Nora & I Have a Chat About Serena Williams & "Race-Mixing"

Nora & I Have a Chat About Serena Williams & “Race-Mixing”

I sat down with my lovely and talented fiance last night to talk about Serena Williams’ engagement to Reddit co-founder Alex Ohanian. We also delved into the topic of “race-mixing,” which is something I’m familiar with. Although, it’s hard for me to enunciate the opposition to it, since that’s never been something I cared about (obviously lol). I do get people who desire to marry within their own race, of course. Some folks just don’t find other races attractive, which is fine. Personally, I think beautiful women come in all colors, and if I happen to fall in love with a shade that’s darker than me, I see no reason to stop myself from committing to that. Others disagree, and I’d love to have someone on to tell me more on YouTube sometime. Nonetheless, I did try valiantly to play devil’s advocate in this video.




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Ethan Ralph

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  • fnd

    Isn’t Serena Williams the Tennis bodybuilder? She does look beautiful in that youtube snapshot (assuming it’s her)

  • Danlantic

    Read The 7 Daughters of Eve by Brian Sykes. He’s an actual scientist in the field of DNA. The subject is the mitochondrial DNA of prehistoric Europeans (thus he did not discuss Hungarians and Tartars who were a historic invasion). The punch line is that Europeans are 1/6 Semitic.

    Not Jewish. — Arab. There was a stone age migration to Sicily then Spain and on up the coast to Wales and Ireland.

    There was also a northern overland migration of Arabs (from Syria, not Arabia) which picked up Armenians and entered Germany thru Russia.

    Y’know, people who looked like Nora Malik.

  • Silence Dogood

    If my Maine Coon doesn’t want to get fucked by a tabby, even though they have the same coat markings, I’m not going to call my cat a racist. Get my point? Phenotypes are relevant for a lot of reasons, and attraction is just one.

    • Silence Dogood

      I love how I managed to get that hashtag to exactly 14 words on my first try. :3

    • lol nice hastag

      • Silence Dogood

        I try.

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