Some people are real pieces of shit. Estella Ruiz-Gomez gave birth during her break at a restaurant that she worked at. Her mother, Lorenza Gomez Rodriguez, also worked at the restaurant. These two women decided it would be a great idea to stick the newborn in the bin in order to get rid of it.  After throwing her grandchild in the trash, Lorenza came out of the bathroom and said her daughter needed to go to the hospital.

An employee emptied the bin in the ladies bathroom, not knowing there was a child inside there. While carrying the bag across the parking lot, the bag ripped and the newborn fell out onto the pavement. EMS was called to the scene, and the baby was rushed to the hospital but died shortly afterwards. It has been classed as a homicide as the baby would have likely survived if it wasn’t for its shitty family.

The father had been there when the child fell out, and had been the one to take the newborn inside. There has been no mention of the father being involved in the death of the child.

Estella has been charged with homicide by child neglect and Lorenza has been charged with aiding and abetting homicide by child abuse. Both have been rightly denied bond. These women committed this disgusting crime despite South Carolina’s Safe Haven Law, which states

State of South Carolina must accept temporary physical custody of an infant not older than 30 days without a court order, if the infant is voluntarily left at the safe haven by a person who does not express intent to return for the infant.

The freaking twist of this story is that there is that Homeland Security has an active warrant against Estela for not leaving the country when ordered to do so in 2016. Both women are now being investigated regarding their immigration status.

Illegal immigrants committing crimes, who would have thought.

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