Last week, the owner of NeoGAF, Tyler Malka, decided it was a good time to throw Anita Sarkeesian under the bus. As you know, I’m no fan of Anita’s. She’s a fraud, and every time I see her face it makes me ill. Fakery has that effect on me. We have shown you what kind of guy Mr. Malka is in the past. I always knew that he had no love for the SJW argument. He was just being expedient for the sake of his little gay GAF club. Now that McIntosh and his puppet are being exposed for Jack Thompson Jr’s more often, though, it’s safe for Tyler to make his move and put the knife in their back. It’s great to see, in a way. 

But you also have to keep in mind: this is Malka. The man is the very definition of a sleazebag. He’s into revenge porn leaks. He sold user content without permission. We haven’t even gotten to the pedophilia problem. Like I said, it’s lovely to see these guys turn on each other, but Malka’s always been looking out for ol’ #1. Don’t let his scummy ways escape notice just because he’s taking a shit on rad fems.

By the way, here’s that quote, for those of you who missed it:

Now that we’re largely post-GG and she’s not the figurehead for women in a war against basement dwelling 8chan terrorists, it’s probably time for Anita Sarkeesian’s poorly researched, reactionary blanket statements and self-sabotaging fringe feminism to not always be given attention by default.

“Now that GamerGate is ‘over,’ we can all just go ahead and admit they were right about Anita.” If you idiots had done some admitting from the start, then maybe things would have died down by now. Just imagine if some key players had called out these charlatans from the beginning. Malka is a snake, but some journos could have stepped up. We know not all of them can possibly co-sign this garbage…at least I hope that’s the case. I guess there’s a shortage of testicular fortitude among the gaming press.

Keep in mind, NeoGAF is one of the largest video game forums on the net, and it’s owner is calling GamerGate supporters terrorists. So not only is he a backstabbing shitbag, he also takes glee in sliming thousands of well-meaning activists. This is the second time this year he’s used the “basement dwelling” epithet. Malka runs a fucking vidya site. It’s obvious by these comments that he actually hates the gaming consumer. Maybe he should sell his shit and get out?

Don’t count on it. You might see some amazing dirt come to light and force his ass out, given how much of a sleaze he’s been in the past. But he has too many side-deals and kickbacks to quit now. There’s no telling what shady shit he’s got going on behind the scenes. Everything I’ve reported on him was done in full public view. One can only imagine the misdeeds he saves for closed doors.

Hopefully we don’t have to imagine for too much longer.