For the last several years, superheroes have been dominating the landscape. They’re on our TVs, in our movie theaters, and on every piece of merchandise imaginable. And they just keep coming. It doesn’t really matter how successful a movie is; thanks to the magic of a reboot, studios can just start over with a series and nobody seems to mind.

The trend for a while was to have superheroes star in their own vehicles. Batman, Superman, and Iron Man, for example, all started with solo movies. Well, things have shifted and characters are now becoming much more intertwined. You could say that things really started to get interesting with The Avengers. Suddenly, we had quite a few great characters sharing the same screen. Hollywood must have known they were on to something good, because this trend is only continuing.

Take Batman V Superman, for instance. In this one, they took two all-time great superheroes and finally figured out a way to get them together. This will, of course, be leading to several Justice League films where even more characters will join forces. And, as anybody who’s a fan of comics and/or superheroes can tell you, the more is generally the merrier. This is particularly true when it comes to superhero video games. Sure, you can have fun when it is just you playing against a villain controlled by the computer. But when you get your buddies in the same room or online and everybody gets to play their own favorite character at the same time, well, that’s just special.

Right now there is a fair amount of good-to-great superhero video games available. LEGO has quite a few that let you play almost any comic character you can think of, both good and bad. And if you like your superhero games that allow you to have fun and give you the chance to win a few bucks, Betfair has a number of ’em on display. If you visit the site, you will find several slots and jackpot games featuring the likes of Thor, the Hulk, Spider-Man, and some smaller characters (such as Blade).

Speaking of Spider-Man, Cinema Blend revealed that his next movie may also include a crossover. You can read the article, but the gist of it is that a source close to the production says that Spider-Man, on his way to becoming an Avenger, will encounter Iron Man. But apparently, at first it will not be such a friendly meeting and the two will actually have a battle.

There has also been speculation that there could be a crossover movie with the X-Men and Fantastic Four. This could potentially be excellent news for fans of the latter team, as their movies have been pretty awful, while the X-Men flicks are generally much better. How the X-Men and Fantastic Four would get together remains to be seen, and some critics aren’t really keen on it (you can read a good breakdown of that argument here).

Simon Kinberg, who has been a writer on some X-Men projects, said that the two squads “live in discrete universes.” But since the Fantastic Four got their powers by teleporting through another dimension, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see how they could be in the same world at the same time as the X-Men.

It seems like it will only be a matter of time before every superhero shows up in every other’s movie, which will certainly be fun for us fans. Which crossover would you be most excited to see?

  1. Avengers was so good but I don’t know about Batman v Superman. Perhaps I’ll be proven wrong but it sounds cringey.

    1. It doesn’t look particularly enthralling, no. Now, Suicide Squad? I’ve got some hopes for that.

        1. But Nolan didn’t make comicbook movies. He made gangster movies that had comic book characters in them. While they’re great for what they are, they could have been so much more.

          1. Interesting point….and I do love my superhero flicks set in the dieselpunk neo-noir gangster era (The Rocketeer, The Shadow (both of which I love)…and even The Spirit and Dick Tracy).
            I really like the series Agent Carter as well, which is more comicbook police procedural than superhero series.

  2. I still want to see Deadpool, that is a class movie from what I have heard. Whereas Superman vs batman, I just kinda don’t like the actor that plays Lex Luthor (I was a huge Smallville Fan and thought that Luthor was a great actor)

    1. deadpool was really great. super smart and self aware while at the same time really funny. a must see really.

    2. Jesse Eisenberg (The Social Network) is playing Luthor, and he’s one of the reasons I’m not impressed with BvS so far. Michael Rosenbaum played Luthor in Smallville and was arguably MUCH better.

      1. I think my dream Luthor would probably be Laurence Fishbourne, mainly because of the gravitas the dude has and also I always thought he was black on the cartoon- though it turns out he was supposed to look Greek. He’s probably aged out of it, though. Eisenberg would be great if you picture Lex as a know-it-all Shkreli type but I’ve always seen him way more like Rosenbaum played him.

      2. Ah thank you! I had a memory lapse. He was good in Smallville til they bumped Luthor off in the later series and then I just lost interest really.

  3. The rise of the super hero movies shouldn’t be a surprise. The comic book fans grew up and acquired the purchasing power to support them. This way the constant demonisation cycle from the religious nutters was broken. Nowadays feminists try to absorb this industry because it can be used as a propaganda machine.

    I am a bit worried on the Hollywood side of things because we may get oversaturated with super hero movies, which will inevitably lead to less creativity. I think we started seeing this with the Marvel movies already. Deadpool was great and Suicide Squad looks awesome, but I’m a bit worried about how Batman v Superman will turn out. DC are being way too quick in creating the Justice League.

  4. To be honest I’m getting fatigued of these types of movies. Hollywood is all about reboots, remakes, and superhero movies.

  5. What makes Ironman and The Avengers movies great, to me, is that they don’t take themselves to seriously and are just fun to watch. Maybe I’m seeing this wrong, but BvS seems like they are trying to produce a much more serious tone. I think that’s kind of the failure, to me, of the Captain America movies. It was trying to produce a more seriousness to it by thinking about politics and stuff. If the DC folks want to make a more serious atmosphere, it’ll be an interesting experiment. Although I guess it has paid off in the past as the Bale Batman trilogy was more serious and real than say the Michael Keaton films from the early 90’s.

    1. My personal suspicion is that whether it turns out to be good or not Suicide Squad will still totally outperform Batman vs Superman. Then DC will be in the weird place of knowing that audiences would rather watch their villains rampage around and mug at the screen than pay attention to even Batman anymore. If that does happen their best bet will almost certainly be to stop trying to appeal to the Avengers audience and see how often they might be able to grab the Deadpool audience.

      1. True. With the previous Batman trilogy, I think more people cared about The Joker and Bane than Batman himself. They could probably learn from that. Even with the MCU, I think a large part of the reason Avenger 1 was greater than Avengers 2 is that Loki is arguably the best character in the MCU

        As to the the last sentence, I don’t think the two groups are mutually exclusive. I just think the excitment surrounding Deadpool was more people were just happy for something different as the last few years of superhero movies was causing the genre to feel stale.

        1. What I notice most when I contrast Batman vs Superman’s materials with Suicide Squad’s is the sense of fun or at least desire to be fun present in the latter. Even in their film adaptations DC has shown a desire to be the darker and edgier comic universe and that doesn’t really make for fun and lovable heroes…yet it does let you recast the villains as irreverent punk rockers.

          So prediction here, Justice League the movie with all the big virtuous heroes is going to be gloomy as fuck while the villain team up movie most of which will probably take place in darkened collapsing industrial toilets is going to be like a drunk night at a wild concert. DC has totally warped their own universe thematically.

    2. I am actually on the opposite camp while I love what they did with the MCU I love a serious tone alot more…

      Give me something where villains have a more menacing presence then they do in the MCU…

      The closest we got was the Winter soldier and while that was great its still only 1 movie in more then a dozen…

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  6. Here’s what I’d like to see: Marvel buys the rights back for all their movies, and has a huge movie with all their characters. Maybe the villain could be Galactus or the Masters of Evil.

  7. I was under the impression the Fantastic Four and Spider-Man and X-Men all inhabited the same universe by default. Spider-Man joined the Future Foundation (a rebooted Fantastic Four) and has history with Wolverine at the least if I’m not mistaken. Spidey takes extreme exception to being labeled a “mutant” since he wasn’t born one, but was transformed via his little accident with a genetically engineered (formerly radioactive lol) spider.

  8. I’ve rather enjoyed the super hero boom. They are just fun movies for me to go to in a theater and feel like I’ve really got my money’s worth. I get why people are getting cynical about oversaturation but I do want to see how Marvel ends this with Infinity Wars in a few years. I’ve got to really give Marvel credit, they took a big risk to create a cinematic universe and it could have really backfired.

  9. meh

    Im the other way round Ralph mate… I like my superheros as standalones, perhaps with the occasional cameo appearance thrown in. I think that team flicks like the Avengers are just “Friends In Spandex and Capes”, and Batma V Superman is a sure fire way of shitting up both franchise reboots which I liked – esp the Nolan era Bale Batman. Face it mate…. the last Avengers film was “Friends meets Twilight with capes and costumes”….a fucking abortion I shitcanned to the delete folder just after watching.
    Then you have the anti-hero teams emerging like Suicide Squad…which again I look at and see Lardy McFatass as Harley Quinn in shitty clothes and trowelled on slap, and Jared “Oooooooh aint I edgy” Leto as “possibly the worst Joker evah evah evah” and shoe in for the “Hammiest performance in any film in history” Razzie. Face it Jared…you aint even fit to mention Heath Ledgers name, you aint fit to polish Jack Nicholson’s golf shoes, and you will always just be that hammy fucker who thought “Maralyn Manson in green hair” was a way to play the worst villain in the world.
    Im just a curmudgeon… I like my Captain America in full 40s dieselpunk mode fighting hydra nazis, my Thor in Asgard battling superbeasts and demigods, my Tony Stark drunk and fucking with baddies in LA, and my Batman growling with a gravel voice and kicking ass in Gotham. Superman Ive never been a fan of, but liked the recent reboot. Spidey is Spidey.

  10. I got to work on Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, Daredevil, and seeing if I can get work on the upcoming Iron Fist as it was really fun to be a part of. Not quite movies but we all know it’ll head on over to the big screen.

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