Earlier today, I was taking a look at Anita Sarkeesian’s Twitter feed when I saw her retweet something from Paul Feig, the director of the new Ghostbusters flick. So, I screenshotted it and posted it to my own feed.

Sargon of Akkad saw it, retweeted it, and then was joined by The Amazing Atheist and AlphaOmegaSin. So, it kind of blew up a little bit. I was most surprised by the number of people who said they had been willing to give the film a chance, before they saw the director shilling for a fraud like Anita. Personally, these are the sorts of people I was counting on when I predicted that the film would indeed be a success when I talked about it on stream a couple weeks ago.

Honestly, I still believe it will at least make its money back, even though most hardcore fans are shitting all over it. I think the movie studio, Columbia (parented by Sony), will end up pushing it over the profitability line somehow. Will it be a mega-hit? No. I never said that. Still, I think predicting an outright bomb is going a little too far. That’s not to say I want it to do well. I don’t, especially after seeing Feig’s blatant support of a woman like Anita. Even though I like to let art speak for itself, no matter who is behind it, his Sarkeesian shilling combined with the lackluster trailer has me wishing for a comeuppance.

Still, I haven’t really done any research on the topic. I’m merely going with my gut. Carey Martell has, though, and I’m going to share some of his conclusions with you all before I turn it over to the #BasedCommentSection.

You’ll notice the majority of the fans are age 25-34. That’s the age group of the kids who grew up watching The Real Ghostbusters cartoon franchise that ran between September 13, 1986 to October 5, 1991. This is the demographic who made Ghostbusters a multi-million dollar franchise. We watched the TV show and convinced our parents to buy us the toys and comic books. We’re the ones Ghostbusters II was created to capitalize on.

Most importantly, we’re the ones who have kept interest in the Ghostbusters franchise alive by buying merchandise like those deluxe action figures Mattel puts out, dressing up at conventions and supporting things like the Ghostbusters board game project that raised $1.5M dollars on Kickstarter.

This demographic is critical for any Ghostbuster reboot. You cannot do a successful reboot without this demographic, because we are the franchise.

You should notice 51% of Ghostbuster fans are male and 49% are female. That’s a nearly 50:50 ratio. So obviously, you would assume any Ghostbusters reboot should star an equal cast of men and women in order to capitalize on the childhood fantasies of an entire generation who all wanted to be Ghostbusters, right?


Sadly wrong, since the folks at Sony Pictures greenlighted a Ghostbusters reboot on the premise of reversing the gender roles of the original film franchise, with an all female Ghostbuster team and a male secretary who draws boobs on ghosts…

But hey, maybe you are thinking the Ghostbusters reboot could still possibly sell enough box office tickets to recoup its production budget of $154 million and however much they have spent / will spend marketing it (if the marketing budget is standard, it’ll be like 3 times its production budget, so around $462M extra. My guess is Sony is probably $616M into this movie already from the budget and marketing costs alone).

But let’s not pretend. Let’s be real.

2M to 2.2M of Ghostbusters fans have been turned off by the very premise of this reboot. Half the potential audience is just thrown away at the start with a film that is specifically designed to alienate them by entrapping itself in a radical feminist message (we’ll explore why this is true later)…

They are literally trying to “fight the patriarchy” with this movie.

They chose the Ghostbusters film franchise as a vehicle to “fight the patriarchy” with.


I’m trying very hard to refrain from ranting (too much) about how the feminism movement today has been replaced with a twisted, radicalized version of itself which is 99% about women attacking men in order to obtain economic advantages for themselves, rather than about women and men having mutual respect and equal legal rights which was the original goal of feminism…

That’s just a small sampling of his very detailed post. He has hard data to backup these conclusions, so it’s well worth going to his site and examining the whole article. The studio is counting on the Bridesmaids audience to come in and join with the natural Ghostbusters constituency in order to carry the day. The only problem is, they may have pissed off the hardcore backers of the franchise so much that they refuse to come out and support the movie. Bridesmaids did really well, for a niche budget movie. This is counting on $600 million+ to roll into the coffers. Perhaps they’ve bitten off a little more than they can chew?

I’m not going to reverse my prediction just yet, but I will say that after reading Mr. Martell’s analysis and seeing Feig’s blatant disregard for anyone who isn’t a hardcore rad fem, my original thoughts are starting to evolve. We’ll all know the truth soon enough, but what’s the fun in that? Let me know what you think down below. Is this movie going to bomb? Will it just break even? Or do we have a blockbuster on our hands?

  1. The question is how badly. Will it be a daily incident in the middle east or will it be Hiroshima or Nagasaki level of bomb.

  2. Depends on the reviews. Anything below a 70% on rotten tomatoes could totally fuck this film’s chances of cementing a franchise.

    I’m guessing it’ll make back it’s production budget, and the foreign market that isn’t nearly as aggrieved over the feminist overtones, and might fawn over the spectacle aspect of the film.

    The kid market is going to be sapped the following week by Ice Age 2134523, so even a good opening weekend won’t hold out for too long. Again, though, if it’s actually well made then it definitely has a chance to reach franchise level dollars. Feig is known for making back 5 – 10 times the budget in overall profits.

      1. They’ve done it before. But if the movie isn’t funny, or well made then they’ll sweep that girl power message right back under the rug so as to not tarnish it’s good name.

      2. Yeah that’s why I usually read the reviews instead of trusting the amalgamated ratings. You can usually tell which critics are letting their predispositions get in the way

  3. idc im not gonna see it anyway. not because of all the drama behind it. just because LEAVE MY CHILDHOOD ALONE!!!!!!!! (except for star wars and super hero movies XD)

  4. will it bomb dunno, maybe they will cut a trailer that isn’t utter shit and rekindle the hope that this will be a mediocre cash-grab.

  5. If it is a huge bomb, though, Amy Pascal might be hesitant to fill the new Spiderman franchise with, at this point, inevitable feminist bullshit.

  6. Daddy Warpig has been following this movie’s news for awhile now and it looks like total shit.

    Paul Feig has already been setting up the “misogyny” angle on Twitter for a couple months easily, for when the movie bombs.

    I honestly could care less about the girl power angle, I didn’t even like when Ghostbusters 3 was announced with male actors because the original cast wasn’t coming back and it wouldn’t have the spark of the original(s)… it is a complete $$$ grab, no heart involved.

    1. LOL. And that explanation won’t work since his all-female film “Bridemaids” was a hit, as well as “Spy”. If woman-haters have such power at the box office, those films would have bombed. It’s obvious that Feig is expecting this film to flop hard, and is making up an excuse in advance.

      1. The feminists would probably say that Bridemaids was a chick flick and Spy had guys in it. They’ll spin it however they have to, to avoid saying “it was shit from the word go”.

        From what I’ve heard from neutral sources, two of leads have been fighting on set so much that the movie had to have bits rewritten constantly to make the two actresses happy.

      2. bridesmaids and spy were both good films with great casting…this film is literally the exact opposite

  7. Bomb? Oh absolutely.
    Kill off Feig’s career? Most certainly, especially as everyone else realizes he’s a one-note director.

    1. Even if Feig’s career is down the shitter, I fear the same can’t be said of Anita’s undeserved hype. The director bringing her up just might be the final nail in the coffin for this film’s total and utter failure, that’s just how unpopular Anita is. Yet somehow or other, I bet she’ll still get public speaking events and mainstream television appearances like she’s a god damn saint. After all, Anita’s never the problem, it’s those misogynistic critics of her who are the real problem, also they’re terrorists.

  8. It was a bomb from the idea stage. SJW dumbshits don’t understand. 4 males, 4 females, could have been 4 goats. Nobody who loves Ghostbusters wanted any remake.

    1. Exactly. Even if you got Adam Sandler and his cronies to star in it, the film would still be panned as heavily. It doesn’t add anything fresh or innovative to the original, so what is the point? The remakes of Total Recall and Robocop also got publicly shit on and bombed because the originals were perfect and didn’t need to be remade in the first place.

    2. A remake that wasn’t a blatant feminist LGBTBBWBLM propaganda piece would’ve been panned, but in this universe we’ll never know.

    3. the death of david presented a perfect opportunity to make ghostbusters 3 while at the same time replacing davids character with a daughter of one of the original cast…focusing not only on the comedy but on character driven relationships between her and her father(whoever it may be)…instead we got a poorly casted zero chemistry cast that suck…with a racial stereotype

  9. I love how feminists can’t take off the gender politics blinders when they talk about this film, and act like it’s going to be the best movie in the history of cinema. They willingly overlook that 98% of remakes are utter shit, and this one doesn’t look like it’s going to be part of that rare 2%. I think Kristen Wiig is funny in most of her work, and Kate McKinnon is pretty funny most of the time on SNL. I’m not familiar enough with Leslie Jones, so i have no opinion on her. As for Melissa McCarthy, I can’t stand her. She’s not funny, and her “Look how fat I am – isn’t that funny?” schtick was already stale when Chris Farley ran it into the ground 20 years ago.

    It’s strange that Paul Feig – the director – is quick to dismiss critics of the film as misogynists, even though the very same critics gushed praise on Bridemaids, a previous film he directed with an all female cast. If female-driven films are so hated by “misogynists”, then why did Bridemaids, Steel Magnolias, the Color Purple, and Sex & The City make so much money at the box office?

    I hate to break it to these radfems and their white knights, but the genitals of the cast have no bearing on the dislike of the film. When you re-do a film beloved by generations of people for 30 years, without adding anything new aside from weak jokes, you’re just asking for people to hate it. If this remake was done with the cast of Grown Ups, the trailer would still get downvoted on YouTube to holy hell. The only difference is that feminists wouldn’t give it the time of day.

    (If the script leaks aren’t a hoax, then the film is going to have a huge dance routine in the middle of the film. Please kill me now, so I can haunt the people who thought that was a good idea).

  10. Will it bomb? Definitely. I’d rather see the original actors as old people in there, and we know how that worked in the Force Awakens. Seriously, I was thinking on seeing it just to see how bad it is, but now that the director decided to be a cuck for Anita, fuck it. That sealed the deal that I won’t. I’ll just look up a review on Rotten Tomatoes or something.

  11. I’ll go a step farther than that.

    Rebooting Ghostbusters could have been a great thing if it had been done right (which would have been a monumental task in the first place,) but this instead will kill the series, the title, the brand for no less than another 20 years. This movie is going to bomb so horribly that they won’t even THINK of making another Ghostbusters movie until 2036 when this trash heap is long forgotten.

  12. the new star wars sucked horribly, yet people watched it and ‘enjoyed’ it.
    I’m not confident the need for people to distract themselves from the shit that is thrown onto them won’t make them watch it

  13. I also think that it will make its money back, but without the support of the actual fans it will not be successful.

    It is my opinion that Anita is one of the best things to happen in these culture wars. She is the Pope of feminism and an excellent bullshit detector – anyone supporting her is either and idiot or an ideologue. This includes Mr Feig and his little propaganda movie.

  14. I just hope that future reboots will take this reboot into consideration before wasting money. Gotta say this will flop harder than the new fantastic four

  15. It seems Anita’s donations have been leveled up considerably in the past day by 20%….300 new supporters, some donating big bucks. She’s now 60% and just needing 20% to collect. A few more shills should get her the 80%.

    Not a bit of shame to be found in the woman. You’ve been shoehorned into American media at every turn and you can’t even command enough star power to self fund your own fundraiser. You’ve gotta beg for shill favors and big guns to donate because no one will give you money…just under 2k supporters after 20 days. Where is your 200k YT subscribers? Where is your 600k twitter followers?

    1. I have no doubt that in the next week some of her more affluent white knights will step up with money to get her to at least the 80% needed. If kickstarter was so good to her in the past why not use it again? She obviously had little faith that she would reach her full goal. It will be interesting to see how long it takes for her to produce her first video and I bet the production quality is the same or worse than her tropes videos.

  16. Yet another falls for giving the All-Mighty Fraud Anita her “victim bux”, am I right? I will never see this nor plan to, it is beyond a joke and a blatant attempt at being all “Women Power!”

  17. the feminism movement today has been
    replaced with a twisted, radicalized version of itself which is 99%
    about women attacking men in order to obtain economic advantages for

    This. Although I still think feminism is to blame, because the “good feminists” have allowed it radicalise into the retardation it is now.

    Fuck feminism.

  18. I wasn’t hating this film until this article. I was going to go see it and might have enjoyed it, but now, I won’t waste my money, they’ll probably just fund cuntnita’s project with my dollars.

  19. I have no idea why they had to make it a remake. If say, they made it a “down the road pick up” type thing it would make more sense. the modern day tech and everything could have worked. the 4 female leads could have worked. Can you see it? After the movies the “Ghost problem” falls back well to normal, putting the ghost busters themselves out of business. But because of the stuff that happened there they could never sell the building. Years later, ghosts start popping up again and this women are drawn into it. They dig up news about ghost busters from nearly 30 years ago and go to find them. They come across the old building, full of decaying relics of gear and suits. Just as they were to give up and leave in the door way stands a figure, an older Dr. Peter Venkman. With this you get a training montage of him teaching them about ghostbusting and them using modern sciences to make better gear, far behind what Venkman could have thought. They grow into their own and Venkman leaves them, sure that the city is in good hands.

    It could have been amazing, instead they decided to shit on the source marital. Reboots are almost never a good idea because they almost always miss the point of the original. This is just another case in point.

  20. Bridesmaids did well because it was about something all women can relate to. No women relate to sci-fi action comedies about fighting ghosts. That’s a movie their boyfriends drag them to.

    The audiece of this movie will all be cucked mangina beta males and sleeveless flannel-wearing short-haired dykes.

  21. I hadn’t realized they’d spent that much money on the thing, it certainly doesn’t look like something alot of money was spent on. Can it break even? Maybe…but I’d say the odds are against it. Last I heard they were planning on a big summer release which means they’ll probably be launching the turd in competition against other movies that’ll take what little wind it might have had right out of it’s sails. If they released the thing right now while everyone was still talking about it the thing might have a better chance.

  22. SJWs never support SJW entertainment because they don’t like it in the first place (that’s why Anita’s endorsement of a game doesn’t translate into sales). I doubt most SJW types are even into the Ghostbusters, I doubt most SJWs are into movies at all. The SJW dollar will make little difference. The film will break even and receive middling to slightly negative reviews.

  23. Anything less then a mega-hit is a bomb for the Ghost Busters Franchise. You can’t go from epic, to Average-passable and call it a success.

  24. the death of david presented a perfect opportunity to make ghostbusters 3 while at the same time replacing davids character with a daughter of one of the original cast…focusing not only on the comedy but on character driven relationships between her and her “family”…instead we got a poorly casted zero chemistry cast that suck

  25. Lets face it. Paul Feig is a shitty director. It’s not the chick-flick he made that flopped, either.

  26. I think it’ll have a pretty strong opening weekend and then start to have some sharp drop-offs once the reviews confirm what the trailers predict (which is a crappy movie) and yeah, sneak up using overseas revenue to get to its $156 million (x 2) amount.

  27. From a marketing standpoint this project is a horrific fail. They have managed to piss off the fans, SJW’s, and casual people with no dog in the fight. The only ones excited to see this are those with a morbid curiosity, hipsters who want to be ironic, and people who are so antisocial that they see support of this movie as angering others. That’s a rather small demo. This ain’t gonna make its money back. It’s going to tank worse than the Lone Ranger and wild Wild West, and will go down in infamy as a film that destroyed careers on a batman and robin level.

  28. You don’t take a great old Franchies full of star male cast then replace it with a bunch of crap female actors… Esp Leslie jones… She’s not funny at all she is just annoying. This movie was dead when they decided to go with all woman cast I am a man that will never pay to see this crap movie.

  29. Singer with Xmen, Snyder with DC, and now Feig with Ghostbusters. All bringing us a new view of something we love and warping it because they don’t like it.

  30. When I saw the Staypuff Marshmallow Man being trotted out in the preview, I felt like this movie is dead on arrival. Re-treading the original gags in addition to the feminist preachiness is a recipe for a bomb.

  31. If there’s something weird
    And it don’t look good
    What you gonna call it?
    A Ghostbusters 2016 Remake.

  32. I guess Paul Feig is eating crow by now. Millions of YouTubers were NOT wrong. His movie did suck. I feel great.

  33. I can confirm that yes it did bomb, it was actually worse the trailers if that was even possible.

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