Twitter has been an absolute madhouse today. The Michelle Fields thing is eating up most of the political branch of the social media behemoth, and I’ll likely talk about that in a few minutes. But first, I wanted to come here and do a post on this old Trump supporter who blasted a protester with a pretty damn good elbow earlier today.

Here’s the footage…


Posted by on Thursday, March 10, 2016

The usual suspects are already freaking out, led by CNN, of course…


Obviously, it looks like the guy broke the law and I would support him being prosecuted, if it’s found that he did so. But I wanted to put it to the #BasedCommentSection. Do you feel like he was right to take it to the protester with an elbow, or should behavior of this sort be condemned every time we see it? I won’t lie, it was somewhat satisfying to see the dude get blasted, but I can’t back it 100%. Judging by some of the early reaction on my Twitter feed, many of you feel a lot differently.

Keep in mind, the old man was not charged, so maybe the police have more information than we do.


UPDATE: OK, he was charged lol

John McGraw, 78, was charged Thursday on assault and battery and disorderly conduct charges. McGraw betrayed no sense of remorse following the incident, telling “Inside Edition” that Moore “deserved it” and the “next time we see him, we might have to kill him.”