I adjusted the ads recently, and will likely be fiddling with that some more in the near future. Let me know what you guys think. It might be a bit intrusive the way I have them now, but I’m trying to experiment with some different options. I’m also going to be testing some new units, probably next week. If you have any complaints, leave them here. Or, you can email me at [email protected].

Basically, I’m seeing what I can do without using Patreon (who will probably kick me off anyway) or another similar service. I might still try something like that, but I want to maximize this first and do some things around here. I’ve been focusing almost exclusively on the content side of things during GamerGate, so I have to change that a little bit. As always, thank you for your support. More money, less money, or no money, this site’s community has been the best thing I’ve ever been even partially responsible for creating.

Now, back to your regularly scheduled programming.

  1. ,,,they seem fine and non-intrusive as possible for their size and they kinda chapter th’ column sections, giving a little scroll time between sections and taking a second to absorb what was read and resume after them…at least their not th’ insta-click just for touching th’ page like a certain “Dramatic” site uses, that despite that, I still enjoy reading on occaision…

    …ya gotta do whatcha gotta do to keep on keeping on…

      1. …cool,,,i dm’d you on twitter wit dat thing, plus a couple corrections in other dms…

    1. And if Google ever dumps me, I’ll probably be using that same ad service. You don’t have to have the pop-ups, though. I used it with AdSense for a few days, but sometimes it would show pornographic content, which isn’t allowed by Google (unfortunately). Other than that, it’s pretty good service though.

    1. I haven’t really played much of the XCOM series, but still excited. Fallout 4 is a day one buy, can’t fucking wait type of game for me. I’m a huge fan of Bethesda and that series.

      1. Fallout 4 is one of those games where I’m going to have to take the day off work to go buy and play. I still remember my first time playing Morrowind and have been following The Elder Scrolls series since then and happened to see Fallout 3 used in EB Games once and saw the Bethesda logo on it, so I grabbed it and have been following that series since, too.

        1. Morrowind is without a doubt one of the best games of all-time. I got lost in that one summer with the Game of the Year edition. Such a classic. I’ve been on Bethesda’s dick ever since. Like you, I also got Fallout 3 because of them, and it’s also one of my all-timers.

          1. Every year I go back to Morrowind at least once, it’s the game that got me interested in making games. When I played it as a kid, I had never seen anything like it before. You could be a weird lizardman, there was entire world to explore, you could do anything, go anywhere, there were these strange, almost alien creatures and even jellyfish in the sky! At least, that’s how I felt as a kid, obviously I learned much of the info and lore on the world since then, but Morrowind was a game that captured me as a kid and never let go.

          2. Just a heads-up, don’t talk about Morrowind on /gamergatehq/.

            Last I heard Acid Man had decided Morrowind is a shill code and now merits a banning and I have no clue what he’s thinking since the purge.

          3. What the fuck? I don’t go to /gamergatehq/ but that is the most fucking retarded thing I’ve heard (today.) How is Morrowind a shill code? Does he mean codeword? Why would shills use Morrowind as a codeword? I’m pretty sure any SJW would get triggered by the fact rape is mentioned in the game twice unless they grabbed a name of a game at random or saw that Skyrim was popular so went back in the series and picked a unique name.

            What the hell?

          4. I have absolutely no clue how that happened.

            Acid Man was always arrogant (like when he put the wordfilter on Ralph’s site over a 70% majority of “No”), but since the Pedobutts evidence thread was deleted he’s gone completely mad with power:


            Now he’s decided to ban “lying about the rules”, but even the mods have no clue what the rules are:


      2. I just gotta say, like I told a few of my friends, I’m SUPER hyped for Fallout 4, i just really wish it didn’t have to come out when all this anti-gamer SJW shit is still going on. I was incredibly pissed when i heard that a game fans all over the world had been waiting for was being shit on because the the vault dweller in the trailer was a white man. It’s not gonna ruin my excitement, but it’s like going to the Zoo and trying to enjoy the exhibits with hippies protesting and yelling about cruelty, it’s really more of an annoyance.

        1. I love that analogy lol. You can tell the SJWs are on high alert. I imagine they’re gonna shit on the game. Leigh was kinda throwing shade. I mean, it’s what they do. No one would even read their shit unless they were complaining about some popular property and trying to impose their rad fem ideals.

          1. Well i mean, much like the Withcher being based on Polish mythology, although fallout takes place after 2077, the setting is 1950’s/1960’s America, which of course was a time when women were still housewives and non-Caucasians still weren’t overly favored. So a large part of the Vaults would likely be predominantly white. It’s just whining pansies that don’t want to read the context. Nevermind that character creation exists, we’ve gotta bitch about the advertising being historically accurate.

  2. I have no problems with the ads here. As long as they don’t start music/videos or pop-up, I don’t care. Even if they did, I’m sure I’d still manage.

  3. Ralph, your site is trying to sell me Geico car insurance, “Fifty Shades of Meh,” and Olive Garden.

  4. Why don’t try setting up a Patreon? I have a feeling the wind is changing and those who have to look at the bottom line are not so interested in SJW BS as they used to. You can’t know if they’ll kick you off unless you start one.

    Besides I wouldn’t mind donating a small amount if it means I can turn adblock on again.

  5. Dude, thank you for giving us some of the most solid reporting on GG. I still stick by what I said once before: I have no regrets being on this site. Other sites bent over for SJWs but you stood your ground. The ads don’t bother me non so it’s all good.

    On another note I posted a review about Emma Sulkowicz’s sex tape on your last post on her. If anyone wants to read it I wrote it in the comments section there. Sorry I didn’t post it here but I don’t think it would be right to post it on two separate comment sections.

      1. Thanks, I’m honored you thought it was good. By all means if you would like to of course.

  6. Alright Jurassic World is coming out next week. Super pumped. What magical bullshit controversy you think is going to pop up to leach of the release of the film?

      1. Even though all the dinosaurs are female. I’m going to be honest I’m hoping that whole Kardasian thing (I’m not touching that with a 30 foot pole) has enough steam to allow Jurassic World to pass by unscathed.

    1. I thought the trans community already got pissed off about the way the all female dinosaurs somehow became males and mated? In fact, that was the in the original Jurassic Park, they had frog DNA in them and some of the females became males to reproduce.

  7. Can we take a moment to talk about the latest SJW fail hashtag?

    I adored that ‘Games so white’ shit. Especially the ‘You can have dragon because fantasy, but you’re racist because you don’t include blacks in (Europe!) fantasy setting.’ bit. It’s like white people can’t appreciate their own culture and origin inside a fantasy tale. Fuck the white mythology, right? (This goes for the female Thor as well. Still a name, not a title.)

  8. Seems our SJW fake comic book fans have been screaming that Black Widow should get her own movie series…..
    They have been organising flash mobs (ie a handful of dickwads) of cosplaying radfems dressed as Black Widow.
    Only problem is they are radfems….so chums prepare for hilarity as Black Widow hits the cake counter big time and hulks up into HAMBEEEEST

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