When I got back, one of the first things I heard about was Internet Bloodsports and the Morning Kumite. Literally dozens, if not hundreds of people tagged me or messaged me about the matter and said I would love this new trend. Once I got settled in, I did some investigating of my own and found that I did quite enjoy IBS and the Kumite in particular. It’s just fun to watch, the hosts don’t take themselves too seriously, and the crowd interaction is second to none. Naturally, I was intrigued by the idea of eventually going on myself.

But, three separate people turned down the chance to face me one-on-one. To be fair, two out of those three were completely irrelevant, and the third one, MundaneRatt, is a cuck. Still, I was a little surprised to see the complete lack of testicular fortitude on display. So was my friend GuitarAnthony, who came up with the idea of me having an open challenge day on the Kumite, where anyone who wanted to take a shot at me could come on and do so.

Tonka Saw happened to dig this approach, and so, we’re going to do the open challenge next week. I have no idea if it will be great or if it will be terrible. But I’m sure it will be worth checking out either way. People talk a lot of shit about me, and to be fair, I’ve provided a good bit of their ammo myself. However, I’m not scared to answer anyone and everyone, live on YouTube in front of 1000+ people. The same can’t be said for most of my critics.

Hopefully a few of those pussies will man-up sometime between now and showtime. Watch this space, because I’ll post more details about the exact time as we get closer to the show.