OK, I finally put down the Twitter crack. What’s the opening story for today, you ask? Well, I have two or three things I wanted to cover that I haven’t had a chance to due to outside commitments. We’ve got Brianna Wu, Eminem, Roosh V, Tech Raptor & a YouTube video I did yesterday. Let’s start off with the video.

It’s about the accusations BuzzFeed made about Donald Trump paying Breitbart in order to get favorable coverage. I also cover the broke political system here in America and give some other random thoughts. I forgot to plus it yesterday here on the site, so forgive me on that one.



Now, let’s cover TechRaptor real quick. I actually should have written a full entry on it, but now that I’m playing catch-up a little bit, a blurb will have to do. So, what happened to the fine folks over there, you ask?

TechRaptor has been using Gratipay since January. Recently, we received an email stating that Gratipay has rejected our application to continue using their service. In their migration to Gratipay 2.0, they required people to apply and answer four questions. Looking at those questions and the reasons given for rejection seemed a bit odd. First, their reasons for why we were rejected:

Thank you for applying for a Gratipay Team. We’ve decided not to accept your application, for two reasons:

  1. You identify with the #GamerGate/anti-#GamerGate conflict, and that clashes too strongly with our own brand identity.
  2. You require people to apply before contributing to your work, which goes against our definition of ‘open work.’

We received information that we needed to apply for Gratipay 2.0 on July 17th. We answered the below four questions and finished the application process that day. July 30th we received the above rejections, and we sent a response asking for some clarification. Aug 3rd we recieved a response from a “tech-to-consumer translator” who said they would pass our notes on, which hit the same points as below, but haven’t heard from them since.

As you can see TechRaptor has been kicked off the service simply for giving any type of positive coverage to GamerGate. This is exactly the sort of thing we fight against. Rarely have a seen a company be as brazen about discriminating against GG, though. There was a follow up report on all this today, but it doesn’t look much better:

To sum it all up, Gratipay, just tell us what you want. Tell us what you mean by your guidelines. Tell us what your “worldview” is. Tell us precisely what Open Work is. Tell us what Gratipay’s overall purpose is. Don’t make the dialogue you want to have with applicants be about trying to understand what you’re looking for. Shouldn’t that be about what the project itself is?

Right now, vague and general terms seem to be a mechanism to deny those you don’t want on Gratipay—not necessarily against anything on Gratipay’s website. I am not accusing you of doing so, but that’s what the slim definitions give the impression of right now. In having those vague and general terms, it is much easier to explain away people you’d rather not have around. Again, that’s totally fine. It’s your prerogative to do so. I’d just prefer people not get led around as both you and they try to figure out whether or not whatever the project is, is actually fit for Gratipay.

Long story short, Gratipay seems to be fucking kill right about now. I would advise anyone who supports the free and open exchange of ideas to look elsewhere. These scumbags don’t deserve your support.


Here’s a short story just to remind you how big of a psychopathic loser Brianna Wu is. Look at her from the other night:


The #FERGUSONLOOTCREW tag was started up by a bunch of trolls, some of them ex-GamerGate supporters. But we had absolutely nothing to do with it, and to claim otherwise is a damned lie. Of course, it’s not the first time this nasty piece of work has told an untruth. My site is literally full of examples. But it is funny how she still jumps at every little chance to spread falshoods about us, all these months later. Of course we’re the only reason she’s ever been even the slightest bit relevant, so that likely plays into her internal calculations.


Master Milo had an article on the Roosh V situation. In case you have heard he was going up to Canada to give a little speech and address supporters. Well, the rad fems up there totally flipped the fuck out and tried to stop him from coming into the country. When that didn’t work, they tried to track him down and fuck up his presentation. They succeeded in finding him, and even poured a beer on him. But they couldn’t stop the man. Here’s Milo with some thoughts:

“The past week I received heavy resistance from the Canadian left to shut down my planned Montreal speech,” Valizadeh told me via email yesterday from the land of poutine and transgender four-year-olds. “A petition to ban me from the country topped 35,000 people and the booking to my original hotel venue was cancelled after it was leaked online, putting the entire event in jeopardy.

“The mayor of Montreal, the Canadian state-owned media (CBC), and many thousands of locals combed the entire city trying to find the event venue in order to sabotage it. I stuck to my guns, found another venue, and I successfully held the event. ”…

After the talk, Valizadeh had a beer thrown in his face. Regular readers of this column will know the high regard in which I hold feminists, and Canadians, but even by the pathetic standards of #KillAllWhiteMen or #BlackLivesMatter, this was a cowardly stunt of the highest order, and only served to gild Roosh’s victory.

As usual, the SJWs overreach and ended up helping the people they’re trying to hurt. No one ever said they were the brightest bunch:



Let’s finally wrap things up with a recap of what’s been happening to Eminem and Dr. Dre. As many of you know, Dre’s long awaited album came out last week. It’s called Compton, and I’ve been enjoying it a lot myself. But, as always, the speech police have something to say about controversial lyrics:

Eminem has been criticised by his fans and anti-sexual violence campaigners for disturbing lyrics alluding to rape on a track on Dr Dre’s new album Compton.

The graphic rape lyric appears in his verse for Medicine Man, which includes the line: “Ain’t no one safe from, non-believers there ain’t none/I even make the bitches I rape come.” This line was condemned by a number of appalled Twitter users, who blasted the rapper for releasing more “disgusting” lyrics condoning sexual violence.

They also had some complaints about a skit at the end of another song, where Dr. Dre appears to murder some unknown woman. The thing is, of course these lyrics and skits can be disturbing. That’s the point, though. It’s not real. This is all entertainment. Movies aren’t real, either. I know this comes as a shock to some (#FullMcIntosh), but even video games are not real. The reason we escape into these world is to have a release from everyday tensions. If you don’t enjoy these types of releases? Then spend your money doing other things. Stop trying to make me feel bad for liking what I like. And for damn sure stop trying to shame artists and creative types with your Internet hate mobs. The one good thing about this case? I know neither Dre, nor Em, are going to pay these bastards any heed. That makes me smile.


I’ll be back shortly with another post. It looks like the overnight should have some action here on TheRalphRetort.com. Also, don’t miss the flagship Wednesday edition of TheRalphRetort LIVE. Here’s the details on that program:


    1. Because he’s a sleazy creep who nonetheless has some good points.

      Of course they can’t defeat him in the court of public opinion because at his worst he’s done nothing on the level of the average SJW leader (drunk “rape”? Sure, as both victim & perpetrator, but that’s generally not considered rape).

      Of course he’s a pick-up artist, but they don’t seem to give a shit about Anita working for one.

      1. I mostly concur.
        I’m not sure how sleazy he is (I’ve worked blue collar plenty & my social groups tend to be very candid, so I’ve never been particularly shocked by things he says)
        I disagree with almost everything I see from PUA (and the manosphere in general, despite my many sympathies with the MRM) but I honestly don’t know why PUA are hated so much (or MGTOW for that matter, on the opposite end of the spectrum)
        The lifestyle doesn’t appeal to me, but it’s no different from a woman putting on makeup/dressing up or learning to flirt. Hell, it’s a whole community of men devoted to the pursuit of consent, ironic that the affirmative consent crowd would hate them.

        On the money with how Sarkeesian gets a free pass once again without acknowledgement, let alone comment.

        Honestly, he’s just a very easy target for SJW to pick on, much like they’ll attack basically any conservative or older white male (Dawkins, for instance, seems a favourite target too)

        1. I’ve read some shit from Roosh that makes me legitimately sick to my stomach, and I detest having to stand on the same battle grounds with him, but I’m aware of how NOT to beat a loony, and that’s trying to censor him. Besides, being in GamerGate has never prompted me to amp his message up; compared to journalists who are amping up Feminist Frequency’s moronic fringe beliefs.

          Oh; and Dawkins is a liberal.

          1. I know, that’s why I bought him up, to make that exact point.
            It literally does not matter what position a person takes to the SJW hate mob.

            Bernie Sanders, the only openly socialist politician I know of in the US, draw their ire JUST for his colour and genitals. He’s the best hope for shifting US politics to the left and yet he’s not good enough because white and because man.

            Dawkins is fairly liberal and STILL gets a great deal of shit from hand wringing “liberals” (the air quotes are because these fuckwits are not liberal or leftwing. They’re authoritarian and care nothing for any left wing policies that I can see, only identity politics)

            Remember, these are people that will abuse and harass Ayaan Hirsi Ali because she’s a centre right liberal (I know I disagree with some of her politics, but I’d bet she’s a great person to chat to about it as she seems to have her head screwed on) and because she’s critical of Islam (whilst also being a staunch advocate and defender of much eastern culture)
            This despite her being an avowed feminist, advocacy for women and that magical “woman of colour” they all go crazy for.

            Basically, I never assume good faith in the motives of radfems and SJW because so often they are at best misguided (and imo mostly vindictive hypocrites)

          2. Thanks to all 3 of you for the info.

            On that same subject, when I first started paying real attention to the GG movement I hadn’t heard of 99% of the people involved. I also hadn’t visited many of the SJW-controlled gaming sites in a LONG time because they flat out sucked in comparison to their former selves.

            I used to go to The Verge, Ars Technica, etc once a day at minimum. I slowly moved to more hardware-oriented sites that don’t spew political BS constantly even though I wasn’t 100% aware of the reasons at the time.

            Just about everyday I discover one or more pro/anti GG people that I didn’t know existed – yesterday it was Ophelia Benson. Ophelia is a Twitter bully and Blogger who recently had the Twitter mob turn on her, who then whined about being treated the same way she’s treated many others, including Tim Hunt.

            One of her HUGELY hypocritical comments at the end of this (http://freethinker.co.uk/2015/07/31/reason-not-the-need/) blog post:

            Nevertheless it’s part of reality that there just are people who destroy others for sport. You can meet them any time on Twitter, carving people up because they can.

            The comments section after the blog post are amazingly satisfying.

            Quite frankly it’s a little daunting to keep up with them all. This especially frustrating when individuals come & go, switch sides, etc.

          3. Hahaha, oh wow, that Benson piece and the comments are platinum. Good find, Angus 🙂

          4. Here’s the funniest part – her last blog entry (dated August 6th) starts like this:

            Bags are packed. Time to launch the patreon.

            do SJWs even try to hide their tue nature anymore?

          5. Roosh is definitely a shit stirrer with a couple good points and several thousand bad ones. The irony is the SJWs keep shoving people like him into the spotlight, despite wanting to shut him up, because they dare not suggest that anyone disagreeing with them isn’t as nuts as he is.

  1. I can’t see this lasting any longer. There has to be a major push back from the general public because this shit is just getting really out of hand. I listened to a recent podcast about the GOP debate and one of the members said if Trump wins expect a major meltdown from the SJWs. Possibly suicides.

      1. I never wish suicide on anybody but with these people it is pretty much inevitable. Especially McIntosh. That is a man that has no joy in life that I can’t imagine how he gets up every morning. You need to find something that makes you happy and distracts you from the ugliness of the real world but these people don’t do that. They just constantly stare into the abyss and go insane because of it.

          1. I spent my high school life white knighting and hating myself. No thanks. That’s something I never want to go through again.

      2. I wouldn’t go so far as to call them a good thing but I would say that when they happen they’re a case of “and nothing of value was lost”.

      3. Anyone who commits suicide is to be commended. At least they had the balls to do one thing right. It’s the attempts for attention people who are even more pathetic.

        I abhor weakness. If someone like HotWheels can live a fulfilling life, and you want to kill yourself over some drama bullshit, the world and gene pool is better off without you.

    1. The pushback has already been happening for awhile, it’s just nearly entirely silent because what it’s pushing back against is the mass media. Walk up to anybody and ask them this question:

      “Do you trust the media?”

      The myriad of explanations you’ll hear from them as to exactly why they don’t trust the media will be diverse as hell, but nonetheless what you will hear is a series of “no because ______”

      Something progressives will also never acknowledge is that they’ve totally lost the blue collar man. He hasn’t necessarily gone republican mind you (although many have) but blue collar culture is generally one of the least “progressive” sections of American society. I’m working in a pretty large shop in one of the most blue states in the country right now, nobody has anything nice to say about Obama and there are toolboxes with infowars.com stickers on them everywhere. Half the guys I talked to last week want to elect Trump because like me they think that it’ll be funny. I also threw out the idea that he should appoint Judge Judy to the supreme court, a notion many supported enthusiastically.

      1. “Half the guys I talked to last week want to elect Trump because like me they think that it’ll be funny.” – There is precedent for this happening. MN elected Jesse Ventura as governor. Trump has a ton more debates and primaries and a lot more bullshit to get through so it probably won’t happen, but it would be nice.

        1. I would describe it not so much as “nice” but rather as a necessary act of political vandalism.

      2. I still have liberal friends that think Obama is the golden child and now they are treating Bernie like the second coming of Christ. I’ve always had my distrust of the media but it was just mostly Fox News. Well after gamergate lets just say I don’t trust anybody anymore. I don’t even know what is going on in Ferguson right now because I know looking it up won’t give me a straight answer.

        1. If gamergate is clouding your view on Ferguson there are other problems at work. Whatever position you might have, there are all kinds of facts out there for people who choose to look.

          Do what we tell our detractors to do: research.

          Edit: To add, most people just don’t care very much about GG. Or Ferguson. And that is pretty sad.

  2. We could learn a thing or two from rap and hip-hop artists. I am actually surprised anyone complained about the new Dr. Dre album. I figured SJWs pretty much left rappers alone because they know damn well they will just laugh at them and their bullshit.

  3. The same BuzzFeed that offers native advertising where any company can just pay money to write their own content and have it appear as regular BuzzFeed content in their site to anyone dropping by the page?

  4. Roosh did file a police report on the feminist who threw beer on him. One of the funnier police reports I’ve read:

    “I talked to one girl of the group who gave me the name ‘Jennifer.’ She complimented my beard and general attractiveness and asked me to come outside with her for a cigarette. She is approximately 23 years old, shoulder length hair, brown hair, brown eyes, and slim build. She has a piercing between her nose like farm bulls have….Jessica looks similar to ‘Jennifer’ but she is more plump in weight and does not have a piercing. She has brown hair, light brown eyes, and a large nose.”

  5. The Roosh shit was comedy gold.

    I mean, I know how SJW CBC is, it’s embarrassing.

    The ConU, which is a rabid SJW paper of a university where I swear you have to pass a retard test to get in (these idiots go on strike before finals and protest the lowest tuition in North America while unironically saying “check your privilege ” to anyone who calls them out on their retardation? ), released the original video. They were tweeting out all sorts of stupid shit before they released it, about Roosh assaulting women and shit. They had a post today where they basically said that Roosh lied and staged some photos and the event did not happen. Then they removed every anti-SJW comment.

    The media here has conducted themselves deplorably.

  6. Hold on hold on they’re tripping about Eminem because he’s white. Let the sjw know this I can send them controversial lyrics rappers have made in the last ten years about women rape and abortions. Techn9ne, eminem, nwa, even ice cube have written them. So pick a person and attack. Or be smart like Ashton Kutcher with punked and Only Step To People YOU Know Wont Fuck YOU Up

  7. Looked at the guidelines for Gratipay’s “brand Image” and found this gem. SJW hypocrisy at it’s finest XD

  8. These SJWs flipping their shit over Eminem’s recent stuff? Permit me to laugh you sjw “sweethearts” you are too cute when you bitch and moan about music (or anything else in particular).
    I would gladly recommend these morons listen to some true “misogyny”: The Marshall Mathers LP.
    These people will need all the safe space and puppies in the world before they even get to the track Kim.

      1. While this is true (and it was released in the year 2000), I can only imagine the meltdown sjws would have if they were to listen to it today.

  9. I suppose it would be hypocritical of the SJWs and RadFems to not take exception to the mexican gangster ballads that are so frequently defended as being “cultural” rather than glorifying drugs and violence. Oh, wait, those people are brown and therefore enjoy something akin to sacred cow status, don’t they? Have to love that consistent SJW/RadFem logic.

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