Since moot has officially decided to be a bitch and turn his site over to Anita Sarkeesian, someone else had to step up. That someone else is 8chan’s /v/. There’s multiple threads going on over there concerning GamerGate as we speak. So check it out, and help fan the flames. GamerGate is bigger than it has ever been right now, at this very moment. Think about all the happenings we’ve had, and think consider that. Fucking insane.



*Also, some are trying to say that moot did this in order to use his censorship of GamerGate to spark the movement again. If so, thanks. But I can only go based on what I see.*




  1. As the paranoia grows, and the movement sees Anitas and Zoes in every shadow and around every corner, I wonder how long it will be until “evidence” turns up that the SJWs were behind GamerGate all along.

    1. They aren’t very hard to spot. Moot was tweeting with Leigh in the past, so we know he probably either knows these people personally, or has back-channels. He was at the same conference as Anita this past weekend. Pressure was probably applied by a lot of people. Then he exiles us. That’s the simplest explanation, imo.

      1. I don’t know if you’re familiar with Occam’s razor, but generally I find that the best explanations are often the ones that require the fewest assumptions.

        Can we assume that moot’s attending the same conference as Anita means he agrees with her, or is sympathetic to her cause? Can we assume that if anyone’s putting pressure on him, that they have any real power over moot or what he does? Can we assume that the mods that have spoken out against him are mods, or that they’re not lying?

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