I stayed up late playing OOTP 16 and then fell asleep before updating the site. Forgive me, but it is the weekend, after all. I wanted to do an open thread type deal before I settled in for today’s topics. I also have a short update inside from Emma Clarkson, the woman who blew Brianna Wu out the other day

I’ll probably work on a Tyler Malka piece, after his attacks on GamerGate yesterday. Longtime readers of the site are well aware of what a scumbag he is, but it’s always good to have a refresher now and then. The guy is literally one of the biggest losers I’ve seen in my entire life.

If you have any questions or comments about the week’s stories, leave them down below. Any stories you want me to see cab be left there as well. The community is by far the best part of this site, and your help is always appreciated.

Before I go work on a full post, take a look at Ms. Clarkson from yesterday. She’s still laying an ass-whipping on Wu:wpid-wp-1428773620274.png