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In case you didn’t hear about this beforehand, here’s why North Carolina felt it necessary to file suit

It’s deadline day for North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory.

The U.S. Justice Department sent his office a letter Wednesday claiming that the state’s controversial bathroom law is in violation of the Civil Rights Act.

They gave the Republican leader until the end of the business day Monday to respond with a solution to “remedy the situation.”
The controversial law bans individuals from using public bathrooms that do not correspond to their biological sex…

North Carolina could lose a lot of federal money if it fails to comply with the Justice Department — potentially hundreds of millions of dollars for its universities alone.

The Justice Department also sent a letter to the University of North Carolina Board of Governors telling them that new law was in violation of federal law. They were given the same Monday deadline.

McCrory said Sunday that this action sets a precedent, with the federal government “now telling every university that accepts federal funding that boys who may think they’re a girl can go into a girl’s locker room or restroom or shower facility, and that begins I assume tomorrow.”

Basically, the Justice Department is holding the state hostage and it could cost them well over a billion dollars before all is said and done. This is one way the feds extract things out of the states, although the example above is particularly brazen.