We didn’t have a #Killstream this past weekend and for that you have my sincerest apologies. Janet Bloomfield is in London for the International Conference on Men’s Issues and I didn’t want to keep her too tied up. The show could have still been produced, we just decided not to. Next Saturday it’s on, though. I’m pretty sure Janet will be available as well.

In lieu of the regular weekend festivities, I decided to do a short stream with Liberal Lunacy Shannon, who will also be on our show this coming weekend. Nora Malik, my co-panelist on the #Killstream and winner of my heart, also joined me. Check it out:

Since I’m trying to build up my podcasting operations, Shannon also let me post it over on Soundcloud:


And the SoundCloud is also linked to iTunes (click to get it there). So, you can watch it through any platform you wish and even download it if you want. It was mostly just a shit-talking stream, but we all had fun. Hopefully you will as well.

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