I haven’t done one of these in a long while, so I figured what the hell? Tell me what’s on your mind as of late. There’s plenty of topics to choose from, but maybe there’s some stuff I missed. In fact, lots of the things you end up seeing here are originally brought to my attention by readers like you.

I’m working on a couple things, but they aren’t exactly new. The Onision post is coming, although I was trying to hold off until I got his military documents. I might go ahead with it then update things later. We’ll see. I also wanted to do a post on Sony’s cowardly behavior when confronted by plastic surgery horror story Rose McGowan. That will be up sometime tonight, it might even be the next post.

Brexit is also on the table. My broadcast partner wanted to weigh in and I might do so myself. I also have a guest poster who had some in-depth thoughts about it. You can chime in as well on specific aspect of that if you want. Maybe there’s some areas we need to be focusing on. I’m also considering doing some kind of live show on the day of the referendum.

Anyway, those are the things I’m working on at the moment. Throw out some more suggestions down below if the mood strikes you.