Kurt Eichenwald

Kurt Eichenwald has some sort of mental illness. I’m not an expert in these things, so I cannot tell you which particular illness afflicts him, but I do know that he seems to have delusions of grandeur. He talks about secret messages from the CIA and refuses to answer Tucker Carlson when confronted with just one of his lies.


“I think you’re coming undone.” – Tucker Carlson

So do I, Tucker. But this guy has been “undone” for a long while. The thing is, that hasn’t stopped the media from regurgitating his insanity as if it means something. In the wake of this disastrous appearance on Fox News, some of them seem to be distancing themselves, true. Maybe they should have done that months ago, though? I might have some small sliver of respect for them if they had. This isn’t the first time Eichenwald has exhibited displays of lunacy.

Eichenwald urged Moran in an email not to go public — even offering to get him a job at the New Republic to buy his silence. Even more frightening however, the Newsweek columnist and Vanity Fair editor asserted that his conspiracy theory, which was false, came from US Intelligence officials.

“You need to ask yourself — how does someone like me who is deeply wired into the intelligence community know so fast that you had posted this? It’s not like I was sitting around reading Sputnik. Others are though, and they are not reading it 24-hours a day in real time for the purpose of keeping abreast of the news.”

Oh, you’re deeply wired alright. You keep talking about Donald Trump supposedly taking “amphetamines derivatives,” but you’re the one who seems to be drugged out of his mind. And it goes way back. Look at his Wikipedia profile. He couldn’t even scrub the crazy from there.

In 2005, Eichenwald wrote a group of articles about online child pornography. One of those articles was about Justin Berry, a then-18-year-old who was selling pornographic images and videos of himself both as a minor and as an adult, creating and selling pornography involving other minors and adults. Eichenwald stated in testimony before Congress that his contact with Berry began as an effort by him, his wife, and his minister to rescue someone who seemed like a child in danger. He stated that it was only a month later, when Berry contacted him saying he wanted to expose the child pornography business, that he began reporting on the story. This led to criticism because, during the time Eichenwald was working to rescue Berry, he—along with his wife and minister—decided to pretend they were Berry’s customers and use money to convince him to identify himself. Once Eichenwald began reporting, he demanded repayment because of the potential conflict of interest. However, Eichenwald only asked for $2,000 that was paid by check to be returned; he later stated he did not remember another $1,100 was paid through PayPal. Berry did not return that money. In an October 19, 2007 interview with NPR’s David Folkenflik, Eichenwald stated that, due to the severe backlash from the Justin Berry story, he felt compelled to disclose that his epilepsy had caused “severe memory disruptions” and that he had a “deeply unreliable memory for names, facts and events” which he compensated for by his “meticulous reporting methods.”

Eichenwald is clearly a pathological liar. It’s not even up for debate. It was crystal clear almost a decade ago. Yet, Newsweek gives him a platform to spread his insane ranting about Donald Trump. Just look at his author page. It’s one unhinged take on Trump after another. And now, he claims a tweet last night gave him a seizure. That may or may not be true (SPOILER: it isn’t). But that hasn’t stopped outlets like Ars Technica from reporting it as fact.

Eichenwald says he’s determined to have the attacker—who used the handle @jew_goldstein and the pseudonym (((Ari Goldstein)))—identified via subpoena and mentions both criminal and civil law as ways of bringing them to justice.

Ah yes, the notorious Jew Goldstein. I should have known it was that mastermind. Eichenwald is severely deranged and his lies keep making things worse for him. I would hope that Newsweek gives him the ax, but we know that isn’t going to happen. I bet he’ll keep making appearances on CNN and MSNBC as some kind of expert, too. They don’t care if the guy is nuts, it’s all about slandering Trump. This case would be exhibit number one if I were wanting to show how far the media has fallen. Eichenwald, who routinely claims to have secret knowledge, who is a known liar, who spreads insane accusations on Twitter, is still held up as an authority.

The only thing the guy is an authority on is being batshit crazy.

  1. I’m typically in a good mood on Fridays as it is but this put me over the top. I couldn’t stop laughing at this baby back bitch. It was mana from heaven.

  2. “Me and my wife only commissioned underage porn and orbited around an 18-year old pimp so we could save his soul and expose child pornographers. Any holes in our story are only the product of my neurological defects and should be ignored but definitely believe the rest of it.”

    lol wut?

    I’m eager to watch the shitshow that is his proposed lawsuit play out which makes me sad that it’s most likely going to be dead on arrival. In order to even make it work he’ll have to prove he did in fact have a seizure which he most likely wont be able to, his initial subpoenas will very likely only turn up a free anonymous email account plus maybe a burner phone, and he just gave Jew Goldstein a five week heads up to completely destroy any digital evidence on his own hardware that would link him to his twatter account.

    1. Assuming he files any kind of suit at all. I mean, I can say I’ve got a Maserati in the garage but it won’t actually be true.

  3. Tucker grabbed him by the pussy.

    He needs to stop lying about his ‘intel’ sources, lest his behavior warrants an investigation into who is leaking the president-elect’s medical records from the 1980s, when they aren’t supposed to have files on American citizens. What a whopper of a lie. Nobody at the CIA is leaking crap to this unhinged loser with his track record of bullshit, about anything. He has used his sources to threaten people as well (Sputnik fiasco), I can’t imagine the FBI appreciated that. Maybe there needs to be a Congressional Oversight Committee hearing into these leaks.

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