Just when you thought Polygon couldn’t get any worse, they do. Earlier today, it was announced that they’ve hired the founder of The Mary Sue (TMS), Susana Polo, to head up their entertainment coverage. In case you’re unfamiliar with The Mary Sue’s work, they’ve emerged as one of the top radical feminist sites in recent years. There’s even allegations that Sarah Butts wrote for them, though they’ve denied that. During  GamerGate, TMS has served as a propaganda shop for SJWs. They were promoting the Ban Baldwin initiative, for one. But there are many other examples. 

The fact that Polygon would hire a confirmed ideologue such as Polo tells you everything you need to know about their coverage, and the direction they intend to take it in the future. As if they weren’t radical enough!? Expect articles about how we need more ugly women in our movies and television shows (she was hired to be the “entertainment editor”). Perhaps Catwoman can wear a burlap sack the next time she shows up in a Batman movie?

Of course the SJWs never mention the fact that ugly people rarely end up on television, female or otherwise. Even unattractive people prefer to see good-looking motherfuckers on their screen. I seem to even remember a poll confirming this (add it in the comments if you know of it). Personally, I just try to keep my opinions separate from the art. Is it good, or not? My political or racial values aren’t relevant. I’ve never once found myself resenting a work because it didn’t have enough females, blacks, whites, Asians, etc. I have found myself disliking a lot of poorly made shit, however. That’s my standard.

I have no idea if Ms. Polo is going to bring that sort of attitude with her over to Polygon, but I have to imagine that she will. You don’t usually hire someone like her without expecting a heavy dose of radical feminism. It’s not like Polygon was lacking in that area to begin with, but apparently they wanted to up the ante. If so, then they’ve succeeded.

I would be upset, but I quit going to Polygon ages ago. I imagine most of you have given them up as well. Now, I only see their work through archive links. I would avoid it altogether, but I sometimes have to cover their nonsense. I expect it to get even shittier with this new addition to the staff. I guess Susana Polo could surprise us by keeping her agenda out of the new entertainment section, but I somehow doubt it. Polygon just doubled down on SJWs. Any doubts you may have had about that should now disappear.