If elite Republicans and the #NeverTrump brigade screws Donald Trump out of the nomination, one-third of his supporters say they will abandon whoever is selected to take his place.

From Reuters


The results are bad news for Trump’s rivals as well as party elites opposed to the real estate billionaire, suggesting that an alternative Republican nominee for the Nov. 8 presidential race would have a tougher road against the Democrats.

“If it’s a close election, this is devastating news” for the Republicans, said Donald Green, an expert on election turnout at Columbia University.

The Reuters/Ipsos poll conducted March 30 to April 8 asked Trump’s Republican supporters two questions: if Trump wins the most delegates in the primaries but loses the nomination, what would they do on Election Day, and how would it impact their relationship with the Republican Party?

Sixty-six percent said they would vote for the candidate who eventually wins the nomination, while the remaining third were split between a number of alternatives such as not voting, supporting a third-party candidate, and switching parties and voting for the Democratic nominee…

Green said the departure of even a small number of Republicans would make it tough for the party to prevent the Democrats from winning the White House, especially if the election is again decided by razor-thin margins in a handful of battleground states.

Personally, I think this number may go even higher before everything is said and done, assuming Trump does end up getting the short end of the stick at the convention scheduled to take place in Cleveland, July 18th-21st. Keep in mind, this is based on the prospect of him getting more delegates than everyone else but still being passed over. That seems like a safe bet, since Cruz has pretty much no chance of coming into Cleveland with the most delegates overall.

Screw Trump over at your own peril, GOP. Not only will it likely hand the White House to Hillary Clinton, but it could cost you voters for years to come.