Nintendo Making a Bigger Push Into Mobile With Animal Crossing & Fire Emblem Apps

It looks like Nintendo is set to jump into the mobile market in a much bigger way soon, as some forms of Animal Crossing and Fire Emblem are on their way to mobile phones…

I played Animal Crossing a few years back but I got tired of it after a few months and gave it up. I’m big on Fire Emblem though, and the only reason I’m not playing the new ones is because I sold my 3DS in a moment of weakness. So, this definitely appeals to me. Now, will it be a full game, a new game, or just some app that uses these two games as inspirations? Since they use app in the tweet, I tend to think it’s not going to be full games. Plus, that seems to go against Nintendo’s philosophy of making their hardware the only place you can get that experience. Still, I’m interested to see where they take these two franchises on mobile. I’m also keen to find out about the new NX system, although it looks like it won’t be revealed at E3 this year as was originally expected.

Ethan Ralph

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