All politicians are the same. I’ve known this for years and years. In fact, I still remember a specific day of a specific class in college where we talked about what motivates politicians more than anything else. You can use this metric to explain almost every single decision a pol makes over the course of his or her career. Are there some exceptions to the rule? Sure. But not very many. What’s the rule I speak of, you ask?

A politician’s actions can almost always be explained by self-interest. It’s really that simple. Usually, for career pols, it’s all about the next election. Their job is to win reelection, especially for lifers in the Senate and House of Representative. Some governors and the like are term-limited, so they may be looking to move on to Washington, or get a plum cabinet post (or ambassadorship) with the next administration. Even if they plan to go into private life, many times you can tell what their about to be doing with the kinds of bills they push or rhetoric they spout.

It’s all about the politician’s life and their career. And to be honest, most people on this planet are like that as well, so this isn’t some revelation. Still, every single year you see people who are letdown by their favorite elected official. Personally, I almost never get let down anymore because I’m very rational about them. Most of them are shit, some of them aren’t. But almost all of them are motivated by their own career prospects.

This is no different for someone like Ted Cruz. Actually, his career has shown him to be one of the most craven and power-hungry people around. Anyone who thought he would keep “standing up” to Donald Trump once it became an albatross around his political prospects was fooling themselves. Remember when he first spent months sucking off Trump only to sing a completely different tune when it was clear The Donald was the only thing standing between him and the nomination?

Today, he proved me and thousands of others right by bending his knee and endorsing Trump. The reason he did it, after his act of defiance at the GOP convention? Falling poll numbers and a hearty primary challenge coming down the road. After all, it would be hard to run for president again if you can’t even keep your US Senate seat.

Politico puts this statement into further perspective

But there is a more urgent need to attend to: Cruz’s unwillingness to support Trump has become an issue in his home state as he prepares for Senate re-election. The morning after he refused to support Trump at the RNC, the Texas delegation breakfast broke out into chaos as delegates split over whether or not Cruz should support the nominee.

Since then, Rep. Mike McCaul (R-Texas), a possible Cruz primary challenger for Cruz’s Senate seat, has been using the senator’s unwillingness to support Trump as a means of attacking Cruz.

McCaul attacked Cruz on the Laura Ingraham Show this week for breaking his pledge to support the nominee, declaring he was “very angry” about the dissension.

“He broke his word,” said McCaul, the wealthy chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee. 

The last #NeverTrump holdouts on Twitter are beside themselves…and it’s a beautiful thing to see. Some are making excuses, some are bitter, and some know they look like complete fools now.

Of course he did, because it was obvious to see…especially if Trump ever got within striking distance of the presidency, which he has.

This is truly a beautiful day. I would say I hope this serves as a wake-up call for people who put their trust in politicians, but I know it won’t. All the better for me, cause I love writing these sort of “I told you so” columns. Good going, #NeverTrump! Keep up the good work.