For a long while, many Bernie Sanders supporters have claimed that Hillary Clinton and her allies pretty much stole the Nevada caucus win from Bernie Sanders. This Breitbart article goes into it in more detail than I’m going to now. But I am going to link you to some tweets from Dan Rolle, a guy who ran for Congress in Nevada earlier this year. He claims he was intimidated by the Nevada Democratic establishment (including Sen. Harry Reid) from stepping out sooner with his insight. Obviously, he speaks for himself and I can’t parse every single allegation here, however his story rings very true…especially given what we know of the Clinton Machine.

It’s a rather long chain of tweets, so bear with me….

The corrupt Clintons never miss a chance to steal one. Don’t put it past them to have some similar tricks in the works for November, especially now that the polls are tightening. They will literally do anything to get back to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Lie, cheat, steal…there’s even rumors they’ve killed. No one should be taking them lightly, at this point…especially since they have almost nothing to lose, at this point. The power of the presidency and their place in history means more to them than anything else on this earth. We need to be watching every move they make like a hawk.