I’m a couple hours late on this news because I was catching up a little bit on NJPW. But in case you missed it, noted developer American McGee (American McGee’s Alice) went off on Anita Sarkeesian’s bizarre video from the other day. He called the female lead character from the game she pimped a “pixel burka woman.” I don’t think I could have put it any better myself. He even said he was prepared to beat back the SJW lynch mob. In short, his rant was highly enjoyable and didn’t pull any punches. 

Here’s the link to the Facebook posting, and the original text below:

I’m prepared for the SJW flamethrower…

Seriously, isn’t Anita saying this character is acceptable because she’s such a blank slate? I can’t help but think the “woman” in this game might as well be wearing a burka for all the identity she has. If this is “positive” and we (as game writer/designers) are meant to emulate this model… then I imagine the characters in our future games getting some really odd looks as they walk down the streets of virtual Los Angeles, sneak through the corridors of Space Station 009, or try to blend into any world that isn’t a magical fantasy world of pixel make-believe.

To me, real characters, positive characters, have flaws. They’re broken. They have an identity constructed of past events – good and bad. Like real people, they might make poor “life choices” which result in them being shallow minded, skin revealing, homicidal maniacs, who wear women’s lingerie under their space armor. Or, like the rest of us, they might be who they are, and wear what they wear, because society (the real world) hasn’t left them many other options. If we’re going to tell real stories, it’s best we do that with characters who closely resemble real people.

Pixel burka woman is art. So are real people.

The less backstory and definition your female character has, the less the SJWs can pick at you. That’s the lesson they’re teaching young developers. If they inflict their views on the industry we will see a stifling of creativity. Our opponent’s rhetoric claims the opposite but the evidence is in the games they push and the censorious attitudes they display. You can say you’re for free expression all you want, but as we’ve seen so many times lately, the facts just don’t bear that out.

Hopefully established members of gaming community will continue to speak out against the poisonous SJW agenda. American McGee’s credentials can’t be questioned. He has an undisputed classic under his belt and is still very active. Anita makes shitty YouTube videos. I think we know who gamers are more likely to listen too. Most of the people who actually take her and McIntosh seriously are rad fems who don’t even give a shit about games. People like me watch her shit just to make fun of her. In the long run, our side is always going to beat these creeps. We just have to keep up the pressure. People like McGee are helping us do just that.