I was on my way to pick up my Mom and take her to dialysis, so I figured I would turn on NPR and give it a listen. I know, many of you probably hate NPR, but I tune in every once in awhile while I’m driving. Sometimes they also play the BBC World Service, which is vastly superior. After the Beeb brought me the news of the day (which I’d already read online), a program called The World came on. I’d never heard it before. Usually I’m listening to the local NPR station either late at night or early in the morning, so I always missed this particular show.

Boy, am I glad today was my introductory episode! Why, you ask? Well, they decided to take the time to explain the word “cuck” for their learned audience. To say this was hilarious is an understatement. Apparently there’s more on some NPR chick’s podcast, but I missed the name of it while I was driving. As soon as they update their page with today’s episode, I’ll go back, note the name, then update this post.

For now, tweets will have to do…


I thought it was hilarious (for all the wrong reasons, of course). You should have heard the voice of the hosts after the Richard Spencer part. Their voices got all solemn. The chick who interviewed him called it an “intense” conversation. I can’t wait to hear the rest, because this was pure gold.



Top cuck…I mean kek.