Some crazy teen went to a Donald Trump rally earlier today and decided to get rowdy. That turned out to be a mistake. She was screaming about the guy grabbing her breast, which I can’t understand why anyone would want to do that. She’s not exactly a looker. Not only that, the chick had on some 1990’s looking jumpsuit, I’m not sure the old man could have found any titty even if he had wanted to. He clearly didn’t want to, though.

Watch this footage and laugh, like I did…

The best part might be the comment section from an article about it, though. This Latino guy said it looked like the girl was acting out, then the “progressives” in the comment section immediately start hurling racist insults at him! It’s amazing how fast these clowns will turn on you…




He won’t be surprised the next time it happens. The “progressives” are quick to turn racist themselves when their pet minorities don’t say the “right” things. Pathetic, but I’ve seen it way too often to be surprised.

As for me, I’m going to go look for some weird campus shit to talk about, or some SJW nutter. I’m about all Trumped out for today. But man, it’s been quite a ride!




UPDATE: The original media on the scene lied about the girl being 15. She’s 19

The New York Daily News and other outlets initially described Drake as being 15 years old. But WISC-TV later reported that, according to local police, she is actually 19 years old.

  1. lol, that’s a lesson that won’t go unlearned. Bitch(who bitch this is?) tried to hit the guy and got REKT in the process.

  2. Unfortunately now that the BLM shitheels realize they’ve finally found a group of people (Trump Supporters) who wont put up with their bullshit they’re going to take every opportunity to go out and try to start shit with ’em. Every one of these idiots is looking to get “assaulted” by a “white supremacist” in order to gain victim cred and a perception of credibility within their ranks and hopefully the media. Never mind there’s zero connection to be made between the Trump campaign and the stated issues these people’s “movement” are allegedly about.

    However even with that being the case I still wouldn’t advocate rolling over. The more people start standing their ground against these whacko dindus and their screeching self hating house honkies and surviving the onslaught of “progressive” finger wagging and media condemnation the less effective and feared those tactics will become over time.

  3. I recently said I’d like to grab a breast.
    Our local grocer’s deli has excellent “Chester’s Chicken”.

  4. I do see someone’s right hand on her, but it’s on her shoulder. Also the guy she’s yelling the “you touched my breast!” accusation at has a bunch of papers in his right hand, and the hand on her shoulder didn’t have any papers in it.

    Reminds me of the stupid woman who put some poor guy’s hand on her chest and screamed at him to stop touching her breasts.

    Funny how these insane ideologues claim Trump’s supporters are supposed to be the racists, yet they have no reservations saying racist shit to anyone that doesn’t parrot the “Trump is literally Hitler!” bullshit.

  5. Dare I say he did the right thing?

    The progressives are a scary bunch, they wouldn’t hesitate to accuse an innocent man of raping her right there in the middle of the street for some victim points.

    Better pepper spray the potential threat before it is too late, you know, for protection.

    She claimed she was 15 and the cops say she was 19 so she clearly is willing to lie to get her way.

    And thumbs up to Mr Carlos, even if he’s voting Bernie that’s his right, that’s democracy, he seems like a smart level headed person who chooses to be on the right side of things and called it out that girl’s dishonesty as he saw it.

    Just another real life story that can show people how them, the sjw/progressive/left/liberals/ whatever you wanna call them act, they sure love minorities, they sure hate harassment, unless people dare disagree with them.

  6. I see “my” hometown newspaper The NY Daily News is living up to it’s crap reputation. Some days I can’t wait to get out of this shithole of a city

  7. Those facebook comments demonstrate a common problem:

    White people who dont know anything about racism acting like they’re the most upset and the most righteous

    I will guarantee you every demographic on this planet, including in the US, is more “sexist” than white people as a whole. And that’s a good thing

    1. I’m slowly coming around to the position that there are swaths of women whonsimpky do not understand consequence.

  8. Man… Pardon my.language… Abut when are stupid cunts going to realize that reach out and grab people like that? The dude was walking away and she felt entitled to grab him and oulll him into her screaming. Ah, that’s not how it works you stupid little girl. Now go cry theace out you retarded ass dropping.

    1. Western women feel entitled to every goddamn thing and the feminists push that narrative. God forbid a man does anything nowadays.

  9. Damn, guess I shouldn’t be surprised that they turned on him. I mean, I’ve been turned on by some of my best friends when I said I’d rather have Trump than Hillary, and that people like Brianna Wu can be pulled off her pedestal by the people who put her there.

  10. Okay so what I see is
    She is claiming that he touched her (he being the old guy.) He shakes his head no and starts saying I didn’t. She escalates to, you grabbed / touched my tits. He puts his hands up still shaking his head no and saying I didn’t touch you. She starts saying, yes you did. He starts to move off still shaking his head no. The old guy and others make the comments about there is the voice of tolerance. She reaches over another person and hits/pokes/shoves or the like the old guy who then hits her in the face with a dose of pepper spray. Lucky her she’s wearing glasses or walking away might not have been an option.

  11. I like how they’re continuing to push the “HE TOUCHED HER BOOB” bit. I’m p sure the only contact I saw was a hand on her shoulder. But, you know, I guess that’s enough these days to scream SEXUAL ASSAULT.

    1. It actually is in many “progressive” cities. Soon enough just saying nice things may be added to that list and it’s a very scary prospect in NYC.

  12. Man, he went with the extra strength pepper spray. You can tell from the reddish color. That’s gonna linger for 2-3 days lol

  13. Yeah, real big man can’t defend himself against an intimidating 15-year-old girl. You guys are the same cowardly dipshits who are scared to go to Wal-mart without an AR-15 strapped across your fat beer guts.

      1. I would like to take your word for it, but I prefer to trust every other news outlet, which all say otherwise.

        Janesville police: 15-year-old girl groped, pepper sprayed during Donald Trump rally

        ‘Janesville police said a 15-year-old girl was groped and pepper sprayed.

        Police said there was photo evidence of the suspects.”

        They are looking for both of them (the groper and the pepper-sprayer) and they are going to charge the man with sexual assault.

    1. What are you trying to say, that an underage bitch can scream at your face and hit you and that you have to suck it up to all that?

  14. Nora is 19.
    Nora doesn’t falsely accuse people of touching her inappropriately and then punch them. Be like Nora.

  15. I think we need to take a second to realize how good of a shot that was with pepper spray. I mean, that was a million dollar money shot. She attacks, and get sprayed almost instantly and perfectly. Dirk Diggler couldnt shoot that straight. Beautiful.

  16. No surprise here, but Gawker is running an article still claiming she’s 15 and that she was groped, despite more video from another angle showing that the old man didn’t touch her and the only person touching her was a friend trying to hold her back.

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