BREAKING: Nicola Sturgeon Shelves Referendum Until After Brexit

BREAKING: Nicola Sturgeon Shelves Referendum Until After Brexit

Today Nicola Sturgeon revealed she will cease campaigning for another referendum until after Brexit. Scotland held its referendum back in 2014 where the Scottish people voted 55% ‘No’ with an 84.6% turnout. Clearly, Sturgeon has not learnt that no means no.

The decision to shelve the independence referendum comes after the humiliating loss of nearly 40% of their seats in the General Election. Since the UK voted for Brexit, Sturgeon has been seen almost daily trying to bully her way into another independence referendum. I don’t think it’s reasonable to demand that kind of vote again for at least 8 years. It’s almost saying to the voters ‘You voted wrong, so have another try’.While she shifts her attention away from the referendum, she said the SNP will

While she shifts her attention away from the referendum, she said the SNP will

redouble our efforts and put our shoulders to the wheel in seeking to influence the Brexit talks in a way that protects Scotland’s interests.

Which basically translates to that she wants the UK to stay in the European single market and keep our borders nice and open. I’m so glad we have Ms. Sturgeon to help us out, we would be so utterly lost without her.

Sturgeon has said she wants to know what the Brexit deal will look so the Scottish people will have ‘better clarity’ of what the future looks like. Which is exactly what her opponents have been saying since Brexit, thanks for finally listening. Her government has already put together draft legislation and secured Holyrood’s backing to ask for permission to vote. If the Brexit deal does not turn out how Sturgeon wants it to, I have no doubt she will pursue the vote. In my personal opinion, I highly doubt the EU will accept Scotland if they break off from the UK. This splintering is the exact thing that the EU is against.

Let me know if you think Sturgeon will succeed in getting Scottish Independence because I’m not quite sure the Scottish want to leave the UK.

Nora Ralph

Student, worker, and Co-Founder of the #Killstream. You can also catch me on TheRalphretort Rundown.

  • RevDr. Robert Foster, AbC, EfG

    I don’t think they will. Otherwise, they’d have voted for their independence the last time it came up.

  • Dave The Sandman

    Wee Nicki Krankie needs to wake up to the fact that even if Scotland declares itself independent, it has NO chance of getting into the EU thanks to the veto vote that Spain will wield, and has strongly hinted at that they will use.
    Spain has its own version of the whinging Jocks in the form of the Basque region which is seeking to declare itself independent.
    If Spain allows Sturgeon and Scotland to pull its little “screw you guys…Im going home” act then that will strengthen the case the Basque region are putting together to break away from Spain.
    Sturgeon is stuck though, as the SNP are a one trick pony. Without the constant demand for an independent Scotland they have nothing….as useless as UKIP are now Brexit is coming into effect.
    Personally I think we should take The Angel of the North down and replace it with a 200ft tall statue of King Edward I facing north, and on the plinth carve “DONT MAKE US COME BACK”.

    • Danlantic

      All reasonable. Thank you for the analysis.