I guess we don’t have to do much anymore, outside of continuing to send the emails (never stop doing that). Big Media and their corrupt gaming journo kin, have decided to self-immolate. How else can you explain yet another reporter, this time for Newsweek, coming out in favor of bullying? It truly boggles the mind.

The “reporter” in question, Taylor Wofford, just said it out of the blue, I guess in response to the Gawker situation. He’s also anti-GamerGate, and came out with a skewed shit piece against us earlier today. It’s not surprising to see all the bullies come together. We have Sam Biddle, Patrick Lucas Austin, and now Mr. Wofford. All have come out publicly in favor of bullying (or in the case of Mr. Austin, threatened us directly).

Here’s the tweet in question, along with the archive link:


I guess this one was also a joke? GamerGate awaits your response, Newsweek. I think your advertisers will be interested in it as well. You don’t want to go down the Gawker road. At least I don’t think you do. Mr. Wofford needs to be severely reprimanded, if not relieved of duty.We cannot tolerate this message of hate.


UPDATE: More from Mr. Wofford…


  1. As time goes on I am becoming convinced that this really is a mental illness of some kind. It is just not normal for people to be so incredibly stupid. The only other possible reason is that their management condones this kind of behavior. We have seen that already with Gawker but it seems to be more prevalent than I ever would have expected. First the dynamic duo making tweets about that school shooting being a “toxic masculinity” problem and now this idiot. I am not complaining as people who were outside the whole GG movement are starting to realize that Sarkeesian and Mcintosh are complete idiots so as long as they want to escalate their demise I hope they keep doing exactly what they are doing.

    1. It’s not a mental illness, unless cult brainwashing counts as an illness. Radical feminism uses the same tactics religion does, except that religion, at least in the West, has largely learned how to NOT be an insufferable ass while attempting to force everyone to conform to their special standards. The blinders are the same, the utter lack of logic is the same, the shaming of “errant” human behavior is the same, and so on.

      Radical feminism is a cult.

    2. when are people going to learn that we’re just a bunch of working class individuals that are sick of their bullshit? Of course not, because the fucking feminists want to make it all about us attacking them. We’re attacking them? They’re attacking us and we’re just taking their rocks and throwing them back at them. But of course, we’re the assholes.

    1. They sure do think it, then again looking at the circulation numbers for much of the media it appears that there *are* consequences. And looking at the trust in media studies that have come out in the last few years, not many people trust them at all.

  2. This is called ad hominem and poisoning the well. This has nothing to do with the article written about Gamergate.

    1. Newsweek is on life support, it has been for years. Most people consider it to already be (brain)dead, and they just keep hoping that it’ll spring back to life. They killed off traditional publishing a bit ago, and they’re going with “edgy and click bait” to try and keep them afloat.

  3. Are these people out of their damn minds? Do they even care about their jobs? Do they think that somehow the idiotic hateful shit they post onto Twitter won’t be seen by anyone?

  4. Does anyone other than me see what these people are doing? They’re diverting attention from their ethical failings in their reporting by drumming up a brand-new scandal centered on bullying. Use the ammunition to back up the ethics message. Don’t attack the bullying shit on its own.

  5. This would be disheartening if this guy and his company weren’t about to get the shit kicked out of them. Now it’s just hilarious.

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