Well, Nintendo tried. No one can ever say they didn’t. But they learned the hard way today that no good deed goes unpunished when dealing with radical feminists and the Professional Grievance Industry. Recently, they tried to reach out to rad fems with a tribute to the famous Rosie the Riveter World War II-era poster, in honor of Women’s History Month. The catch was, they used famous female Nintendo characters instead of Rosie. The feminists did not take this well at all.

It was enough to send the editor of The Huffington Post’s Tech section, Alexis Kleinman,  into a tizzy. But in doing so, she revealed herself to be a complete idiot when it comes to video game history, as our opponents so often do. This was epic levels of terribleness, though. At least she didn’t try to fool us. You knew it was going to be shit just from the title:Selection_999(776)


But let me quote you this money section. Rarely will you see stupidity revealed so beautifully:

Here’s the full list of female characters that Nintendo intends on celebrating for Women’s History Month: Tetra from “The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD,”Toadette from the Mario series, Bayonetta from “Bayonetta,” Rosalina from the Mario series, Lucina from “Fire Emblem,” Samus Aran from “Metroid” and Bombette from “Paper Mario.” Have you heard of most of these characters? Didn’t think so.

Never heard of Samus? You mean arguably the most famous female character in history? No, I’ve never heard of her. She’s a pretty obscure figure, like Lara Croft. Fucking idiots. And it’s not like Bayonetta and Tetra are nobodies. These are some very well known characters here. What in the world is this woman talking about?





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It’s comedy gold. But the article didn’t stop there:

Princess Peach appears in 15 Mario platform games (the ones where the characters jump from platform to platform) and is kidnapped in 13 of them. She’s playable in only two of the Mario platform games, the ones she’s not kidnapped in. She is, however, playable in the “Mario Kart” games, thankfully.

The SJWs never let facts get in the way of a good story, though:

There’s more Anita quoting bullshit, but I’ll spare you. This whole episode just shows me that you can’t win with these types. I already knew that, don’t get me wrong, but it just further confirms it. Even when Nintendo tried to do some outreach, they get shit on. So why even bother? These people aren’t your audience anyway. They don’t know shit about your fucking games. How could they be? Nintendo did let the author know how they felt about her complaints, however:

  1. Samus Aran. You know, that character SJWs had a problem with in Metroid: Other M. That gal. And Bayonetta, that gal that Anita Sarkeesian had a problem with? Never watched Tropes VS. Women? Didn’t think so.

    Consistency: practically non-existent. in third-wave feminism.

      1. the worst part about it is I am almost certain it was a cultural translation issue more than anything. stoic and emotionless was what they were going for, but you and I can agree that the English voice did not come across the way they had seen in the Japanese release.

          1. I once had a faulty A key, here is what you do rather then allow yourself to look like an immature internet troll and have to explain yourself constantly.

            If on windows, go to programs, open up accessories, then go to ease of acces. Now launch the on screen keyboard. Now you can use the mouse to hit the A key. It is a bit of a pain in the butt, but better then having to explain yourself and looking bad.

        1. it was definitely translation issues and cultural barriers.
          plus the idea that everyone has that thing called an opinion and they mistake those for facts.

    1. The funny thing is she pretty much quotes Anita word for word with her Peach argument, but isn’t she plagiarizing Anita if she doesn’t attribute the quote? But I guess they’re ok with stealing other people’s work, Anita has shown that with her use of others game play footage.

  2. I love it
    Nintendo doesn’t give a fuck about screeching feminist garbage

    I hope more companies wise up and realize these idiots don’t control anything

    1. Exactly. The whole “women’s history month” is just good marketing. This HuffPostTech piece, however, was EXCESSIVELY poor marketing.

  3. >Don’t know about Samus
    Okay, Bombette actually is obscure, but I need their heads for not knowing about the best Zelda incarnation, Bayonetta, and Lucina from Fire Emblem. Fire Emblem isn’t quite mainstream, but she was in Smash Bros!

    Fire Emblem also incorporates many female major characters in general.

  4. Peach was playable in more than that. Super Mario RPG, the Mario Kart series, the Mario Party series, the various Mario sports games…

  5. They don’t know who Samus Aran is? WUT?

    She’s one of the first female characters to star in a video game series that’s not based off a male character (like Mrs. Pac-Man) and has lasted over 25 years. Plus she was based on Eleen Ripley, another strong female character that kicked alien ass by herself. If they couldn’t even bother to research this, then why bother taking these people seriously?

  6. They don’t know Samus Aran…

    This whole ‘I will shape reality to conform my narrative’ shit is mindboggling.

  7. I take it the SJWs are still salty over Samus’s portrayal in Other M and are trying, and failing, to ignore her 20+-year long existence in video game history in retaliation. That was 4-5 years ago now and even Metroid fans are over that shit.

    1. I hated how she was portrayed in Other M as well, but I just don’t consider it canon and got over it. I still have a bunch of great Metroid games with Samus being a badass.

      1. MovieBob defends Other M like an idiot but they accept him, they don’t actually believe in anything they just want you to kiss the ring.

        1. the SJWs have no real goal aside for complaining for the sake of complaining, persecuting for the sake of persecuting, censoring for the sake of censoring, and making dirty money out of it all

      2. Samus in Other M was based on a portrayal of Samus from a manga. So in a sense, it’s a different canon than the strong, usually silent Samus we’ve come to know and love.

        1. Actually, she was pretty hard assed and cold as ice in the Manga. Not at all a pushover or timid lady, but also not the Byronic hero she has been stated to be in previous interviews and games.

          1. o.o Pretty sure there’s only one manga that has an influence on canon, considering its the origins of Adam.

    2. Other M was an affront to Metroid fans. You don’t need to be a Feminist to understand why it should regarded as a huge mistake never to be repeated.

      1. My post wasn’t about Other M itself. Quite frankly, I don’t care about it. My post was about feminists and SJWs overreacting to the point that they ignore Samus’s existence, as well as Princess Zelda’s(Tetra), even though they’ve both been around for almost 3 decades each. Plus the game in question being 5 years old this year and most Metroid fans, like KLLRFRST, being over it and enjoying the rest of the series. And we both know SJWs are incapable of experiencing joy because it doesn’t feed their victim complex and Alpha Centauri-sized egos.

  8. “You won’t know most of these characters because you don’t actually play videogames, you just want to be spoon fed this story about another aspect of geek culture. Fortunately my head is so far up my own ass I can sniff the ass of the person in front of me”

  9. And this is why we fight. When confronting SJW’s you must never give them an inch.

    The people in Science Fiction thought they could reason with them, and as a result have seen their culture being nearly destroyed. Ever heard of the Nebula award? It used to be given to giants such as Frank Herbert and Isac Asimov. Today it is handed out to hacks who write dinosaur porn. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/If_You_Were_a_Dinosaur,_My_Love

  10. Yeah, they definitely didn’t respond because the one who wrote the article clearly had no idea what the fuck she was talking about and was laughing at her behind her article. What a dumb money-grab. Huff post is gonna get shit on for this, and not just from #GamerGate

  11. Oooooooh everything about what that crazy lady at the HuffPost said about those video game characters hurt my brain. >_< Clearly someone who doesn't PLAY GAMES shouldn't be FUCKING WRITING ABOUT THEM. But then again she's a feminist, so clearly she takes all her notes from Anita. And yes, I changed my name. There are reasons.

    1. I knew it but the name confirms it, you’re only supporting Ralph and his sockpuppet GatorGate ’cause he’s your brother!

      #GGCollusion #IVerifiedIt #RedPilled #TotallySerious

  12. “Check out this clip of Bayonetta”
    proceeds to show gif of an angel and not actually Bayonetta

    All that video game knowledge.

    Also props to the people in that comment section (that probably are just neutrals) for calling her out on her bullshit. Saw her complaining on twitter about all the hate and people trying to shut her up. Reasonable disagreement and peacefully pointing out problems with her article equals harassment I guess.

  13. This brings me back to the Colbert Report when Anita couldn’t name 3 games (besides GTA V) when asked by Stephen Colbert… 3! Proving once again that these rad fems, game critics and shoddy yellow journalists know absolutely NOTHING about gaming, or much of anything else for that matter. But, we already knew that from the start. But no, we’re suppose to “Listen and Believe”. What BULLSHIT!

    Nintendo, if you have any cojones in that nutsack of yours then you’d tell these psychos to go fuck themselves and never give them an inch. Or you can cry and cower in the corner like a little bitch just like DC, when they caved in to these nutjobs for not like liking their cover art when they don’t even fucking read comics in the first place!

    1. Just to throw in my two cents on DC. I’m pretty sure the artist made the decision to pull the cover because they decided it doesn’t thematically fit with the theme they’re trying to convey. I don’t believe it was about bowing down to any sort of pressure

      1. Did he pull that cover before or after the sjw shitstorm? I don’t think it’s unreasonable to draw connection between the two. And considering their usual tactics I would be amazed if no pressure or backroom dealing was involved.

        PS: I’m just wondering if they’d be as upset with a cover of Harley castrating Batman?

      2. I’ve been hearing a lot of rumors that DC has been catering to SJW’s since September 2014 and that the artist is an SJW himself, but if that’s true then why would he make such a cover? I can’t really confirm it though. Also, did you check out DC’s Twitter account and see it cover art on it’s home page? It’s got a Magic Mike theme to it.

        I don’t have a problem with it though. I’m not gay, but I see it as a double-standard tbh. Because I’m sure SJW’s and feminists will call it a male power fantasy, or something like that.

        1. Comics have kind of been hit by the SJW train pretty hard lately. There is this incident and let’s forget about whor(woman thor).

          1. DC and Marvel have become lost causes. Might wanna try BOOM, Dark Horse, or manga for that matter if your into that sorta thing.

          2. Yeah Marvel lost a lot of my respect when they pulled that whor bullshit. The gender swapping thing is something that I hate. Not the idea I’ve seen some fun genderswap drawings on deviantart and I have several artist friends that have drawn me genderswapped which is fun. But officially making it part of canon because we need more female characters…..yeah go fuck yourself. You just gave a character tits big whoop. It’s the same argument I had against that female Link bullshit that popped up last summer. Then there is DC…..yeah let me know when DC realizes they have other characters that isn’t Batman. Look I love Batman as much as anyone else but Jesus guys. He’s so overexposed at this point I think it would be beneficial if we had a breather. Give someone else the spotlight for once. I have read some of Dark Horse’s stuff I love their AVP comics. I have the first omnibus and I need to pick up the second. I’ve been meaning to look into their Star Wars (yeah I know I’m years late on that one) collection because I’ve heard there is some good stuff there. Also to take another shot at Marvel. You guys now have the Star Wars Universe. So many eras and places to go, so many characters. The possibilities are endless. I got it let’s just make a bunch of books set in the OT. Because lord knows that era hasn’t been milked bone ass dry at this point!

          3. in all fairness, the whole female Link thing has a precedent

            BS Legend of Zelda for the Satellaview did give the player the option to choose Link’s gender

          4. I think BOOM is pretty SJW leaning

            Dynamite however is pretty safe at the moment, and IDW seems ok too

          5. Well, we might as well enjoy while we can at the moment. Before they cave in to these Social Justice Crybabies.

        2. to be fair, ALL American comic companies are catering to SJWs in one way of another

          at the moment, Marvel is the worst tho
          DC is kinda in the middle

  14. Actually..
    That guy was missing every Mario party, every Mario kart, every Mario and sonic at the Olympic games. But he obviously knew she was playable in those.
    Less popular party games would be the hoops 3 on 3, NBA street 2 on 2 Peach, Mario, and Luigi were characters. Mario sports mix.. All of the Strikers games.
    Super Paper Mario she was a main character, Paper Mario (for a short time), Super Mario 3D World. Pretty good in smash bros too.
    Honorable mentions would be.
    On top of while still being kidnapped, was a VERY vital role the Mario & luigi series, even being as competent as to (spoilers) seal away a boss, have the whole light power thing going on in like one or three of the games. Being a huge boss fight in thousand year door..

  15. Huff-Poe: Blah blah error error blah blah political propaganda blah blah blah…

    Nintendo: Mokusatsu…

    First round scores:
    Professional Umbrage Taker: Zip
    Nintendo: 2

  16. So she’s basically trying to shit on one of the most famous and iconic female characters who led the way for female protagonists everywhere. Samus.

    You know back when I was in school and college you needed usually needed diploma in journalism or media and good connections to get a job in journalism.

    I guess now or at least in America you just need a computer, stable internet connection and a crap ton of cough medicine.

    Only logical explanation for this one folks.

  17. “The company did not respond when I expressed my concerns about this release”

    ORLY? You mean Nintendo has better things to do than educate you on their entire game lineup after you senselessly attack them with made up bullshit?

  18. paper mario (1) isn’t a platformer game, and super princess peach is ‘technically’ not a mario game, similar to how yoshi games aren’t mario games, so that tweet shown is incorrect. She is playable in super paper mario though, which is a mesh between platformer and RPG and should count. Also, aren’t toads including toadette supposed to be neither male nor female and have no gender? Though if so, we could say toadette ‘identifies’ as a female.

  19. See don’t even bother. No matter how hard you try they will find something to bitch about. It’s not like it is going to hurt you anyway because they don’t buy your products and never will. If by some chance you did make a game they did not find offensive it would be so bland, boring, and tasteless that nobody would buy it.

    1. No, please do bother. I think it’s awesome Nintendo did this. Just don’t bother with the outrage brigade, they can’t be pleased. Just celebrate kickass women in pop culture because they kick ass! And when the jealous harpies screech about it, ignore them like Big N did.

  20. This story is absolute pure class.

    I mean the anti-gamer psychos have been falsely smearing GG by claiming that gamers consider women in tech/gaming as “fakes” who don’t really like gaming and are only in it for attention. Or they believe we have this preconception that a woman in a game store must be buying games for her boyfriend and not herself.

    So how do anti-gg go about disproving their conveniently manufactured strawman argument and putting those horrible gamers straight?

    LOLLL…..I can’t stop laughing….!!!!

    They…they….ROFL…..they get a dumb ass woman to publicly humiliate herself by outing herself as a fake gamer who is only in it for attention (click bait).

    You couldn’t make it up! The strawman was absolute pure PROJECTION!!!!!

    “Who is Samus”………ROFL.

    “Rosalina who?” PMSL – just admitting to never having played Mario Galaxy, one of the best games ever made!

    These people are so stupid they can’t even defeat a strawman argument that they themselves invented because they weren’t smart enough to counter real arguments!!!!

    I feel so sorry for female gamers out there who previously had no credibility issues with male players and who now have to counter the anti-gg mob trying to make them look like fakes!

  21. What’s really funny is that Ms. Kleinman has less 4,000 twitter followers. Whatever messages she is trying to spread, not that many people are interested in hearing it.

  22. I don’t see what Nintendo did as “feminist” outreach. It was celebrating women. The thing calling itself feminism these days doesn’t have any interest in that. It would rather cry about mean tweets and manspreading on the subway while collecting Patreon pity donations from suckers.

  23. Yeah..feminists are a borg hivemind. LOL’d so hard at the idiocy it was hard to muster through the poor writing. Do they let kids write this blog?

  24. And yet another proof of radfems being scumbags who have no idea what the hell they are even talking about

    The question is, how many people out there are gullible enough to swallow this pisshit they are spewing?

  25. I think Alexis’ article showed some real bravery. The courage to plow forward when you have no chance to succeed.
    “Do I know anything about video games? No! Do have even the slightest idea who some of the most popular and iconic characters are who have been around since I was a child? No! Do I get how or why some of these characters have acted as the strongest examples of a ‘strong female hero’ for young women long before anything else in their life? No! Do I even remotely get the point of why Nintendo is running a Rosie the Riveter campaign with iconically famous female heroes? No! But WILL THAT STOP ME FROM VOICING MY OPINION! NO! A THOUSAND TIMES NO!”

    Such courage! Such bravado! To charge into battle knowing no only that you will die but that you won’t even accomplish anything, not even leave behind a good example for future generations. I’m sure Custer would be proud.

  26. Did you really just use “shitted” as the past tense of shit? You realize that it is “shat” as in “they were shat upon”

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