ask? Let’s go to the tale of the tape:CPmNzSxWsAAQSV8

Above, you saw a longtime NeoGAf poster complaining about someone rhetorically licking a pedo’s asshole. What did they get for their troubles? Well, they were almost kicked off the site. I mean I’m laughing right now, cause the shit is so absurd. But it’s not funny at all. It’s fucking tragic:s6CZHUW

“Nice account you have there. I’d sure hate to see something happen to it.”


If you look back at the post I linked above, you’ll see that his is the same guy who started the pedo pity party in the first place. Here’s the screen from that post:neopedo3

Does it get any more obvious? This guy is almost certainly a closet pedophile himself. Can I say that for sure? No, but it’s looks pretty damn clear. What other explanation could there possibly be? I guess if you have any, drop them down in the #BasedCommentSection. I’m gonna go work on another couple posts and get ready for the stream.

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Ethan Ralph

Founder, Owner, & Editor-in-Chief of Political fiend, gamer, & anti-bullshit.

  • Silence Dogood

    I love how the pedophile/pro-pedophile perspective is to literally argue that the victim challenging them is “too close” to the subject to discuss it objectively. HOW THE FUCK IS THE VICTIM “TOO CLOSE” TO DISCUSS IT ‘OBJECTIVELY’? Seriously, the victim is the ONLY person whose perspective should be considered. That is literal, 100% victim blaming. But these are the kinds of people who want to associate with the “gamer” identity and make it their own. Probably so they can have an easier time grooming and fucking kids. Neo-GAF is sickening.

    • Ryan Arko

      I wonder if rape victims are too close to discuss the sympathies of rapists, or if black people are too close to discuss race relations.

      • Tehy

        These guys are stealing the words right out of my mouth… god bless SJWs, whose freedom from logic has brought them strength

        • Lost Question

          now if only their freedom from logic would allow them to drink a bottle of pinesol. then they would learn that they can deny logic but facts don’t give a shit about feels.

      • Precisely what I thought.

    • Maintenance Renegade

      More importantly it’s a 100% reversal from their usual stance of putting “lived experience” on a pedestal. The SJW hivemind has made very clear steps now indicating they want to socially normalize pedophilia itself if not also the act of touching kids.

      They’re a dead community walking now, they’ve been attracting too much attention from the normalfags lately as it is (probably in no small part because of us) and when they take this godawful shit out to the world they’re going to get bitch slapped by the wider culture.

    • The Deuce

      Notice how it’s the COMPLETE opposite of SJW “logic” in other cases. Normally they’ll try to tell you that only women are allowed to even express an opinion on whatever they dub “women’s issues” for example, even if personal experience is irrelevant to the question at hand. But when it comes to pedophiles and the abuse they inflict, being more familiar than everyone else with the reality of the topic at hand is suddenly disqualifying.

    • Wisdomcube2000

      Inconsistency is one of the major reasons I hate this SJW mindset. That is closely followed by the heavy amounts of hypocrisy these friendly folk tend to carry with them as our “moral guardians”.

      Far too many have shown themselves as the “Do as I say, not as I do” types…

    • Nathan

      We’re dealing with people who will say anything just to tire you out from having to deal with these liars so that you’ll give up and let them get their way. Which usually means excusing whatever mental illnesses they have.

  • Donaald

    Jesus! It’s getting more disgusting by the minute

  • Syltique

    Even saying that you don’t like pedophilia has to be carefully hedged and diplomatically stated on that shit site lol. I mean, if that’s not the ultimate wake up call to just start posting somewhere else, I don’t know what will be.

    • fnd

      Probably because neofag is still a famous board. People accept a lot of bullshit from corporations like Twatter, Facebook,etc

  • calbeck357

    So NeoGAF is also against women who speak up about being raped? Or are they only against women who are raped by pedophiles? This needs clarification.

  • Inquiring

    Hatred of pedophiles is “irrational”? Jesus butt fucking christ, what are these SJWs on? Last I looked the manipulation, exploitation, and molestation of any group incapable of defending itself was reprehensible.

    I guess maybe they would tolerate pedos less if they were spreading their legs too wide on bus and subway seats. Disgusting.

    • Dave The Sandman

      Personally I’m counting down to the inevitable next SOCJUS step via a Salon headline:

      CANNIBALISM: Acquiring a taste for the ‘other pork’.

      • Typical

        Look, I said the same thing about pedos about 10 years ago when the same arguments were used to normalize homosexuality. Personally I am not against it, but the constant acting like it’s perfectly normal and not a let’s say variant from the norm (to avoid sounding like I’m calling gay people freaks, because I’m not) would open the doors to normalizing pedophilia, after all, they’re “born that way” and “can’t control who they’re attracted to” etc, etc, and I was called a lunatic and banned on several boards. The fact is, using the argument that “their brain scans are different, they are born that way” doesn’t validate the condition. Serial Killers, Gay people, Trannies, Pedophiles, Pathological liars, Psychopaths, all have different brain scans than the average “normal” person, using that as justification doesn’t make sense. There is a definite line between right and wrong, and when your “born that way” condition involves non consenting, or those unable to consent, your condition needs to be controlled, even if that means locking you away from potential victims, though of course only after an offense is made, otherwise I’d be serving for mind murder. Sometimes, harsh punishment is the best deterrent that also doesn’t infringe on your liberties, people need to realize that “prison is for rehab” model is a flawed, stupid plan.

        I don’t know where I’m going,I guess I just want my “told you so”s.

        • ThatGuy

          I’m thinking the whole right wing of America is gonna start getting those “told you so’s” in good time. This is insanity.

        • fnd

          No need to be condesending to fags. They laughed at us with the slippery slope fallacy while enabling more pedophiles with the normalization of behavior and gay adoption.

          Gay activists have blood in their hands:

          • Typical

            Sorry, I don’t feel the need to bash people just for disagreeing with them. You might want to consider the “Love the sinner” doctrine if your unhappiness with the gay is religious in nature. If not, it’s still no extra work to treat people respectfully until they show they don’t deserve it.

          • fnd

            Oppressing gay pedos is a form of love.

        • SonofaGlitch

          There’s a more fundamental thing that goes on here, and it’s with two key concepts.

          Traditionally most people believe in some form of Objective morality. That there is either a collective innate sense between all humans within a given group or that there is some form of higher power that dictates what is or is not moral. The SocJus faction of humanity is one of a long line of people that rejects this notion (academics have been preaching this point of view for years if not forever, which is why they’re so vulnerable to becoming and enabling SocJus).

          They believe in Subjective morality, usually as an adjunct of general Post Modern philosophy. That, there is no objective morality, so for one person to say x or y or z is “wrong” is wrong itself. Because it’s all about the perspective of the individuals making moral judgments.

          Unfortunately their behavior in large groups shows just how hypocritical this approach is, because while preaching that morality is subjective and individual for things they feel are moral – Tran-sexuality, pedophilia, polyamory, the right to harass “bad” people – they are more than willing to collectively see certain actions as immoral – rape, sexual assault, harassment from “bad” people. But you cannot say the that pedophilia is nor immoral and rape is when by definition, a pedophile must rape to have sex with their preferred targets. This is but one example of the pure logical error that such an approach creates. Generally it can be seen looking at how moral systems interact with systems of law:

          For the concept of morality to work AT ALL, it has to rest beyond any one individual. Because self-interest means people could easily see their own actions as always moral, and thus nothing that they do as wrong. Since systems of laws are derived from moral systems, they could argue that they aren’t breaking laws because what they do is not wrong to them – this is exactly the argument the Gay Rights movement made when it came to laws against sodomy for example. They argue that the law itself is wrong, because it goes against their individual view of morality.

          And that’s the flaw here. Because that argument – while logical and particularly Lockean and individualist (which is probably why it gets traction in the US) – can be used to justify literally ANYTHING. Which becomes a problem with larger systems designed to create collective order, like morals and laws that rely on there being objective facts and beliefs to function.

          The truth I’ve come to is this: while there is often some kind of subjectivity to how people interpret beliefs and moral views, and this is expressed until collectively a society defines these moral views into their legal system, there ARE in fact some basic default moral views that all humans share. These are SO ingrained and universal that we can consider them to be functionally, objective morals. “Theft is bad” is universal – even in societies that don’t understand personal property consider it stealing if you’re an outsider.

          This isn’t to say that the default cannot be changed. It can. You can put someone in a society or situation that challenges or changes their moral view (or conversely, one which reinforces them). But it is a default. It is basic. It is the basis for what is “normal”.

          Hence why SocJus must spend so much time on telling people to “(re)educate yourself”.

      • ゾーラック ナニャビズ

        I can see Randi Harper and other FemTurd landwhales getting behind that.

      • Sheba

        New SocJus tagline, “Dahmer Did Nothing Wrong.”

  • Dave The Sandman

    Colour me unsurprised

  • masterninja

    I’m sorry but wtf is wrong with those sick fucks!

    Also the only crime I would ever sympathize with is stealing cause your starving…do notice I said steal and not robbery because the point you threaten physical harm my sympathy is out the window.Stealing property because you want what someone else has is also not included…

    And I grew up poor and technically still am but its just no excuse to rationalize criminal behavior…

  • ゾーラック ナニャビズ

    A lot of these SJWs are pedos themselves. When I first saw them defend Nyberg, I figured there might be a SocJus pedo ring. I’m now convinced there are several such rings. These degenerates are often found in clusters. Too bad Tyler Malka never fell victim to football hooligans, bikers, skinheads or Turkish thugs during his “how many euro girls can I creep out” trip to Germany.

    • fnd

      They were in the white house (Obama, the pope and other literal “christfags” gay priests) discussing social justice issues like pedophilia aceptance.

  • Zach Puckett

    Well time to get a flamethrower and burn this site to the ground.

  • ゾーラック ナニャビズ

    I’ve dealt with some incredibly nasty people in my time. Arch criminals. Even saw a few of them on episodes of “Gangland”. I’ve known people, who by their own admission are “No damn good” . Still, as criminal as these people are, they are STILL 1000 times better as human beings than these SJWs. I’ve never seen such a despicable bunch in my life. I’m amazed as to why many of them have not met a violent end.

  • Beazy

    Im starting to regret falling down the SJW hole. . . these people are . . . . in need of help.

    • ゾーラック ナニャビズ

      I’m farther down the hole than you. They’re scum. All I have for them is violent contempt.

    • ThatGuy

      Falling down the SJW hole in what way? o.o

  • Les Ismor

    It’s just a small step from this to “‘rapist’ deserves to be classified as a sexual orientation! They can’t control themselves, stop rape shaming!”

    All it’s gonna take is for one of their pet progressives to get caught in a compromising situation.

  • Kincyr

    I guess it’s time to start referring to them as PedoGAF

    • ThatGuy

      I’m so down with this idea.

    • fnd

      more like PedoFAG

  • Syltique



    What a shit show. The gay rights movement needs to run far away from these people. Fast.

    • fnd

      What? Gay rights enabled them in the first place. You don’t see gay activists attacking the likes of nambla, ever.

  • Tracker

    WTF. How do they get away with that shit? The stolen content and the hypocrisy with the nude picks is whatever, expected. Why go to bat for pedophilliacs????? Over the victim of a pedo?????? Child molesters deserve sympathy?????? This can’t be real.

  • TheFattoMan

    “Poor people, for instances, are much more likely to commit a wise host of crimes, from robbery to murder. Do you feel no sympathy for them?”

    Of course not, you commit a crime, you should get no sympy. If you can sympathize with them, then you either are fucked up or did something very similar, that’s worrisome. You don’t excuse crimes, you commit one, no matter your background: white, black, asian, muslim, poor, rich, famous, ect. You’re going to go before a judge, and you’re going to go to jail, enough said.

  • Motherfucking Deadpool!

    I am happy they do this. Why? For one year these hipster retards have called gamers and games sexist. Now they show their true colors and kill their reputation.

    Nyberg is not using the #Gamergate anymore
    Anti GG defend the pedophile asswhipe and outed themselves as pedo-apologists
    Josh has become an even bigger laughing stock
    Salon and other “FEMINIST” sides came out as pedophilia supporters
    And so one…

    These disgusting motherfuckers challenged gamers, even society as a whole (look at feminazis di last year) to a pissing contest because of their soggy knees. And they lost miserably.Third wave feminazism is dying and SOCJUS too.

    I know life sometimes gets dark but Karma will get all these motherfuckers.

    As for you NEOGAF:

  • ThatGuy

    This… this is so fucking heinous I don’t even know what to say.

  • You know what I love (to mock) about these people?

    They are the first to demonize rape and rape culture and blah blah, but yet they’re also the first to defend rape (in the form of child abuse)

    Nice mental gymnastics you have going there SJW brigade.

    For a group that wants to sit there and point out how vulnerable women are or how vulnerable minorities are, you would think that the most vulnerable target (being children) would trigger them the most? Apparently not. That’s what we’re finding out.

    I support gays, I support transgendered, I pretty much am a tolerant guy to most things in this world. But in this case, I take the South Park route. They want to have sex with children! You idiots in the back waving the Social Justice flags say it with me, “they want to have sex with children!”

    To me, it’s no different to rape. Hell it’s about one notch knocked below rape.

    Granted, I do have some empathy for those who admit that it is a problem and actively seek help. If you’re someone of that stature, then fine you have some sympathy from me because at least you know you have a problem and you are actively trying to do something about it.

    But if you’re one of these idiots trying to rationalize and normalize it as being a natural thing? Then fuck you! You don’t have a single ounce of empathy from me. That would be akin to a rapist trying to tell me that “rape is normal and harmless”

    So yeah, TL:DR version, I just find it funny that these SJW types are the first to yell and scream about rape but yet here they are showing SYMPATHY to an act that seems awfully akin to rape.

    • ThatGuy

      Yeah… this line of rhetoric on their end is especially grievous to me for reasons that are personal, and revolve around the finer points of immoral, illegal, and cruel behavior plus the struggle to control it.

    • Fail Burton

      “These people” have no interest in demonizing rape unless it is a heterosexual man raping a woman. “Rape culture” is strictly a one-way street. Lesbian liberation ideology which is better known as third wave gender feminism and who we call “SJWs” for short has no interest in equal protection, humanism or principles. More men are raped in prison than women are in the U.S. and 80% of suicides in the U.S. are men. You will never hear that from “these people” for the simple reason “these people” are sexist and racist supremacists interested only in bending gender so “compulsory heterosexuality” the patriarchy uses to control and oppress women and lesbians can be thrown down. As crazy as that all sounds, it’s straight out of radical feminist text books.

      “One is not born, but rather becomes, a woman” is the most famous quote from the woman who started it all – Simone de Beauvoir. The racial kicker – intersectionality – was started by Kimberle Crenshaw. It’s no coincidence Time Magazine last year declared those two the most influential feminists of the 20th century. De Beauvoir’s quote is at the beginning of the most famous and influential book on French Queer Theory – Judith Butler’s 1990 Gender Trouble. Although there are a lot of useful idiots in play here, the hard core radicals want to throw down marriage, family, the age of consent and even in some cases the incest taboo in order to kill the normal sex they consider an outdated and harmful dinosaur. I’m going from memory but I think the word “incest” is used 80 times in Butler’s book.

  • Duce Ralli

    This is just…Wow…

  • ever heard of a bro on a diet

    i think i understand now why people think the world is going to end during their lifetimes. all the shit that just keeps being pumped out is insane.

  • Motherfucking Deadpool!

    Another site lead by dumb hipsters joining the ” pedophilia is a sexual orientation” club. It’s time these fucking sites change their names to smething more appropriated.

  • Tehy

    another thing I thought of:

    ‘So, almost al of us seem to be agreeing that pedophiles who do not act on their urges deserve sympathy. However, we seem to disagree on whether those who act on their urges deserve sympathy.

    …do you ever feel sympathy for people who commit crimes? Poor people, for instance, are much more likely to commit a wide host of crimes, from robbery to murder. Do you feel sympathy for them?’

    Is the person stealing specifically to feed their family or themselves in the reasonable absence of other ways to accomplish this fact?

    If so, yes, I feel some sympathy. For every other crime…no. Being poor doesn’t rob you of your ability to make choices

    in this case, a pedophile doesn’t need to feed his stomach, so much as a sexual desire (which I believe can also be filled to an extent by adults? and doesn’t necessarily need to be filled by sex since masturbation exists). so why should I feel sympathy for them? what is the difference between them and, say, a person who has a desire to spill blood?

    remember, analogies are cool, but you have to dig deeper.

    also Ralph, I sent you an email…not sure how often and thoroughly you do check, so i’m commenting; please do read it

    • Drunk Bastard

      Being poor doesn’t mean I get to murder people indiscriminately? What the fuck? That’s racist! Bigot! Pedophobe!


    • fnd

      No sympathy for poor thieves. At the very least be a beggar, since there are a lot of dumb generous people out there.

  • Fail Burton

    “Bee Stands w/ Butts ‏@benjanun_s

    @afishtrap @asymbina @B_R_Sanders I want to force these pigfucking white women to read black feminist twitter for a month.”

    Yup, it’s all about the justice.

  • fnd

    So they discard disproportional crime statistic that puts blacks in a bad light as racist just like they discard anedoctal references of child rape because pedophobia i guess?

    Pedophilia, like all kinds of deviance is a form of behaviour. You are not a pedophile if you don’t molest children.

    I have to laugh in the face of gay marriage activists who didn’t see this coming. Pedophilia aceptance is the new step of the culture war. It will not happen tomorrow, but give it time. Maybe when incest and polyamory is accepted.

    • Drunk Bastard

      It’s technically right that paedophilia refers to the attraction and that rape is the act (children obviously can’t consent). However, any sane person will find both disgusting. Only paedophiles and childless degenerates would defend this behaviour.

  • Drunk Bastard

    I threw up. Thank goodness that the complete and utter degeneracy of the regressive left has only one effect: an increase in classical liberals and the revival of the right. It’s time to stamp out some degenerates. The pendulum is officially swinging the other way.

  • fnd

    I don’t deserve sympathy for being fat, ugly or stupid so why would pedophiles deserve sympathy for being attracted to children again?

  • Genesis 18 When the men got up to leave, they looked down toward Sodom, and Abraham walked along with them to see them on their way. Then the Lord said, “Shall I hide from Abraham what I am about to do? Abraham will surely become a great and powerful nation, and all nations on earth will be blessed through him. For I have chosen him, so that he will direct his children and his household after him to keep the way of the Lord by doing what is right and just, so that the Lord will bring about for Abraham what he has promised him.” Then the Lord said, “The outcry against Sodom and Gomorrah is so great and their sin so grievous that I will go down and see if what they have done is as bad as the outcry that has reached me. If not, I will know.” << NeoGAF, take note of Sodom and Gomorrah.

  • the red army

    some people from a forum i frequent found that moderators accounts on various picture websites full of little kids… he also works at a toys are us… they spammed neogaf with the proof and the elf(tyler) de modded that guy LOL

  • Teh Kao

    Turns out Opiate is a pedo and pedo activist himself.

  • Judge Dredd


  • Touma

    i find the comment section disheartening. this burn the witch mentality. yeah, i get it. no child can consent. i get that. but what will demonizing pedos regardless if they did anything do? what if someone is about to cross the line but don’t want to but fear they will? just tell them to fuck off until they rape a child and then throw them in prison? is that right to anyone? does that accomplish anything but satisfy peoples “righteous” anger? does it save any children?

    why not help those who need help and potentially save an innocent child? showing some sympathy for their position and helping them cope or find ways to keep their attraction in check will at least save a few children. demonizing pedos won’t save a single damn one.

    i’m not saying leave them with a child when they come out as pedo obviously. just i don’t like condemning those who haven’t done anything wrong. unless wrong think is alright as long as its for the children. i don’t feel comfortable demonizing groups indiscriminately if theres something productive to be done.

    for the record i’m not defending neogaf. just pedos who haven’t done anything yet. they’re human and this mentality will be a self fulfilling prophecy. its sick no matter whos its done to or the justification. it only makes things worse.

  • Robert

    Fiction lost his rationality, indeed. Like many others do, when they hear “pedophile.” But I’m not blaming you, I’m blaming media that use “rape” and “pedophile” as synonyms when little kids get harmed. Not every pedophile follow this. I mean, you don’t acuse a normal guy being a rapist when he says he likes women. If someone says he like teens or kids it gets awkward and it is socialy unethical. But it doesn’t make you rapist.

    Pedohpilia is a medical disorder that doesn’t make you rapist. There are plenty of books about sexual behavior that all critisize that undifferentiated view. People should read before rant. For starters: