I’ve just received word that Nissan has decided to cut ties with Gawker, and they will no longer advertise there. They did say that they only do so now through third parties, but they will direct those third parties to no longer show Nissan ads on Gawker. This is yet another win for GamerGate, and comes on an already fantastic day. First we expose Zoe and Nate, and now we have driven another stakes through the heart of Gawker Media. 

This is what happens when you shit on your customers, and advocate the bullying of vulnerable nerds. Gawker has been a cesspool for years, but it took only one dumbass comment by Sam Biddle to send this whole house of cards tumbling down. So I thank you, Sam. We could not have done it without you.

Photo below:


It’s important to note that Nissan has said they will reevaluate this decision. So, continue to show your support for this decision, on Twitter and elsewhere.  Don’t let the SJW’s counterattack us. Keep those emails and thanks going.

GamerGate thanks Nissan motors for standing up against bullying.




    1. I’m pretty sure those still come from the same companies as other vehicles.
      Maybe one should say they should get used to using bikes? Walking?

  1. Max Read latest Article ”

    How We Got Rolled by the Dishonest Fascists of Gamergate”

    The advertisers should just read the comments section of these Gawker supporters and decided for themselves if this who they want to support. Anyone involved in contacting the ad companies should point to their comments sections, to see for themselves. I was going to copy all the idiotic comments from the section and re post them, but unable at the moment.

    1. Yes we are now ISIS fascists of the evil patriarchy… whatever that is…it truly sounds frightening to me! But one thing they have not yet discovered… that we are the radioactive aliens from the deathstar Nepumuk! Once they talk about our secret meeting on the dark side of the moon we should use our laserbeam mega canon “War on wimin in the industry” and burn that humanoid infected planet into complete ash. Soon we take over the world! Cuz we are the radioactive alien Nazi Islam radical fascists of Nepumuk…
      And the comments are an eye opener for me. These people are immune to self reflection like “hey we are the good guys… now BURN the opposition for the goodness in us”
      Dont you all forget our new slogan!

      Heil alahu mamama..mep mep..maMAMAMAMA!

    2. The comment section is basically a giant circlejerk, waiting in line to caress Max Read’s labia with their tongues.

      It’s so easy to control the narrative when you can leave any dissenting voices in the barely read gray section.

      1. Wanna place bets on what some of the next insults will be?

        I am wagering they will fling ‘commies’ around.

    1. Car manufacturers know that men make up the vast majority of their customers, that’s why. Matt from TFYC was talking about this in a stream a few days ago, women make the majority of everyday purchases like groceries, etc. while men tend to have the biggest say in large purchases like houses, cars, computers, game consoles etc.
      So yeah, calling the demographic that your advertisers are trying to sell their product to a bunch of neckbearded, misogynist pissbaby manchildren wasn’t very smart. LOL

    2. Part of it is because they are closely watching each other. When one car company does something, the rest will follow to make sure they are not ostracized for being the one company to not properly protect their vehicles, or to support something the masses disagree with. With Adobe making their recent announcement I would not be surprised if other companies similar to them start pulling, heck the fact Olympus announced a pull could be related to Adobe as well since adobe makes among the most popular photo editing programs, their customers would heavily overlap.

    1. Point of order: Adobe never advertised with Gawker in the first place and Intel was advertising with Gamasutra, not Gawker.

      It’s easy to confuse that though, seeing as the press has been making no distinction between websites and advertisers. It’s almost as if they’ve been colluding together so long that they no longer see a difference between the publications.

      1. Adobe personally never advertised with gawker, but they DID sponsor Gawker, which could be a bigger deal then advertising. And asked they asked Gawker to remove ANY instances of their logos from the site. I wonder if that will affect their ‘sunday photoshop’ contests at all. Now that I think about it, I wonder if Kotaku has yet to have a special gamergate edition of their photoshop contest. That would be some lovely fuel for them to give us.

  2. I think #gamergate should do its best to run Gawker media out of business. They should be the site we focus on first and foremost.

  3. Does anyone else get the feeling the elite little clique of games media and SJWs are entitled little liberal arts degrees snobs with as much sanity as the Mad King at the beginning of the Game of Thrones? Looks like gamers are coming back with dragons and shit.

  4. And despite all this, Gawker continues to double down on the derp. In one day, they wrote :

    1) an article targeting Wizardchan, which had fuck all to do with GG aside from ZQ using them to get attention for her game. It also pointed the finger at 4chan, which hasn’t been involved in GG for almost a month since Moot turned traitor and kicked all trace of GG out.

    2) another article basically saying, “Sam Biddle was only joking, guys!”. Of course, they failed to mention Sam’s other, now deleted tweets, nor did it mention Max Read egging him on.

    3) Finally, they just pushed out an article basically blaming GG for their loss of advertisers, while failing to point out that they bad mouthed Intel, Adobe, etc. Advertisers just love getting badmouthed by the very people that they give money to.

    They are determined to go down in flames rather than admit they are crooked and biased as fuck. Between this and the getting sued for not paying their interns, Gawker won’t make it to 2015. And nothing of value will be lost.

    1. My personal favorite quote: “So let’s say it now: Intel is run by craven idiots. It employs pusillanimous morons. It lacks integrity. It folded to misogynists and bigots who objected to a woman who had done nothing more than write a piece claiming a place in the world of video games. And even when confronted with its own thoughtlessness and irresponsibility, it could not properly right its wrongs.”

      This is god damned amazing. Let them burn their own ship, I’ll bring the beer and we can drink, watch and laugh.

      1. Man that reads like a comedy script for a really bad comedian, lol. I don’t think these people read their words before publishing.

    2. Perhaps the adherents at Gawker should do the same things that other religious fanatics did… Drink poisoned Kool-Aid ala Jonestown… or poison themselves while draped with purple shrouds ala Heaven’s Gate.

    3. Wizardchan – they really take this pro bully thing seriously. CIS white misfits and outcasts deserve it I guess because gaming culture is bad and they are traditional gaming culture – in their minds. Oh, and a couple of them had a negative opinion of one of their friends game. Really twisted thinking for people who think they are crusading for whats just.

      1. Seriously. Wizardchan has fuck-all to do with videogames or GamerGate. The only reason they are even connected is because ZQ claimed they raided her to garner sympathy and make people feel sorry enough to vote her “game” onto Steam.

  5. “So let’s say it now: Intel is run by craven idiots. It employs pusillanimous morons. It lacks integrity.”

    “Brands like Adobe and Intel, willing to distance themselves from
    independent publishers over the spurious claims of a limited but
    dedicated group of misogynists and trolls, share an important core value
    with Gamergate: Misogyny. Kidding!”

    Max Read wrote this in an article today. Not joking.

    Why would any brand in the entire world want to be associated with this company?

    The best thing we can do is let them keep talking.

    1. They adhere to the flawed reasoning that if these companies aren’t with them, then they are somehow with us. Nowhere did any of these companies say they were sponsoring GG or supporting our cause, yet these nimrods keep fucking that chicken.

      *shakes head*

  6. Ralph, I don’t know if you read this, but you need to see the new Pew poll on online harassment:


    A couple of key findings that are helpful to gamergate:

    51% of respondents find that the online gaming community is welcoming to both genders. (40 some odd % say to men, but that can be explained by media coverage, and despite that, 51% still find gaming gender inclusive)

    Men are also more likely to be harassed in Online Gaming than women, in fact 10% more likely.

    Men are also 20% more likely to be harassed in the comment sections of websites (but we knew that from the anti-GG peeps)

    Anyway, check it out – there is plenty more info I have not had time to sift through yet – but a lot of stuff so far contradicts Sarkeesian’s “there is a toxicity” BS, and the other Anti-GG “we need to be more gender inclusive” BS.

  7. How do people think this will end really?

    I mean what kind of idiot fucks with a group in the millions who dedicate untold hours a day working out how to beat complex games and missions either as teams or as individuals and virtually live on the most complex media mankind has ever created.

    LOL i was going to say that the dumb fucks had woken a sleeping dragon but the truth is that the guys and gals they pissed off have been waking sleeping dragons up since before the gold box RPG series and eating them for breakfast.

    #GamerGate,. #NotYourShield

    Enjoy your breakfast guys.

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