Ok, guys. I slept a little late again, but mostly, I’ve been on Twitter collecting news about the day’s events. We have follow-ups on Randi’s hate mob, Milo is wondering what he should spent the $10,000 Anita Sarkeesian turned down to debate him, and The Guardian doesn’t seem to like paying their writers. Let’s just jump right in, starting with more news on Big Randi and her hate mob attack on Anne Rice.

First off, Randi didn’t always hate Anne Rice. In fact, she used to be a huge fan. I guess getting called out as a huge bully by one of your favorite authors would change your tune a little bit:

6PnSw-4y (1)Today, Ms. Rice is a “cyberterrorist,” according to Radical Randi and her clique of haters:


Then Arthur Chu showed up. Yea, it’s getting crazy as fuck. The little bastard claims to have his wife running his Twitter now, but I’m not buying it. He just knows he has to wait at least a month before coming back fully, or else he’ll be called a phony. But that didn’t stop him from showing up in the Amazon review section for the book Randi was trashing. He admits to having not read the book, but still goes on to spew his hate. It’s hilarious:




Also, Ann Rice has been on this case for awhile. Protecting writers against bully reviews is something she’s been talking about for awhile (thanks, @Candy_Jam_). Keep in mind, there’s a difference between a legitimate bad review, and one that’s just hateful. For one, a legitimate reviewer actually reads the fucking book…something which neither Harper, nor Chu actually did.


Short news item on The Guardian, which has consistently spewed bile towards GamerGate since way back in September:



Master Milo is back with an article hitting out at Anita for refusing his $10,000 offer to debate him (to a charity of her choice). I’m not surprised at all that she is a massive coward. She’s never been able to defend her brain dead ideas. Here’s more from Mr. Yiannopoulos:

In April, I challenged Feminist Frequency host Anita Sarkeesian to debate me some time around the E3 conference in Los Angeles this month. I offered a $10,000 donation to the charity of her choice. Well, E3 is looming and I’ve heard nothing. So what, dear reader, am I to do with all this cash? Obviously, my first thought was to donate to the Republican National Committee, or the NRA, or a men’s rights charity. Or perhaps AIPAC, in honour of her producer Jonathan McIntosh’s virulent hatred of Israel. But, as amusing as those options would be, I don’t think any of them truly captures the mischievous democratic spirit of #GamerGate. So I’m instead presenting six options for interested readers to vote on. What should I spend muh dollas on?

The solid gold dildo is in the lead right now, but there’s still time to swing it. Go and check out all the other options and make your voice heard.T2LdmNs



And finally, lemme show you what happens when you get SJWs to do free advertising for your game for months on end:

CGhyIQEUkAAwImz (1)

Well played, Hatred Devs.

I’ll be back in a bit with more stories. This one would have been done sooner, but the bums at Spotify made a buggy app. So, I’ve been dealing with that all night. No one likely cares, so I’ll get back to work lol.

    1. Not really a surprise, the more that these scum stick their faces into normal culture the more they’re exposed for what they are and the larger the backlash becomes.

  1. Those choices for the money are stupid.

    Put that 10k towards advertising for Deepfreeze.

      1. I have a number of charities I could suggest. My personal favorites are Hand in Paw (therapy animals that go to hospitals and help raise the spirits of patients), Child’s Play (vidya for kids stuck in hospital? Yes plz), and the Elephant Sanctuary (a wilderness reserve in Tennessee for elephants that have been removed from abusive owners, typically circuses).

    1. clap fucking clap…do exactly what we slag off SJWs for doing all the time…..waste money on propping up their own stupid little projects instead of doing any actual good.
      where’d you get that move from? The SJW Nepotism 101 Playbook?
      Fuck deepfreeze. The admins, like all fucking GG sites and boards, are probably a pack of auty manchildren who will sperg out in a few months and throw a massive chimpfest before selling the domain to Gayyteam.

      1. I like how you accuse ME of acting like an SJW, when you go on and hurl insults and accusations at the people who run Deepfreeze without a single shred of evidence to justify it.

  2. After I saw the shit with Protein World, I decided to come up with some elements to piss of feminists to put in my game. That’s a very long way off, though. I’m barely at the ground work right now. Working on the story while I learn the modeling and coding.

    1. Women. Add women, or even just one. Then make sure they’re even remotely cute.
      That’s really all you need to piss them off.

      1. My plan is to add a completely optional costume that’s just a skimpy version of their normal outfit. Just link a feminist to a video explaining the option to do it and BAM, 6 million copies sold.

        1. ,,,cut scenes featuring close ups of dat ass might add fuel to th’ SJW outrage fire…

    2. Right now I’m writing a script (not for a job it’s just me trying to get the stories I have out of my head and onto paper) and looking at it the SJWs are going to hate it. I have a female character that is three dimensional and is flawed. Yep they are going to hate it. Also because I am a dude they will hate it even more. Because apparently dude’s shouldn’t be allowed to write female characters. Yeah tell that to James Cameron, Avatar creators, and George Miller to name a few creators on a very very long list.

    1. Well, that’s because most people don’t know what step 3 is. Kind of the joke of the meme. When you have step 3 nailed down, you win. You always win.

  3. Hatred isn’t a bad game. It’s just average. But the fact that it made SJWs sad doesn’t make me regret my purchase. 🙂

    1. Despite the negative response some have to the word, mediocre does simply mean average. Of course, using a word people generally take negatively and using it literally helps with promotion to a degree. You did choose to speak of the game and its quality over the choice after all.

  4. Read the attached article to Breitbart. Evidently that expose is just around the corner. I can’t wait.

      1. http://www.breitbart.com/london/2015/06/02/what-should-i-spend-anita-sarkeesians-10000-on-readers-you-decide/

        One of the donation options..

        3 months’ rent for Randi Harper

        Notorious #GamerGate critic Randi Harper, /subject of a lengthy forthcoming Breitbart report,/ (/’s are my emphasis) recently had to announce a move from San Francisco to… well, I can’t remember. Detroit or something. Mean-spirited critics say this is because you can’t make a living by being a tosser on Twitter (who knew!), but I take a more compassionate line and, channeling J S Mill, believe that having strong opponents is essential to healthy debate. So why not prolong her reign in the city of crazy and free up her personal finances so she can afford firewall software, superheroine bathing suits, and Vagenda magazine.

        1. Indeed they did. The game may not be the best in world, but when it makes fun of the political is does it well.

    1. If anything, I love this game for how provocative it’s being with its media manipulation. Still won’t buy it, but you know, kudos to the creators.

  5. Does it amaze anyone else how someone who claims to be bullies 24/7 is bullying an author without any remorse?

    When the author calls her out, she labels that call-out bullying. It’s the perfect circular response. No matter what happens, you are always the victim and never the bully.

    Oh Randi…

  6. Harper and Chu were made for each other it seems…

    …hopefully his “non review” will get taken down quickly.

    Thankfully Amazon customers are giving his “review” the beat down it deserves…

    PS: Arthur’s reviewer ranking is #10,863,446. Could it be any lower? 😀

      1. Precisely. My money is on Milo dropping the bomb in his Breitbart column, which is going to guarantee views. Better to make sure all the i’s are dotted and the t’s are crossed.

  7. Oh Randi please continue to attack Anne Rice. I’m sure this can’t blow up in your face in any spectacular way 🙂

  8. He BTFO of that psycho Shanley chick, so I have faith that he’ll deliver the goods. Someone like Harper probably has loads of dirty laundry for Milo to sort through.

  9. The idea that you replace zombies with non-zombies and it is suddenly the worst thing in the world is fucking ridiculous. It’s about as stupid as saying that a violent game is rendered non-violent by changing the red blood to green or purple (as in Germany or other geographies, sometimes).

    Anyway, it was all thanks to Polygon, frankly. They hyped the shit out of Hatred with their ridiculous and uninformed clickbait. What a piece of shit that site is.

  10. This is completely off topic, but has anyone heard any updates from the Honey Badgers taking action against the douche bags from Calgary Expo?

  11. I have a suggestion for what Milo can do with that 10 grand…

    Use it to help save honey bees from going extinct!

  12. I just had a chilling thought:

    Who is so mentally deficient that they would sexually assault RANDI FUCKING HARPER???

    I’ve thrown up several times just by having a brief mental image of said encounter…..

    1. Good point.

      As we know from Feminist dogma all rape threats delivered to women are 100% serious.

      Thus we can conclude that the only person who could have committed this dastardly deed is someone both willing and able to carry it out.

      There is only one group of people who do not find Randi horrifyingly ugly and could conceivably possess the means to do it, those are the White Knights!

      However, in order to do so the perpetrator must have the opportunity to do so, being an expert on Online Harassment Randi would not be fooled by their sweet whale-songs.

      Thus, it must be the one person who both finds Randi attractive, and has access to her at all times.

      The rape threat sender is of course…

      Randi herself!


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