NeoGAF’s Malka Has Been Accused Of Sexual Assault…AGAIN

I’d be lying if I said I was surprised to hear new sexual assault allegations come out against NeoGAF’s owner Tyler Malka (Evilore). The guy is a complete creep. Earlier today, a user posted on NeoGAF that his sister had been assaulted by someone who frequented the site.

GAF I’m absolutely beside myself right now
I’m sad and mad and I feel totally helpless 

I don’t get on Facebook much, but my sister texted me and asked me to go look at what she posted. I don’t think she had the heart to say this in person. She asked me to share it since she knows I’m into gaming.

The user went on to post their sister’s Facebook post.

I remember a man, who claimed to be my friend, going on a road trip to New Orleans.

In NOLA we drank and had fun and one night we had been drinking our hotel room and I got sick.

I was throwing up and decided to hop in the shower to feel better.
I was surprised when he got into the shower, fully naked, behind me.

I had a boyfriend at the time and didn’t think I had given him any reason to believe I wanted this. I didn’t cheat.

So I told him that it wasn’t ok, that I was sick, that I had a boyfriend, that I didn’t want that.

He got out and slowly started resenting me, being mean to me, ignoring me… in a city he drove me to.

I couldn’t wait to get home.
I couldn’t tell my partner for fear that he would claim I led him on.
My relationship with my boyfriend suffered and we broke up soon after that.

I couldn’t come out about this situation because the perpetrator is a semi famous man
in video games who would have retaliated and I couldn’t afford to defend myself.

There are websites dedicated to this person’s sexual assault history. 
I don’t know.
I was scared.
I was tired.

I still can’t post his name out of fear. Fear for a film he acted in for me. Fear of ridicule. Fear of not being believed.

I don’t want to be silent anymore.
I will post stories until I don’t feel like it anymore.
And there are so many.

At the time, the sister did feel comfortable to naming her alleged assailant, but that changed pretty quickly. Here’s a screengrab from 4chan.

NeoGAF has been a cesspool for a very long time. From selling user content without permission to promoting and encouraging the pedo lifestyle, the website has not held itself to the highest ethical standards. A former moderator on NeoGAF berated an actual survivor of child abuse because they weren’t showing enough respect to the pedo lifestyle.

Tyler Malka has previously been accused of posting revenge porn of a revival’s girlfriend. He has also admitted to groping a female without her permission, “grabbing her ass hard to show I wasn’t being taken advantage of.”

Real swell guy.

Nora Ralph

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