You remember the protests I talked about an hour or so ago? Well, they just turned into riots out in Oakland, California…

  1. Yes progtards surely this will convince Joe and Joanna Normie that you’re the sort of people they want running things, doesn’t make you look like fucking lunatics at all.

    1. Now I’m really starting to question myself. How could we take political power away from these hapless angels?

      They’ve only had 8 years after all, that’s hardly sufficient.

      1. At this stage we need to try to stop hating them though, now that we’re the ones sitting pretty with the new establishment we should avoid repeating their mistake of being so fucking insufferable and up our own butts that we suffer the fate they just did.

        I’m not saying be cucks and I’m not saying magnanimously give them their way out of pity and I’m not even saying don’t make fun of them. HOWEVER we need to keep in mind that they got this way because of globalist puppet masters, and now that we HAVE beaten back these useful idiots for the moment we need to focus more on hitting the globalist death star in it’s exhaust port rather than chasing around SJW tie fighters in a purely masturbatory fashion.

        Keep the pressure on them, keep them off our six, but remember that they’re the canon fodder and not the objective. If we don’t actually take this opportunity to accomplish something positive we’ll just become what we were fighting.

        1. Trump needs to do something to pressure universities to focus on teaching rather than political indoctrination. The reality is that there is not freedom of speech on university campuses as there is too much university-endorsed intimidation of anyone who dares to disagree.

          I am not too clear how it works (do not live in the US) but perhaps if universities get federal funding then there could be criteria that universities must meet on the grounds that they are places for diversity of thought and education. Perhaps penalities could be considered for universities that do not actively support freedom of speech.

          I am having to be careful how I phrase things on this note. I am not advocating totalitarianism or ‘police state’ policies – just the opposite. What there appears to be on many campuses at present is an unacknowledged totalitarian state whereby only left-wing ideology is permitted – this needs to be stopped. Many universities have failed to regulate themselves to be centres of learning and instead have become centres of political indoctrination and brainwashing.

          That said, this kind of thing cannot be changed overnight but there clearly needs to be pressure of some kind to incentivise and encourage universities to limit their institutional support of left-wing ideology – not to be replaced with right-wing ideology but to support their students personal development and education of any and all ideologies critically and independently.

          This is essential to the long-term well being of the US (and it impacts the rest of the West too) as the indoctrination taking place on many campuses is damaging to freedom and democracy.

          1. No I get you, worldwide the most commonly read and more significantly the most commonly assigned to be read books on economics were written by Marx and that needs to change. That’s just one example of a wider pattern in academia too, a wider pattern that needs to be changed.

          2. I heard of one proposal he’s considered- which makes schools partially liable for the student-loan debt of their graduates.

            I think that’s a brilliant solution- it creates a huge incentive for schools to create students who can actually land a real job.

            With a reform like that in place, you’d see worthless courses and parasite professors become obsolete almost as if by magic.

          3. That sounds good to me and I agree it would help address the problem of useless courses (although personally I would argue that we do need some folks in society to study subjects such as history, philosophy etc however it is only of benefit to society if such subjects are taught with integrity rather than with a political agenda).

            I am not convinced that this measure will incentivise universities to drop the political indoctrination or incentivise them to support diversity of ideas and ideology.

        2. I concur. I will also note, now is the time to listen more closely to opposing viewpoints, rather than dismiss them scornfully.

          Before, we had to know their arguments inside and out to strike up and dismantle them. But now? That knowledge is optional.

          They fell in part because they did not remotely understand us, what we thought, or why we thought it. They had the power- they didn’t need to understand us. That arrogance handicapped their ability to not only reach out in a constructive way, but even their ability to obstruct us.

          And while we shouldn’t cuck out and compromise our values for the sake of superficial approval and feelings, we now- at least to a greater degree than before- are custodians of our fellow man.

          It’s up to us to pursue our values in a more worthy, and viable, manner than they pursued theirs.

        3. No! What you WANT to do is cave a few of their fucking heads in with ax handles and 2×4’s so as to show them that this ignorance will not be tolerated without experiencing painful consequences! WE didn’t coddle them, sounds like YOU did though…buckshot was created for just this kind of shit!

  2. These people always worry about violence from the right (or whatever they presume is the right at any given moment) but it always seems to come from the left.

  3. They fully well know that they cannot change the election and they’ll be under a Trump presidency no matter what.

    But they protest and riot because they want to shame and pressurize Trump into caving in and changing his policies to cater to them. That’s the main reason on why they’re doing it.

    Therefore I really hope that Trump stays strong and does not cave into their demands. Because if he were to pander to the SJWs, we are completely back to square one.

    1. They do it as an attempt at creating a self-fulfilling prophecy that Trump is dangerous and provokes division etc. Just like the violence at the Trump rallies was portrayed by the media as the result of what Trump said – when in reality it was a set up by the Clinton campaign to fulfill their own narrative.

      1. Yes I know. Like I said, SJWs know they’re going to have to be under a Trump presidency no matter what.

        Therefore by creating a self-fulfilling prophecy which is expressed by these protests and riots, it’s aimed to shame and pressurize Trump into caving into their demands. It’s their last resort.

  4. There is something Trump supporters are not getting. I am neither a liberal nor conservative.I would have not cared if any other conservative was running and winning in his place. I don’t want trump in the office because he is mentally unstable, cold blooded and selfish. Even my business college textbooks from college couldn’t say anything positive about him. What many don’t know is that he hates the average people and that was the key to his success in his business along with scamming other businesses. He is listed as one of the criminal entrepreneurs in one book. If he can hate a long list of groups today then I don’t see why he wouldn’t hate my group in the future. He scammed even his own brother from a very young age. He doesn’t listen to anyone. But the most important thing is that he is not afraid of doing the worst. His plans and words echo the doctrines of Nazi Germany and I know very well Hitler just didn’t try to eliminate the Jews, but also many of his own people.

    1. Scott Adams claimed that Trump has moderated repeatedly moderated his policies in response to the public. For instance, he withdrew stance to prosecute a woman for abortion when he saw the majority was offended by that.

      That does not fit “He doesn’t listen to anyone.”

      “If he can hate a long list of groups today…”

      My compliments on the excellent straw man argument.

    2. Tough shit, the people spoke, deal with it, that’s how elections work. No one cares about what you want, you got to pick, and didn’t win, now deal like an adult.

  5. Don’t worry. The law and order candidate will not allow these children to throw tantrums like the current fucktard does.

    1. the ‘progressives’ are on their way out, however the ‘protesters’ don’t realize that they will be held to account not that their cucked minions are out

  6. There is a new sheriff in town.
    Breath that fresh air!
    He’s clean.
    Only the corrupt hate and fear Trump.
    The nightmare is over for most of America
    Justice is coming to the U.S. Department of Just Us.

  7. A heads-up, ladies, ummm, just so you know in the future, when folks are standing around chanting and waving signs, THAT’s a protest; THIS is a fucking riot and they need to be stopped quickly and painfully to discourage further anarchy…assholes!
    But, on the bright side, had Hitlery won they’d be doing the same damn thing so….how childish and pathetic, they should all be given an immediate time out and their binkies so as to protect their widdle feewlings from the things out here that anger them, right lib-tards? This is YOUR mess and you can bet your lazy asses their WILL BE an accounting and some of you probably aren’t going to enjoy the festivities as much as we do!

  8. Cry baby bitches. Funny trolling these fucks on Twitter, and the celebrities, and the MSM. Been fun trolling them since Grand Master Trump won the election.

    1. Please tell me you got Amy Schumer and Lena Dunham upset. I can use their tears to harvest salt for cooking.

  9. They do not stop to think that some of those businesses and automobiles are owned by African Americans, women, LGBT. Poor Oakland, I won’t be seeing you for awhile.

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