I’ve been off the GamerGate beat for a little while, but due to my history with it cause I’m never too far away from all the breaking news on that front. Speaking of GamerGate, one of the biggest success stories to come out of all that has to be Niche Gamer. Now, I don’t like the place and think the owner, Brandon Orselli, is a hypocritical piece of shit, but credit has to be given where it is due. They’ve done quite well.

But, they’re always one of the first outlets to talk about ethics and attack people like me. That’s all well and good, but if you take that route you need to be above reproach yourself. That’s not even close to the case with Niche Gamer, as we’ve seen in the past with the cushy deal they were provided by Slade “RogueStar” Villena (they only added this after the uproar). Today has provided us with yet another example.

Look, I think the new Ghostbusters is going to suck as much as the next guy. I also have no reason to believe that IGN is above taking a bribe. Still, we have no evidence that they’ve taken one to my knowledge, and we certainly don’t have any evidence that they’ve taken one for their Ghostbusters review. That didn’t stop Mr. Orselli from making a wild ass claim, though.

You see, the URL for the review has a “2” at the end…


He claimed that IGN rewrote the review at the behest of Sony and cited the “2” as proof. He even retweeted people who said you should check the old one and see how the score went from 5.2 to 6.9.



The main tweets had been up for hours until I called him on it. Then, they were quickly deleted. Well, some of them anyway. He left the retweets up and also still has this up…




The only change I could find in the article was at the end and it had nothing to do with the score, which was 6.9 out of 10. That’s still kinda shit, you guys. In fact, given how much money Sony spent to advertise this shitpile on IGN, I would almost profile that as an act of courage on the site’s part.



Talking about them being bought off is disingenuous at this point. Plus, don’t you think they would at least push the son of a bitch above a 7.0 if a check came through? I know I’d be fucking pissed if I was Sony and paid for a 6.9.

Oh, and I almost left out the funniest part. You remember when I mentioned the “2” in the review’s URL a minute ago? That was one of the main things Orselli was citing as “proof” this bribe took place, as I said. If he had bothered to check he would have seen the reason for the 2. It was because the old URL was taken and leads to a review of some Ghostbusters game from 2006.

If you want to sit upon the throne of ethics and snipe at people like me, it’s best to make sure your own shit is in order, Orselli. But then again, you’ve always been a phony fucker who uses ethics as a tool to try to unfairly attack your competitors. I shouldn’t expect anything less now.


UPDATE: It hurts when people call you out on your shit this clearly, doesn’t it Mr. Orselli?

  1. welp i know my patreon money is on the line here, better come up with a good excuse soon Orselli.

    1. I know he’s not a fan of me and the feeling is obviously mutual. But I don’t see why he didn’t just apologize to IGN for this blatant lie. It’s not like there’s nothing else to attack them over.

      1. I always said that even the reviewers who clearly hate it will be forced to spout some nonsense like “Well, it’s a big step forward for women in Hollywood…” rather than “This is the complete waste of time and money we all knew it would be.”

      2. well, i think the thing about IGN is that they take half-bribes

        like, the movie deserves a 4, the check-cutter wants to give it a 10. if IGN gives it too high a score, people get angry and disillusioned, but too low a score and they risk losing the dough. so they go right around the middle. Plus, maybe the check was just a bit too small for a round 7 – they probably have protocols for that sort of thing, hehe

  2. he did so from a personal account, so I don’t see this as a lack of ethics from the site, just the personal actions of the person behind it

    if he’s just personally accusing IGN of being bribed by implying it without proof, I’m ok with that lol I do similar stuff all the time and I love it

    tho it’s good that he’d be called out on it by someone, gotta keep those checks and balances out there so people don’t stray too much where they shouldn’t go

  3. Eh… as a fan of both you and Niche Gamer, I don’t see anything here. I’ll play devil’s advocate a bit here…

    First off, it wasn’t Niche Gamer that accused IGN of taking bribes. There’s no article or mention on their site on that. The accusation came from one guy on his personal account.

    As for Niche Gamer talking about ethics and attacking people like you… they haven’t talked about ethics in years (since 2014). The only thing close they do talk about is video game censorship, at which point they usually just point out games that are being censored.

    As for attacking people… I’ve been on their site (and yours) since the beginning of gamer gate and not once have I ever see an article where they attack you. In fact, the only time they mentioned you was when they talked about AbleGamers and linked to one of your articles as the source. Another was when they mentioned IGDA linking to a ggautoblock list and mentioned some of the people who are on the list (like you, Milo, Baldwin and Sommers).

    As for Brandon’s accusation… I disagree with him. I don’t believe IGN was payed off to write a good Ghostbusters review. But in the end, people can say whatever they want on their twitter, and I think the fact he did it from his personal account and not on the site shouldn’t be a knock on Niche Gamer, since they didn’t do anything wrong.

  4. They tend to take somewhat of a middle ground on their content. Think of IGN as……..the games media version of Boogie2988. *shrug*

    If they gave 100% honest reviews their business would tank. We all already know these people and the content creators they follow and “report” on are in bed with each other. IGN just hasn’t gone the whole nine yards with them…..yet. But they aren’t going to be brutal to this movie in their review. There’s no fricking way because they are still not ethical. There is no saving grace for this movie as a Ghostbusters movie as we know GB movies to be. You have to look at it from another angle. If it’s any good then it’ll be good for what it is. But we already know the comedy in it just fucking blows hard.

    “SLAPSHOT!” …….a-are you kidding? are you serious? i-is this thing on?

  5. Full disclosure – I quite like Niche Gamer as an outlet and frequent the site.

    I don’t think Brandon owes IGN an apology in this case. He didn’t include them or any of the IGN staff in his Tweets, so there was no attack, but rather his own personal speculation. That being said I don’t approve of blocking people on Twitter.

  6. He basically accused IGN of being shit shills, which is the only fault if ANY fault I see here. Considering that he did it on his personal account, we can conclude that these are his own personal opinions and not representative of the site as a whole. I see nothing wrong with this. Ralph, buddy, I love ya, but he doesn’t owe you shit.

  7. I’ve already said on YouTube that game journalists having already been exposed for taking bribes so why would movie critics be any different. I already think that most movie critics that will give Ghostbusters a good review will either be bribed or go SJW.

  8. I know a few people that are former employees of IGN, I’ve talked to them about this before since they’ve left, they made it pretty clear that no bribes were ever taken. They could be being dishonest, but I’m pretty good friends with one of them and I don’t think she’d be dishonest about it since she has no ties to that company anymore.

  9. To be fair that’s only tweets. It’s not the site itself. Also he wasn’t wrong about the score. He just didn’t read it was about another game.

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