I’m about to go get my passport documents sent in, as I’m traveling to the United Kingdom for the New Year’s holiday. I might set up some kind of meet-up later on for anyone who wants to attend, depending on the demand for such a thing. Regardless, I’m very excited to visit and I’m pretty sure I’m going to have an awesome time. Here’s a comic from our brilliant artist Christine to tide you over until I get back to the operations center. Also, feel free to comment on this cartoon, or whatever else you want, down below…#27

  1. might be a good idea if you hosted a seprate page/sites for the comics the way they are posted makes them rather hard to fallow and might help to slap a strip number clearly in a corner

    1. Yeah, I would actually like to easily read this whole comic

      especially since I wasn’t here when in started, and therefore am somewhat confused about it all

  2. We south-americans actually don’t care about your country being called “United States of America”,
    what upsets some of us is when you refer to your country as just “America”, since we are teached in schools that America is the name of the whole continent.

  3. I’ll keep an ear out for you,,,be cool to meet up…Know some good spots if yer hittin’ London town,,,,as th’ only Appalachian hillbilly to ever work as a bike messenger there, I know that fucker inside out,,,all hail th’ black market…

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