new york times

Yesterday, Twitter rolled out some changes that are coming to the service. You will no longer be able to see someone’s timeline if one, or both you, have each other blocked. Third parties will be able to report “abuse” they witness. They’re also talking about making it harder to make multiple accounts with the same IP in the future. It was all just a bunch of bullshit, basically. You can just log out and see any account you need to see, VPNs exist, and I’m not worried about 3rd parties reporting abuse, because like the rest of GamerGate, I don’t abuse anyone.

Now “abuse” might be a different story. Saying things SJWs don’t like, insulting them, ridiculing them…that’s not abuse to me. Twitter is supposed to work like this. People insult me all day long. If they get too tedious, I block them. I try not to use it too often, but I do in rare circumstances. However, I keep the comments down here 100% censorship free, other than stuff that might get me put in jail. So if they want to shitpost me bad enough, they can come here and do it. It does happen, from time to time, as you saw with Robin Gething the other day. That’s fine. I don’t mind.

But what I do mind, is The New York Times’s blatant lies. In an article recapping the Twitter changes, they explicitly tie GamerGate to harassment. Here’s the relevant passage:

“The new procedures won’t do anything to curb some of the most prominent Twitter abuse, like GamerGate, a long campaign that has included harassment of people critical of video gaming’s misogynistic culture.”

I still keep waiting to see this harassment from GamerGate. I have seen some fucked up shit posted by unaffiliated parties. I’ve also seen some over-the-top shit from trolls. But GamerGate hasn’t been involved in any harassment. The New York Times cited an article about Anita Sarkeesian cancelling her appearance at Utah State due to disagreements with the school over security, after a threatening letter was sent warning her not to appear. This has never been linked to GamerGate in any way, whatsoever, yet the Times continues to try make people think we had a hand in it. What do you call a media outlet like that? Liars.

I used to respect The New York Times, but GamerGate has opened a lot of eyes. They still have some valuable foreign reporting, etc, but their brand is severely tarnished for me now. They continue to make it worse with their campaign of misinformation against GamerGate. They’ve thrown their lot in with the SJW hivemind, and they don’t mind using Zoe Quinn style-tactics to achieve their goals. I’m not saying they didn’t get dirty before, but the recent coverage of us has really exposed them as hacks. Their best days are long behind them, and I don’t think we’ll see a triumphant return, at this rate.