I wasn’t going to write a story on this, but I figured that since it was getting so much attention, why not do a short one? Admittedly, it is hilarious. In fact, it’s so perfect that no fewer than 20 people have outright said it must be a fake.

Here’s the tweet from #NeverTrump outfit “Stop Trump PAC“…


How completely and utterly defeated do you have to be to tweet something like this out? First off, I don’t hate minorities, either. But I wouldn’t proclaim myself a proud cuck just to refute that charge. In fact, all this does is make Trump supporters laugh and put the cuck insult out there further. I’d say it’s pretty much immortalized at this point.




As am I. Rarely do you see a capitulation quite as stark as this one was.


UPDATE: The cowards deleted it lol…