How many times have I ripped Zoe Quinn here on the site? I can’t even count. Well, I could count, but I’m not going to. Suffice it to say, it’s happened quite a few times. If you’ll recall, I made fun of her Crash Override Network initiative just the other day:

In case you didn’t see that claim from Zoe, here’s an excerpt from the recent puff piece on her and Cuckmaster Jr:

In the first six months of running Crash Override with Lifschitz, Quinn says the volunteer network has assisted more than 1,000 people who were targeted for online stalking and abuse. Some of the cases required minor help; others extensive support to secure online accounts and deal with the police.


One of my Twitter followers put it best, I think:

As you know, I can sit here and trash her all day and all night. But some people just aren’t going to listen to me, even when I come with the cold, hard, facts. Maybe if there was someone on the other side calling these phonies out for the pieces of dogshit they really are? Oh, what’s that? I’ve being told there is someone. Don’t get me wrong, this guy is a huge wanker who has been alleged to have been involved with stolen valor. Still, it’s always good when their own allies call them out for being frauds:2


You mean to tell me that Zoe and Alex aren’t interested in helping the common man at all, and that they just got into this racket so that they could raise their media profiles? Huh, that’s funny. It sounds pretty close to what I’ve been saying about these charlatans for months. Again, SJWs have a tendency to block me out, like I said above. Hopefully they’ll at least examine this man’s claims, though. I don’t see why he would have any reason to lie. He’s personally criticized me and GamerGate in general on numerous occasions. There’s no reason for him to go at Zoe & the Cuck unless he had a valid complaint. I’ll let the reader be the judge, though.

I will be back soon with some details on tomorrow’s SPJ AirPlay event, as well as another post or two before bed.


UPDATE: I forgot to add this in. Good job, Mike…

h/t Mike Cernovich
  1. Are these recent pictures of Chelsea? It looks like cuckboy bought her some implants. I admit I looked at her nudes and she was a small A cup at best. No way that cleavage is natural.

    1. Eh, a woman gains a hundred pounds or so, you can expect at least one to go to each tit. And then Spanx and a pushup bra handle the rest of the illusion.

    2. Other pictures make her look like she has gained weight. Must be all of this body positivity shit they’ve been ingesting. Couldn’t have been the food though, definitely not the food.

  2. What, you mean Crash Override isn’t actually doing anything but serving their own interests, basically doing little more than stealing money from gullible idiots?

    But I thought Zoe was an honest, hard-working person!

  3. Your telling me that what we expected Crash Override Network to be is exactly what it ended up being?

    consider my mind blown!

  4. Of all the characters in this saga, I think I care about her the least.

    Interestingly, Zoe actually fucks mainly white knights. She is the worst type of SJW, the one who fucks white knights, giving them the idea that their rabid craziness works.

    1. I think it’s mainly because she’s desperate but that’s merely conjecture.

      1. She is beautiful by feminist standards lol. A good male feminist wouldn’t fuck anyone hotter, lest they uphold patriarchal beauty standards.

        Which is why they were always lined up for her.

    2. She gives them hope. Unfortunately for them she only lays down with them if she has something to gain by it. Most WKs vying for her attention won’t get anywhere near her.

  5. >claims to be against female objectification
    >wears that tight as fuck red shirt with barely even the bottom button fastened

    Jesus christ, Zoe. The only people who should see that much of your tits are people you’re dating. Not the public.

      1. Who don’t need no man, except for those who promote her stuff and defend her blindly and and and and etc etc

  6. They won’t listen to him, of course, ‘cuz he’s a stupid white fuckboy. Who cares who he actually supports? He dared call out the Quinnspiracy, so he’s a sexist racist fuckboy.

  7. It’s a shame Zoe’s patreon is only raking in less than $4000 a month, it used to be just over $4000 a month. She must be that much closer to having to get a job or something. If you check her patreon, you’ll see she just needs $5000 to self-sustain her life and produce good games that she doesn’t have to charge anyone for. If she makes $6000 a month she can organise another game-development convention, and if she hits the $7000 per month mark, she could afford to translate the crash override guides into other languages. People like you Ralph are making this difficult for her, and should be ashamed.

    1. Another? The Game Jam she claimed to be organizing still has no information on its page, it has been over a year, she hasn’t organized anything beyond personal pity parties

      1. I was being sarcastic and the game jam I think you are referring to actually took place, she uploaded photos of it, it was called ‘antholojam’ and was about sci-fi or something

          1. Well then that’s it then isn’t it? She produces nothing. she made one shitty game. and now she makes $4000 per month as a professional coward

  8. Come on Ralph, the basic rule still applies, even against Quinn: Trust but verify! These guys aren’t the most trusted sources anyway

  9. Oh that wretched bitch is en route to getting it. I cannot wait for Eron’s case to come down as a victory for him so he can sue the absolute FUCK out of the Boston Globe. That piece of shit who smeared him needs to, and I’ll paraphrase Leigh Alexander at the height of her hubris here, “not have a career in this field.”

  10. I wish the industry would spend more time focusing on indie developers and not developers who have spent five or more years pretending to be indie developers, but haven’t actually.. you know… developed anything.

  11. Can we please get people to go out and dig up some more conclusive evidence on these things, or at least statements from the people who dealt with crash override instead of just some tweets from this one guy?

  12. “secure online accounts and deal with the police”? What did the police do exactly? Send cease and desist tweets?

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