It’s been a slow day here at I mean, it is Saturday, cut me a little slack. But I’ll be putting some things up here in just a moment. We’re gonna cover Chris Kluwe first. It’s time I did the complete writeup on all his bullshit. Also, I’m going to do a news post with reaction on another GamerGate dev getting greenlit on Steam, as well as some other news from the end of the week that I didn’t get to cover. If you have anything that might pique my interest, or that you wanted to show to the community, please leave it in the #BasedCommentSection.

  1. The controversy I brought up a week ago over the return of Movie Bob and the Game Overthinker didn’t get the response from ScrewAttack I’d hoped.

    On their weekly podcast (Sidescrollers), they brought up that they believe it was a huge success without even mentioning that although the video recieved mostly positive response that it also recieved a lot of negative reaction from insulted GamerGaters and that the comments were a warzone. I was expecting them to at least come out and use their PR excuse of “We’re not responsible for the things Bob says”, but they just flat out ignored it. The guy just had to open his fat mouth and compare us to White Supremacists and they’re trying so hard to remain neutral that they won’t even address it.

    1. Well, unfortunately ScrewAttack has demonstrated that they are very comfortable aligning with the political correct censorship brigade. I’m sure if they get dug into deeply enough we’ll find all sorts of social/financial incest there as well. Either that or they’re just genuinely fucking stupid and gullible.

      1. I wouldn’t be surprised if many gaming channels have ties that we are not even aware. In ScrewAttack’s case I see it more as a bottom line thing: movie slob is just a $ figure and nothing more. His comments or views are a means to an end so it won’t be surprising if they tolerate the bullshit just to maximize profits.(Of course I could be giving them too much credit and they could still very well be idiots. I have been wrong before.)

        Right now we are looking at a bigger picture that most games media is connected to one another in some way. The moment we get close to something someone immediately comes out like Right to Censor (for anyone who remembers them) shutting down any debate. If anything we should start keeping track and questioning any suspicious content put out because we could very well be seeing the minor details we have been over looking.

      2. I’ve had my suspicions. When the whole thing broke out, when Hardnews was still around, Sean Hinz commented about the harassment of female gamers. That video got a lot of backlash, and after that, they never really mentioned it again and started urging everyone to “play nice” anytime the topic sorta was even hinted at. It just kinda hurts. I’ve been following ScrewAttack for awhile now, so it just kinda let’s me down.

        1. A lot of people are not only too cowardly to speak against the “mainstream”, but seem to lack the wherewithal to be able to properly criticize and dissect why that “mainstream” argument is false. Sadly in our quest for a more tolerant society we’ve given rise to an entire generation of hypersensitive “feelz-fags” (I’m coining that) who don’t really care about people’s rights so much as they care about no one offending anyone else, regardless of the reason. Some people should be offended, because they’re wrong.

    2. I’m pretty sure they are part of the San Fran clique. Some time ago they did a collaboration with the That Guy with the Glasses crew and they are drinking the kool aid.

      I realize this is guilt by association, but it is not that far fetched.

      1. Bob just posted a new video, but now there’s something that wasn’t there before: the legal disclaimer that his views may not reflect that of ScrewAttack’s. There may be evidence, proof even, that ScrewAttack is on the PC side, but it really looks like they’re trying to tuck it under the mattress.

    1. Oh dear, the mainstream media is in for an absolute SHIT KICKING. Here we have what is tantamount to the proverbial holy of hollies willing to entertain Gamergate as something other than what it’s been falsely portrayed as. That guy in charge has so much common sense it’s a fucking wonder he has any kind of a career; you’d think some corrupt bastard would have had him buried by now.

      This will be a MAGNIFICENT battle. Gamergate will present facts and Anti-Gamergate will present lies, generalizations, fallacies (every fucking one in the book since they don’t comprehend how logic works) and at the end of the day their argument that “gamergate is about harassment because they’re anonymous” will be seen for what it is, a call for censorship, which any sensible journalist should recoil in horror from.

      As Saint Mercedes Cerrera pointed out on her interview with Pakman/ass kicking of Kluweless, the problem with online harassment is a problem with the internet ITSELF. Trolls gonna troll, and it’s absolute bullshit to stereotype a group based on the willful malice of an unrelated group of psychotic losers looking to cause trouble for the sheer sake of their own amusement and self-aggrandizement.

      1. I fear the SPJ debate/discussion won’t come to fruition, even though it seems it will as of now.

        We’ve never been given a level playing field before, so why would the SJW nutters allow it now?

        I sincerely hope I’m wrong though…

        1. Because the SPJ represents real journalism and not just smug bloggers. They have a vested interest in rooting out and seeing corruption punished since that is, ostensibly, their purpose for existing in the first place.


    fullmcintosh’s deleted airbender comment.

    he screencapped the person who said it wasnt true anime and said something pretty smug and rude in the tweet iirc.
    sadly it only stayed up for 15 or so minutes before he deleted it

    not sure how long the airbender comment stayed up ,but i gather since there is little mention of it didnt stay up long since somebody probably DM’d him or text or whatever to let him know airbender is not technically if at all anime.

    other archive of his timeline after the deleted 2 tweets

    1. What. The. Fuck. Is McIntosh turning into a Weeaboo now or something? What a stupid, and frankly, RACIST thing to say. A:TLA (and Korra) are two of the most STELLAR examples of “western animation” in the last DECADE, and Korra was a lezi for bonus “progressive” points (Gargoyles being the last title holder… hey, it even had a gay character, they were doing it before it was cool!).

      While A:TLA is certainly done in the STYLE of anime, one could easily point at, say, Moonscope and it’s show Code: Lyoko (which is awesome, watch all of it) which was DEFINITELY done in a style aiming to imitate anime. I’m not entirely certain what the little fuckwit thought he was going to accomplish insulting that show, and by extension it’s fandom.

      I mean, how much more EXCLUSIVE (anti-inclusive really) is this guy going to get? He brings up these asinine, overtly offensive points, and then runs and pretends like it didn’t happen, presumably for the attention.

      My guess is he doesn’t like it because:

      A) There’s violence and as we’re all aware, if it’s not the Carebears, McIntosh doesn’t approve of the obvious toxic masculinity (even though some of the most intensely bad ass characters are women it’s beyond stereotypical/sexist to associate violent with men and “feelz” with women).

      B) It’s “cultural appropriate” (because people aren’t allowed to do homage’s) because it wasn’t made in AZN land. Which just goes to show you how little he knows about Anime in general since MODERN Anime is going for a richly detailed, digitally enhanced, hyper realistic style (despite still using “BESM” – Big Eyes Small Mouth… because seriously, drawing that shit is hard and fuck anyone who disagrees. Mouths are obnoxious to make attractive looking and eyes are beyond complex.

      Case in point: Naruto eyes: Quite simple. Vs. Ghost in the Shell eyes: Mostly simple, until you get to a close up and then it’s “hey, these are actually artificial and complex as fuck and NO I WILL NOT DRAW THAT FOR EVERY FUCKING SCENE ARE YOU MAD?! *ahem*

      Someone really ought to let these “culture critics” know that before they critique something, they should understand it.

      1. haha yea this was pretty much the reaction on twitter in 140 characters for 15 hours straight last night.

        most people assumed he was flaming, or just going full troll until he tweeteted the count of people he blocked. while ignoring the glaring fact that a vast majority of animefans reacting to his tweets where female

        1. He seems to have confused “number of people blocked” with “number of people faving/retweeting”. -_-

      2. The Last Aibender is one of the greatest western cartoons, but I can’t say the same about Korra. Being a SJW wank fest is the least of its problems. All characters were idiots (especially the new Avatar), it had many filler episodes even though the seasons were shorter, THAT love triangle (or was it a trapeze?) and the show distributed Deus Ex Machinas like a hooker herpes. The animation is pretty stellar though.

        McIntosh is still an idiot.

        1. The Last Airbender was a fantastic cartoon and Korra was trying to follow up on that. Yeah, it wasn’t as good, and you can typically tell when the SJW/RadFems/Feelz-fags are on the march when they are overlooking SERIOUS issue with too much filler, bad character design, awkward narratives, etc.

          This is the same problem that’s cropped up with “Female Thor” and the “New X-men” – all of the “true” fans are pissed as fuck at the shitty, hackneyed, stilted writing which is clearly built-to-pander, and all the above mentioned scum of the Earth LOVE it because it panders to their ideology. It’s basically self-censoring art that is of the lowest quality.

          Still, I liked Korra as a means to an end by revealing the history of the creation of the Avatar. I cared considerably more about Vaatu and Rama and the fate of the Spirit World than I did about her lol.

          1. I’m glad you enjoyed it more than I did. TLA had such an awesome philosophical questions in it and Korra’s message was “No matter how bad a woman fucks things up it is never her fault.”. Perhaps my expectations were too high but having an unlikable protagonist really killed it for me. You’d think that having a 100 wisemen in your head would make you somewhat reasonable.

    2. I wish there was some way I could do an animation where someone says “hello Johnny boy!” to him in the maximillion pegasus voice (the 4 kids yugioh version).

      1. Speaking of which, I’ve been tempted to add the quote “Screw the rules, I have money!” to one of those images of Tim Schafer holding up a bunch of Ben Franklins. I guess it would lead into a comic where gamers call him out, saying it’s THEIR money and they’d appreciate him following the rules, which Tim shrugs off with a petty insult (maybe saying he doesn’t need to take advice from terrorists or something), and then there’s some back and forth before Tim brings out that damn sock puppet to mock gamers further. I never really planned it out much past that initial screencap. I’m not even sure if it’d emphasize Tim’s status as an insufferable dipshit with poor financial-managing skills and even worse PR so much as it’d portray him as some rich fuck who essentially got away with massive theft.

        1. Ah “Timmy boy!”, that other social justice reject. That sock puppet display, plus terrible joke, convinces me that man is surrounded by trained seals that enabled his warped behavior.
          It’s a shame really. He seemed like someone of vision and talent and he instead sides himself with fools. Then again he chose to side with them so I guess it makes him a fool too. And while he made so much from his vision the need to ostracize his audience, the same that got him where he is now, will now be what he is most remembered for. Kind of a shit legacy to leave behind. That and they man probably has one of the worst shit money management skills, which he probably got from his friends, so it’s pathetic to see someone like him having to resort to lows for it. If I could I would tell him to remember who were the ones to got him to where he is because you never know when his “friends” will betray him and leave him in ruin.

          Whoo… I ranted too much there. But seriously your idea is an awesome one. I’m sure many will share the same sentiments as you.

          1. Yup, shit person indeed. Really, though, I just can’t help thinking of that Abridged Kaiba quote anytime I look at those photos of him waving money so smuggly in front of everyone’s face, acting completely oblivious to the fact that fans gave him that money (or at least I assume those are his Kickstarter bucks), unaware that he’d burn through it all in a matter of seconds doing god knows what.

    3. I don’t think he likes it. In a typical feminist fashion he’s trying to attach himself to something popular and ruin it from the inside.

      He’s a bit late to the party though. Legend of Korra already took a steaming pile of poo on that universe.

  3. meh mcintosh is at it again and i have reached my limit for twitter lurking.

    also over at gamergatehq leaders have some legit questions regarding hat over at kia and the direction being ulterior motive to avoid his twitter associations clashing with his mod duties.

    cause hat on twitter really aint a good look for him when he’s being chummy with wu and others publicly.
    like bro what are you doing talking about this shit on twitter for?
    its baffling how he could not see this coming with eyes everywhere in the climate that is gamergate/reddit/twitter/chans currently

  4. Ah, also forgot to mention this little snippet. This story is kinda old but interesting. An SJW Indie developer tried to extort money from Notch, the creator of Minecraft. Basically, she insulted him throughout a tirade before demanding he pay her money for being a “marginalized trans developer”. She of course didn’t get a dime.

    1. Oh man, I think I saw that on Twitter last week. My favorite part is how she’s like “Do you know who I am?” because of the quantity of titles she produced, yet she’s 100 grand in the hole. I don’t even know what games she worked on, but I’m betting they’re complete shit, and she somehow never had the sense to figure that MAYBE this job isn’t for her after the first few thousand in debt she incurred.

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