I guess we don’t have to do much anymore, outside of continuing to send the emails (never stop doing that). Big Media and their corrupt gaming journo kin, have decided to self-immolate. How else can you explain yet another reporter, this time for Newsweek, coming out in favor of bullying? It truly boggles the mind.

The “reporter” in question, Taylor Wofford, just said it out of the blue, I guess in response to the Gawker situation. He’s also anti-GamerGate, and came out with a skewed shit piece against us earlier today. It’s not surprising to see all the bullies come together. We have Sam Biddle, Patrick Lucas Austin, and now Mr. Wofford. All have come out publicly in favor of bullying (or in the case of Mr. Austin, threatened us directly).

Here’s the tweet in question, along with the archive link:


I guess this one was also a joke? GamerGate awaits your response, Newsweek. I think your advertisers will be interested in it as well. You don’t want to go down the Gawker road. At least I don’t think you do. Mr. Wofford needs to be severely reprimanded, if not relieved of duty.We cannot tolerate this message of hate.


UPDATE: More from Mr. Wofford…