Today, I’ve been wasting most of my time on social media. Come to think of it, that’s how I spend most days. But, nonetheless, I do get story ideas and leads while I’m fucking around. Today was no different. Someone passed along a copy of an old video that Feminist Frequency’s Jonathan McIntosh had uploaded to YouTube. It was shocking, to put it mildly. How can Intel go into business with a man who so seems to hate the United States, and especially it’s military? This video seems to confirm a lot of what you’ve already seen and heard about Jonathan McIntosh. I’ll link it below, and let you decide.

I have two copies. One copy is below in the original video that Jonathan McIntosh himself uploaded. The other, is here in this link, just in case he takes the YouTube version down. I’m also including a screenshot from his channel to show that it’s him.

Screenshot from 2015-01-17 16:09:16

The video makes fun of the Army, and throws in a McDonald’s worker when talking about money to pay for college. I guess this is McIntosh saying that you won’t actually end up in college? I’m not sure, but it’s definitely meant as an insult. It also shows some weirdo jumping up and down with a sword and shield, insinuating that this is what soldiers do in their free time. The entire video makes the US Army (and armed services in general) out to be a joke.The most disturbing imagines, are those that show mass graves and children being killed. Repeated images of graphic death and carnage are shown throughout the thirty-second “remix.”

I really don’t know what to say, other than I am stunned that no one has found, or commented on this video sooner. It’s been publicly available this entire time. I would have to include myself on the list of people who should have found it, for sure. But I’m extremely happy that it was discovered, because this seems to confirm a lot of our suspicions about Jonathan McIntosh. Each new piece of information that we learn about him shows that he holds an allegiance to a warped ideology.

I can only imagine what will come out next. In the meantime, I think Intel has some serious explaining to do. How can they be partners with a man like this? They are tarnishing their brand by working with someone who holds the heroes who serve in the armed services with such disdain. I hope they recognize this, and cut ties immediately.

  1. Whoever vetted this decision to partner within Intel should probably start looking for a job, because they failed terribly.

  2. I don’t really disagree with the sentiments expressed in the video, except for the “free time” bit… what, is that a jab at LARPing? If it’s anti-imperialists vs. defense contractors give me the anti-imperialist every time.

    Children die in wars and soldiers kill them – sometimes in massacres, sometimes as collateral damage from airstrikes, sometimes from war ruining a country’s infrastructure. And America does too little for veterans once they come back.

    Now if only he had the same sympathy for, say, journalists killed by terrorist attacks, or passengers on planes hijacked in 9/11, or atheists who may have supported a war verbally but killed zero people.

    1. I can think of no greater just desserts than these people dying due to the actions of muslim extremists or the black folks they consistently handwave their actions away in order to make all police look like cold-blooded murderers.

    2. I’m a veteran. The United States takes good care of me and my family. The treatment of Veterans today is much different compared to 15 years ago. What makes you think otherwise?

      1. wait until you see what our prime minister did to our veterans in Canada. It’s enough to make your blood boil.

      2. There are a lot of complaints about VA hospitals and mismanagement so I venture to guess you are one of the lucky ones. When I left the military it was just before they closed all the PXs and as part of the “peace dividend” a ton of bases got closed down.

        I am glad you’ve had a good experience. About time.

  3. Wait, THAT’S what he calls “remixing”? I was expecting something more creative, a la Tim & Eric or TV Carnage. Especially since he markets it as his calling card.

    Besides the corny-ass 3edgy5me content, technically speaking, that “remix” video is complete garbage. Honestly, anyone could have made that piece of shit. Actually, my apologies, as comparing that video to a piece of shit is a disservice to pieces of shit. The end.

  4. This “remix” of his is beyond tasteless (and yet he has the GALL to criticize Charlie Hebdo – hypocrite!). It makes it abundantly clear he is an ideologue, but most disturbingly, specifically anti-American in his ideology. Why not remix a video about the universal horror of war? But then of course that obfuscates the need for violence and wouldn’t allow him the pleasure of twisting the fact that collateral damage and undesirable casualties is an unavoidable consequence of war. His direct implication in the video is that soldiers in the armed forces are taught to murder children. What a coward.

  5. I read his comments on the video and I don’t think you have been fair to him, even though he has said some dumb shit before. I say this because he will throw this back in your face if this gets spread around more. Here are his comments:

    “Before you comment, just so everyone knows I’m a military brat, I grow up on military bases.”

    “@scarletsmith – Yeah I agree this was my first remix in 2003 and I had not figured out how to really use the subtle angle yet. I grew up on living on military bases so the issue is very personal to me. When the war in Iraq started I was obviously very angry about it, especially that the news media refused to show the horror of what happens on the ground to both the solders and the civilians when they are wounded or killed.”

    “@JacquilineMist – Its meant to be “anti-military advertizing”. The real Army commercials don’t tell the whole truth about what its really like to be a soldier, instead they make it seem all glamorous, honorable and cool. But of course the truth of military service is much more complicated and its often dangerous and damaging on a number of levels. This remix is meant to provide an idea for an alternative, more truthful, military ad.”

    By the sounds of it, I don’t think he was intending to shit on the military, he was just pissed off that the ads make it more glamorous to be in the military when it reality it can be hard and gruelling. That last sentence in the 2nd quote says it all, he doesn’t hate US Soldiers.

    The last thing I want is for Gamergate to become obsessed with the same sensationalist crap that keeps Kotaku afloat, Gamergate should be better than that. I hate game journos and SJWs as much as the next guy, but we should really at least try to research more, I expect this from Game Journos.

    1. The horrors of war he inserted might add value to his argument.

      But then he likens soldiers to fast food workers and losers.

      That’s disrespect right there.

      1. I am still confused as fuck as to why he made them look like Larpers and McDonalds workers if he intended to show the horrors of war. I think he was trying to imply it was a shit career choice, but I agree that the video definitely comes across as anti military.

        Not just in that part, but at 0:07 he edits it in such a way that it looks like the military deliberately kills innocent people and doesn’t care about them. In fact looking at it closer, he never shows a wounded or killed soldier, it’s only civilians.

        If he was going for anti-military advertising to make it not look glamorous, he should have shown wounded soldiers too. I think with those comments, especially the first one, he is aware that it comes across that way and wanted to either clarify what he meant or go into damage control. Either way, I still think Ralph should have at least mentioned that.

        1. I don’t get the LARPer myself, but most soldiers that didn’t join right out of highschool either worked for McDonalds at some point, or at least applied for it. Successful people rarely join the military, where as a lot of people join it as a start on their road to success.

    2. It’s all marketing though, who wants to join the military if they show the reality of the life is that you spend about %10 of your time doing your actual job, less than %.001 of the time doing the cool shit in those videos, and the majority of your time mopping a floor, or painting something.

      THAT could be a “true” recruitment video without being insulting and using the 1960’s “Baby Killer” discredited bullshit approach.

  6. What really pisses me off is that Jihad Jonathan has the balls (Or lack of them) to say these gems. Doesn’t he realize that good men and women (Who accomplished more then this poor excuse for a human being) died for him to have his freedom. my god this guy is really pissing me off.

    1. The “my parents were in the military” while trash talking the service defense deserves to be filed alongside “but I have black a friend!” right after saying some racist garbage.

  7. Jihad Jonathan should be put on the fucking terror list so that he can get swatted. I am so pissed off that he would say these things about those good men and women who sacrificed their lives for us.

  8. Ex-Army here. Other than the guy with the sword and shield, I didn’t find that video all that bad. If he was less of a smartass about it (i.e., get rid of the sword/shield guy), he could have pumped out a good video that I’d recommend people watch before they join the military. Simple fact, the military exists solely to kill other people on behalf of the United States. I’d love to see something stand aside recruitment videos as a counterpoint to their “job skills, college, look at how much fun you have!”. I say 3/10, Johnny boy here needs to up his game and take it more seriously.

  9. “So how does it feel to know that someone’s kid

    In the heart of America has blood on their hands

    Fighting to defend your rights

    So you can maintain a lifestyle

    That insults his family’s existence

    Well, where I’m from we have a special

    Salute that we aim high in the air

    Towards all those pompous assholes

    Who spend their days pointing fingers”

    -avenged sevenfold: critical acclaim

    basically a song saying fuck you to all those sjws

  10. Gender Activists with a useless college education aren’t well known for their consistency. #FullMcIntosh

    Actually, I’d prefer the term FullQuackIntosh, or FullMarxIntosh. Sounds much better.

  11. :19 seconds

    Mcintosh is too dumb to realize that was a Northern Alliance fighter (in other words, an American ally) wounded at Qala-i-Jangi by the Taliban. This is like when Michael Moor tried to portray footage of US airstrikes in Iraq as indiscriminate shock and awe on a peaceable little kingdom, where children are flying little kites, shoppers are smiling in the sunshine, and the gentle rhythms of life are undisturbed, until from the night sky came the terror weapons of American imperialism. Then of course it turns out later the targets he showed getting hit were special republican guard headquarters.

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