Just when you thought Polygon couldn’t get any worse, they do. Earlier today, it was announced that they’ve hired the founder of The Mary Sue (TMS), Susana Polo, to head up their entertainment coverage. In case you’re unfamiliar with The Mary Sue’s work, they’ve emerged as one of the top radical feminist sites in recent years. There’s even allegations that Sarah Butts wrote for them, though they’ve denied that. During  GamerGate, TMS has served as a propaganda shop for SJWs. They were promoting the Ban Baldwin initiative, for one. But there are many other examples. 

The fact that Polygon would hire a confirmed ideologue such as Polo tells you everything you need to know about their coverage, and the direction they intend to take it in the future. As if they weren’t radical enough!? Expect articles about how we need more ugly women in our movies and television shows (she was hired to be the “entertainment editor”). Perhaps Catwoman can wear a burlap sack the next time she shows up in a Batman movie?

Of course the SJWs never mention the fact that ugly people rarely end up on television, female or otherwise. Even unattractive people prefer to see good-looking motherfuckers on their screen. I seem to even remember a poll confirming this (add it in the comments if you know of it). Personally, I just try to keep my opinions separate from the art. Is it good, or not? My political or racial values aren’t relevant. I’ve never once found myself resenting a work because it didn’t have enough females, blacks, whites, Asians, etc. I have found myself disliking a lot of poorly made shit, however. That’s my standard.

I have no idea if Ms. Polo is going to bring that sort of attitude with her over to Polygon, but I have to imagine that she will. You don’t usually hire someone like her without expecting a heavy dose of radical feminism. It’s not like Polygon was lacking in that area to begin with, but apparently they wanted to up the ante. If so, then they’ve succeeded.

I would be upset, but I quit going to Polygon ages ago. I imagine most of you have given them up as well. Now, I only see their work through archive links. I would avoid it altogether, but I sometimes have to cover their nonsense. I expect it to get even shittier with this new addition to the staff. I guess Susana Polo could surprise us by keeping her agenda out of the new entertainment section, but I somehow doubt it. Polygon just doubled down on SJWs. Any doubts you may have had about that should now disappear.

  1. Lol, I guess this must be Polygon’s response to Mark Kern calling em out is to hire more radical feminists

  2. Well that’s right up there brilliant, I guess this is Polygons answer to driving themselves into the dust bin of history at lightening speed. Just what I always wanted in a gaming site, identity politics.

  3. They should get Intel to give them another $750,000 so they can make a Press Reset 2, and explain that they’re a feminist media site now. They can have some shots of Arthur Gies whipping himself for playing Bayonetta 2 until the end.

  4. HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA…sorry…that’s all I got. I’m glad to see their artistic vision continue to flourish, and I for one cannot wait for the inevitable conclusion. 🙂

  5. I am so gland that I can be so blissfully unaware of any writing on Polygon. I certainly don’t envy you Ralph.

  6. Meanwhile, in Londinium the loyal servants of the Emperor raise him from his palatial sick bed…..

  7. I stopped reading Polygon, Eurogamer, RockPaperShotgun, Joystiq and Shitaku months ago.

    I don’t think you’re legally allowed to read those sites any more unless you’re a neon haired Tumblerina with a Patreon account, or are a chubby white knight hoping to date neon haired Tumblerinas with Patreon accounts.

    1. I thought psychopaths worked cheap?

      It’s all about the torment they can cause or some such bollocks.

      1. They’ll burn through it fairly quickly, San Francisco may be these people’s fortress but it’s also their undoing. The cost of living there is too high and the cost of doing business there is too high. That’s also why running a game studio there is probably a stupid idea in most cases. If Tim Schafer based DoubleFine almost anywhere else in America he probably wouldn’t be pissing through money at nearly the accelerated rate he does now.

        The internet giants like Google etc are manhattenizing the place and much like New York City it’s pretty much insane to try and live there today if you aren’t already some kind of multi-millionaire. It’s another reason the Literally Whos are so rediculous. If I was living off a patreon or internet ad revenue I’d probably relocate to Greece, Italy, South Africa or Poland to take advantage of the exchange rates.

    2. Vox got a massive infusion of venture capital last year before all this broke loose. They are currently living like an Internet startup circa 1999. Way too much BS money and no viable path to ever actually generating a profit.

      1. Hopefully, that means they’ll eventually go belly-up. I guess the second that happens, the internet will erupt into celebration.

  8. Polygon is going full crazy train for each week. I have only heard crap about the site so I have stay away for as long as I can remember. Same goes for Kotaku. But with a hyena like that on their team even more people will avoid their site.

    1. There was an article not long ago about woman Thor (whor) being a middle finger to anti-feminists. To me that whole thing is just one stupid publicity stunt. Great you gave Thor boobs. Big whoop. It’s not like there are plenty of female characters in the Marvel Universe to work with let alone Asgard……oh wait.

      1. All the male gods in Asgard have wives or girlfriends, their stories just get ignored. So plenty of room for new stories about female gods.

          1. Of course they don’t exist just like how there is no strong female characters in gaming. Absolutely none, and if you give me a well documented article that proves me wrong you’re just a misogynist.

      2. The funny thing is that all it has done is prove all of us anti-feminists correct.

        I know, right? These people rely on the ignorance of the populace about comics.

      3. Well here’s what seems to be the thing about the really long running Marvel and DC properties both. They just seem to be tired institutions that somehow manage to hold onto just enough of a readerbase to remain profitable.

        Ever since DC killed and resurrected Superman this big-name-superheo end of the comics market has all been transparently a series of stunts and gimmicks done for shock value with the intention that it’ll drag in outsiders or lapsed readers for even just a few issues.

        Every now and then along comes a Watchmen, a Preacher or a Transmetropolitan and I take notice but the overall conclusion I’ve come to about comics is that it’s a particularly bad slum of a medium on the whole. Not that 90% of everything isn’t shit but comics seem even worse about it.

        The only comics I’m really reading right now are collections of early Judge Dredd. I tried reading some Fables briefly after playing Wolf Among Us and liking it but I found myself not really liking the source material at all.

  9. Polygon is still alive and or relevant? Well, I guess this is their way of finally dying.

  10. Well since Escapist decided to go in the right direction we had to see a website go precisely in the wrong direction. Listen to audience complaints? Fuck that noise! Seriously how is Polygon still a thing. Even when they were “relevant” they were already heading toward the grave. I’m surprised they haven’t burned out already. I remember one of my podcasters was talking about how he was seeing BP advertisements on their site. That’s pretty much bottom of the barrel right there. Hopefully by May they have already bitten the bullet.

  11. What I want to see is “moderates” and “neutrals” that typically side with antiGG because soggy knees explain how mary sue is TOTES legit guis. Not even radical feminism at all!

  12. It actually kind of makes sense as a business decision when you think about it. Core gamers, their former demographic, are shunning them, so they are moving to the people that are sticking by them and who they have basically been writing for all along.
    Now all we have to do is phase in a more relevant, reliable news outlet through viewership.

  13. I think this demonstrates an intention to become full time political mouthpiece and zero time games publication….like even more so. I think their strategy is probably to try and bring in political back-channel money or even more of it. Don’t be surprised if the whole site turns into a mouthpiece for Hilary Clinton’s presidential campaign in 2016 aimed at propagandizing gamers into voting for her.

  14. I think Ben Kuchera has a fantasy that he’s going to replace Polygon’s existing audience with a newer, more social justice-ier audience.

    Best of luck with that.

  15. Anita and many others have claimed that women are nothing more than background scenery in stories, this is, however, a pointless statement to make, because EVERYTHING is background scenery in a story. The characters aren’t real. The events aren’t real. The setting isn’t real. If people honestly need a fictitious figure to serve as a role model and are “scarred for life” (fact: there are no examples of this as it is a patently false claim) by one not representing their race/gender/orientation, they’re fucking pathetic and likely mentally ill (not to minimize the mentally ill, but people who don’t have a firm grasp on reality shouldn’t be taken seriously, especially about policies that stand to have an effect on others).

    I’m gay and did I care that there weren’t any openly gay superheroes in comics when I was a kid? No! Why? Because your sexual identity is DIVORCED from who you are when you put on a fucking mask and tights and go out and fight crime and super villainy. Only social justice retards think that gender identity has ANYTHING to do with people with powers taking the law into their own hands (I’m SURE we can find plenty examples of trite, entry level college style writing on how super heroes are harmful for social justice because it promotes resolving conflicts through violence blah blah blah).

    When a couple of gay X-Men characters got married? Neat. That was their story arc and focused on personal character development. That had a purpose. Mile Morales being half-black and half-latino and gay? Yeah, no, you’re literally just tagging on some politically correct post-it’s to a character to pander to the left. There is a very clear line between writing for the sake of developing a character, and just being an ideology-pushing cunt.

    The only thing that matters at the end of the day, to paraphrase Ralph, is if the story is GOOD or not. And by good one obviously means entertaining. That is the SINGULAR purpose of storytelling – to transport and entertain. We have long moved past any need for allegories to teach us lessons. Storytelling, as an art form, is entertainment. It doesn’t matter how ground breaking and avaunt guard you think you’re being – if your story structure or your characters suck, or you just can’t craft an engaging narrative, your end result is going to be fucking terrible.

    Case in point: this is precisely why someone like Neil Gaiman is a Based Badass. He’s talented, he knows what people want, and he has zero fucks to give about what a bunch of obese, “non-conventionally attractive” dykes and their legions of white knights think about him.

  16. The Journo’s ethical manta: “Incest is best.” They just keep cycling the same insane writers around and around their shit rags. They quote each other, they financial support each other (which they don’t disclose) and they’re overall just generally disgusting examples of what people without Ethics look like.

  17. I despise ‘The Mary Sue’. They ran a story months ago how a Star Trek fan wrote a letter to a Trek author that he didn’t appreciate the token political lesbian run and would no longer be buying novels from him or the franchise. There were no insults, no crude language, just a simple ‘sorry, but you went off the deep end and I don’t want a faulty product’ message.

    Well, the author didn’t like that. He responded that the lesbian work was ‘the best he’s ever done’, and was proud of producing the equivalent of fanfiction. I don’t remember the name of the author, but you can buy his books for ridiculously cheap in dollar stores. Yeah, he’s that bad.

    The Mary Sue ran a piece on how the author triumphantly defeated the dumb homophobe. The comment section, naturally, was a scene of drama. Instead of talking about Star Trek, there were discussions on Vulcan sexuality and whether or not Spock was sexist. None of it had anything to do with the actual themes in the series. These are all women and claim to be fans.

    Personally I’m a Transformers fan. The Mary Sue ran a piece on a woman named Mairghread Scott, who wrote a fanfiction-esque comic on her boring, one-dimensional character named Windblade. Scott is continuing the comic and is creating characters that should belong in Sailor Moon. She is unoriginal and a horrible writer, and she will be one of the main forces to ruin the new cartoon series. She is politically driven and a liberal. You may or not be surprised.

    Their views are little more than those held by average feminists. Ergo, it’s crap no one cares about. It’s akin to a Truther talking about radiation poisoning or Chernobyl.

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