What’s up people? I have a few things to get up here on the site before we do the show at 6PM EST. The first thing I wanted to show you was a little news bit from yesterday. It’s not that big a deal, especially considering that this guy is a fucking idiot, but still. It’s emblematic of the misinformation out there about GamerGate. Most people outside the movement continue to spread false information. It’s by design. The SJWs know they can’t win without lies and bullshit media spin, so they pump it out by the barrel-full.

As I wrote earlier this year:

These SJWs are in the minority everywhere, except in the elite media and the ivory towers of academia. Don’t let their bully tactics fool you. They’re lacking in numbers, and their arguments are trash. The only way you can lose, is by accepting their rules of engagement. Fuck that. I never will.

Always call out this bullshit. Like this, for instance:


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Robin Williams had nothing to do with anything. Zoe Quinn did release her game for free to supposedly honor him, and she was criticized in some quarters. But the Zoepost, Adam Baldwin coming up with the GamerGate tag, & Leigh Alexander’s “Gamers are dead” are the real genesis moments. This is nothing more than a pathetic attempt to tie us in with some sort of Williams hate. Nothing could be further from the truth. I was personally a huge fan of his, as was 99% of the rest of GG. Fuck these blood-sucking bastards and their desecration of the dead.

They don’t know any other way, though. We’ve been marching through their hate for a whole year now. It’s not going to stop. Thankfully, GamerGate has adapted at every turn. Some people have left, sure. But new recruits have shown up to pick up the standard. Many vets who stuck around have the battle scars to show. There will be more fighting. The lies and slander won’t stop. Our opponents are fighting an ideological war, and they have decided that anything is fair game. Don’t let up on them now. Keep pushing forward.